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The nine eleven incident is perhaps one of the foremost incidents in modern history not only in that many were killed in the destruction it engendered but also in that it terminated in the apocalyptic deaths of hundreds of thousands of others who were indirectly or barely at all connected with the tragedy.

The appalling incident has been the subject of intense scrutiny on the part of researchers, political analysts and intelligence experts, albeit with little avail, and seems to accommodate a myriad of mysterious dots to be filled.

It is now common knowledge that there are two main speculations as to who was behind the nine eleven incident: one group of experts, chiefly the advocates of the US policy hold that the tragedy was a terrorist act committed by the al-Qaeda, thereby directing their blade of criticism at the Islamist group who have apparently killed more Muslims than others in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere. This feeble perception led this group and those who followed suit to conclude that the entire Muslim community is to blame for the incident and must atone for it until God knows when. However, there is a second speculation which is as horrifying as any crime the human mind can conceive. That is, the thought that the incident was an inside job. The horror of the idea that the US Empire engineered such a horrendous act can be stridently felt when one contemplates on the sick mind which articulated it, the hands that formulated the plan, put it into practice and the consequences which it had on the whole region.

A comprehensive study conducted on the nine eleven incident is to be found in Kevin Fenton’s book entitled Disconnecting the Dots. Drawing on a slew of official and unofficial reports, Fenton reveals to the disappointment of the international community that many in the US national security structure were aware in July and August 2001 that a large-scale colossal attack against US interests was in the works. Strangely enough, instead of seeking to prevent it from happening, the CIA and FBI officials deliberately kept it secret and made every effort to protect it from discovery. But why? This is a good question and the answer is quite clear: they kept it a secret because they had long-term plans; attacking Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of eradicating al-Qaeda, eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction and the persona non grata was one of them.

Some have suggested that the idea of attacking Iraq had been discussed long before 9/11 and that the top echelons in the US government had made their fatal decision. According to former CIA boss George Tenet, the White House sought to invade Iraq long before 9/11. Also, Dick Cheney had apparently made Iraqi’s oil fields a national security priority before 9/11. That the US government had mulled over launching an attack on Iraq long before nine eleven does not show that it had nothing to do with the incident or that the nine eleven incident was not used as a pretext for the US to attack the country. It only strengthens the fact that the US government had sought to unconsciously establish a link in the mind of the international community between the 9/11 incident and the consequent justification of an Iraq invasion.

Anti-Islamic sentiment began to surge dramatically in the world particularly in the United States thanks to the efforts of the US government in sowing seeds of fear and dissension in the hearts and minds of the American public. Thus, the Iraq invasion seemed to the US citizens and the rest of the western world who joined in the military campaign as not only necessary but inevitable as well. However, the conspiracy theories maliciously initiated by the US misinformation experts began to wane and were soon replaced by the comprehensive and well-researched investigations of a group of researches dedicated to carving out the truth of the case. Gradually, the truth started to come to light and the ugly image created by the misinformation experts began to clear. The lie that Saddam’s regime possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction slapped back in the face of the US when the CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq said in the 2005 final report that the hunt for weapons of mass destruction had “gone as far as feasible” and had found nothing, thereby sealing off the investigation into the alleged programs of Saddam Hussein which had been used to justify the 2003 invasion.

“After more than 18 months, the WMD investigation and debriefing of the WMD-related detainees has been exhausted. As matters now stand, the WMD investigation has gone as far as feasible,” wrote Charles Duelfer.

It is hard to imagine that the military expedition the US embarked upon left more than one million dead. The Iraqi government reported in 2007 that there were at least five million orphans in the country, almost half the child population. Apart from the incredible human loss the US inflicted on Iraq, it also ventured into another invasion of Afghanistan, taking another shattering human loss there.

The enigma of the nine eleven tragedy will not remain unsolved forever. It will soon come to light like many other conspiracies engineered by the US government and the West in other countries. As the Persian saying goes, the moon will not forever remain hidden behind the clouds. The dots will be filled. And when the veil goes away, there will remain only a deep sense of shame and disgrace for those who orchestrated the plot, those who committed it and those who benefited from it.

It really matters little who mounted the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. What really matters is the tragic incident itself and the consequences it had later on the world.

Yet, one shudders when one thinks the US government might have been behind the appalling attacks.