New U.S. Tactical Strategy and Drones Attacks

Of late American President Obama has publicly declared the drone strikes within Pakistan to be the official strategic policy of the United States. This, he described to be a far effective alternative in lieu of the Pakistan submission to go for armed operation in the restive North Waziristan in accordance with the dictates of America. Drone attacks were started in the Musharraf era and are continued for the last 8 years killing thousands of innocent Pakistani tribal citizens with the destruction of property and infrastructure worth millions. The same policy is being kept intact by the present democratically elected government with a much more submission before the American lords. The rulers in the present government make sometimes verbal statements just for kidding the public and for the consumption of the media channels. Some V.V.IP had been reported in the past to have said during exchanging views with American officials that the Drones attacks were not matters of his concern. There is no iota of doubt that this drone business is going on unabated with the complete acquiescence of the Pakistani incumbent rulers otherwise they would have taken some effective measures against this very cruel operation of a Super Power, violating all international laws, morals and ethics. It has been several times announced by a number of responsible people in the Pakistan Defense Circles (both retired and in the uniform) that they do have the technology and capacity to strike at the pilot-less aircraft with maximum accuracy. This assertion is available in most of the national Dailies of 14th Feb. 2012, which clearly shows that we have the capability of bringing the drones down. Such narrations have been given by political and military analysts as well, so many times in the past on different occasions. The only thing is that it needs a green signal from the rulers in Islamabad. Every one of us knows that they will never go for such a thing for obvious reasons of being the most subservient folk of the American masters.

The situation is now at the stage when the US and its NATO allies will make hurry in partial withdrawal from Afghanistan, albeit keeping their active presence in the fortified garrisons throughout the occupied territories. As a revised tactical strategy, the US after learning a lesson from the experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, will not be pushing her ground forces into the embattled fields of the enemy. It will now mostly rely on its superior technology like drones and stealth technology to minimize her losses in men so as to avoid the high sentiment created at home due to regular delivery of the coffins of her soldiers. America wants the continuity of drone attacks with a view to coercing Pakistan to take offensive initiatives against the militants in the tribal areas of North Waziristan. The covert objective of the US in this type of maneuvering is that she wants to leave Pakistan engaged with an enemy which the America thinks is the most threatening to her in the region. The Haqqani group, as it is called is in no way a threat to Pakistan since it has not been found to have committed any terror activities in Pakistan. The allied forces in Afghanistan are alleging this group to be responsible of attacks on them inside Afghanistan. The sane question therefore is why the US and NATO forces are not able to tackle them when they go deep into the Afghan territory and strike them. Why should we launch an offensive on people who are in no way hostile and belligerent towards us? In case we commit this folly, we will be creating a serious trouble for ourselves and will fall easy prey to the American conspiracy.

Americans will be living safe in the fortified garrisons within Afghanistan after their bulk force is withdrawn and we will remain engaged with her dreaded enemy indefinitely. Their losses in men will be minimized as compared to the current situation. The boxes of dead bodies unloaded at the US airports have created a sense of tense feeling and disappointment among the American public and they have started expressing their sentiments against this untargeted war. It is in this backdrop that the US’s new tactical strategy is directed to entice Pakistan for this bloody engagement with the tribal people, a faithful Pakistani citizenry who have always offered sacrifices for the security of Pakistan. This part of the play is a subsidiary portion of the big game in which the New cons; inspired by the Zionist Jews want to destabilize Pakistan, obviously for its being an Islamic Atomic power. They have already started their heinous game in Balochistan with the involvement of some strayed locals. The rulers seem to be quite oblivious to the gravity of the situation in that province where America with the connivance of India wants to create conditions like those of the once-upon-a-time of East Pakistan turned into Bangladesh of the conspirators.

The pointless war of which, we were made a part with coercion, has done fantastic havoc to us. The solidarity of our country seems to be at stake with severe turbulence created in our peace of yester years. Our economy has been irreparably shattered with a loss of more than 40,000 people martyred. Our estimated monetary losses have touched a figure of more than 75 billion dollars and it is still going on unabated. We are being bullied with the so-called financial aid under the Kerry and Lugar Bill imposed on us with the most insulting and disgraceful terms and conditions brokered with the major help of our ex diplomatic head in Washington. The revised strategic plan is now quickly taken up after Panetta has announced withdrawal in 2013. The morale of the American combatant forces in Afghanistan is fast declining as they have failed to achieve their objective of getting the Taliban surrendered. America, despite feigning withdrawal, is not going to leave Pakistan in peace and tranquility but seems to leave behind a permanent headache for her in the shape of insurgency and rebellion both at our frontiers with Afghanistan and in Balochistan. It is with this view that it is pressing Pakistan in one way or the other to start military operation in the tribal agency of North Waziristan. At the same time the Western conspirators seem to have reverted to a planned media war for spreading a filthy propaganda against our armed forces through the purchased panelists and analysts both through local and non local media channels.

The Pakistani rulers seem to be anxious enough for immediate renewal of terms for the NATO supplies through the land routes, with only taxing some monetary conditions on the relevant quarters. Allowing resumption of NATO supply means that we are in no way ready to get rid of the menace of entertaining a foreign foe in the guise of ally and friend who never spares a chance to damage our interests. The current rulers of Pakistan would have never dared to stop the supply of NATO had there not been tremendous public pressure after the Salala tragedy. It is time that the ruling elite of Pakistan and those in the opposition must rise to the occasion and sort out a comprehensive strategy both short term and long term, for protecting the solidarity of the country which seems to be under severe threat from the foreign interference. We understand that the ruling as well as the opposition parties, both are overwhelmingly busy in the trading of Senate elections, yet they have the heavy responsibility to see that bold steps are taken when the country’s solidarity is in jeopardy.