My life and it’s achievements

It was a beautiful Monday morning. The day started with the parrots poops all over my kitchen counters. What’s that? My four-year-old son asked with great curiosity. I screamed, as my son was about to taste it. My one- year- old was screaming for his bottle. I gave him the bottle with one hand and with the other hand, I tried to clean the counter but suddenly I had to turn with a sound of oh! Oh! I had forgotten to tighten the nipple of the bottle and now the whole milk was on his face. Now I have parrots poops on the kitchen counters, milk all over the floor. A screaming baby who just took a bath of milk and our parrots the guilty part was flying all over the kitchen.

I was dying to drink a cup of tea but I couldn’t. After I dropped my eight and four-year- old to the school, I put my one- year-old on a high chair. I put some cheerios in front of him but as he refused to eat like a civilian, I put him down. I made myself a nice cup of tea and sat down on the sofa. I closed my eyes for a second to relax and the next second I had to open my eyes and there I saw a whole bowl of cereal all over the kitchen floor and my innocent baby was enjoying the crunchy sound of the cereal.

I cleaned the floor again, reheat my tea but I still couldn’t drink it because now the baby poops in his diaper and there I was again on the cleaning mission. I put him to bed for his nap and I smelt some thing disgusting. I searched the room and I found four bottles of milk under his crib. At-least it solved the mystery of the lost bottles.

Some times it seems like I cleaned all day but nothing looks clean or remains clean. Some times my mind is on thousand different things at a time. I am worried that I am not doing as well as I should be. I am sure most of the moms feels like me. To me time is running like a wild horse and I am running behind the time and my kids but I cannot keep up with the time or my kids.

The best time of my day is when my oldest kids are at school and my baby takes a nap, so than I can slip in to the woods of my thoughts and imagination. Some times it’s a real juggling act trying to keep your hopes up when the gravity of the situation is doing it’s best to get you down. It’s okay to feel anxious when things are not working our way. I know its okay to feel like this but I feel like that some thing is missing from my life.

Some times at the end of the day, I feel like I did nothing, nothing is accomplished. I am sick and tired of the same and old routine. I feel frustrated and worthless but again, there are two ways of looking at things. Some people only see the clouds and specially the gray clouds (and believe me I know how gray clouds can make you sad and depressed because I used to live in Oregon) but the smart ones knows about the silver lining.

The general rule seems to be like this that unhappiness is usually the result of short sightedness, with the real joy of living is to be found in so many places of our world. It all depends how we look at it. We can rise above it all. We can find a place where our problems are not nearly as tall and where our hopes are not nearly as small. The world is a wonder-full place but it is not generous enough to blanket us with security or to be problem free.

I realize that it is not the profession that is important, it’s not the people we are working with or the daily household chores that we are doing. It is the creativity in the mind that is important. It is essential to do what we can create to our own personal environment one that works for us. Create it with our own thoughts and our own actions. Receive our desired results and don’t settle for less. Accomplish what we really want to achieve in our lives. If it is writing a book write a book, if it is sewing a quilt, then sew a quilt. Piece all the chapters of our dreams together combine all the efforts of our creativity and thread them together in to a wonderful reality designed specially from us and for us and preserve it for our next generation. I learn that every small spot of activity has the potential to become a flame and kindle another light that has been waiting to shine.

One day, some day, my kids will remember how much I love them and how much I did for them; the same way, I appreciate my parents; how they raised me and how much they love me. It is the real key of a relationship. Now, I know what I am doing every day of my life and how I’ll be appreciated and remembered.