Nancy Grace — Poster Girl for American Vengeance

In a more civilized time, Nancy Grace would never have a high-profile television show or be a guest on other shows, like the Larry King Show. But the American public is filled with bloodlust after the constant reminders of the tragedy of 9/11/2001. And victimization by the constant high profiling of violent crime within the U.S. also has people crying for revenge and "justice". Thus, the emergence of a career prosecutor on American television calling for more punishment, more revenge, more reminders of the self-perpetuating system of violence and revenge, with no compassion and hardly even serious consideration of factual innocence or repeated distortions and miscarriages of justice within the same system.

If Nancy Grace was an animal, she might be a cross between a vicious pit bull terrier dog and a head bobbing little "American sparrow hawk" (or kestrel) that mindlessly reacts to any and all external stimuli.

Nancy Grace has the mindset of a prosecutor, not a neutral purveyor of justice. She uses fear, rage and constant reminders of the pain of victims to foment a desire for further vengeance. Nancy Grace was ready to convict the innocent boyfriend of the "runaway bride" from Georgia simply because the boyfriend hired an attorney to safeguard his own legal rights in connection with the investigation of the woman’s disappearance on the eve of their wedding. Nancy Grace took the position that law enforcement and prosecutors could be automatically assumed to safeguard the best interests of the accused, a position that is absurd in the extreme. Any person who has come under criminal investigation knows that there is no limit to the deceit and even disdain for law and civil rights by prosecutors who have formed the belief that a person is guilty, no matter what the contrary evidence may be, or despite lack of credible evidence. This mentality is a trademark of Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace said on the Larry King show that not only would she not be interested in a fair trial for Saddam Hussein, but that she regrets he was captured alive. This man, installed with U.S. backing and a former asset of U.S. intelligence when he did the things he will one day be charged with, is already judged guilty by Nancy Grace, without hearing his own evidence and without the benefit of a fair trial. Yet, one wonders if Nancy Grace would ever be willing to put on trial American officials, and high government officials at that, who aided and abetted each and every one of Saddam Hussein’s alleged crimes.

Nancy Grace wants to put the low level drug addict in prison, but completely ignores the far more damaging white collar crime, including corporate crime that has seriously injured far more American citizens. Nancy Grace seems to care not a whit about government high crimes and misdemeanors, including leading the public into unjust, illegal wars that have killed many hundreds of Americans in the past three years. Why doesn’t Nancy Grace ever focus on SERIOUS crime, and not just sensational crime?

Nancy Grace preys on emotion and confuses justice with vengeance. Nancy Grace is only popular because she joins with the corporate/governmental/media complex in fomenting rage in sensational cases, like the Lacy Peterson case, while ignoring countless crimes with little or no sensationalist aspects, but which are no less hurtful to the victims.

If you want to see the worst of America displayed on television each and every night, if there is no public address by Bush or Rumsfeld, of Attorney General Gonzales or Secretary of State Rice, just turn on Nancy Grace. The poster girl for American vengeance is on public display with relentless regularity.