No Peace in the Middle East without Justice and Freedom For the Palestinian People

First I think that the ones who need to learn about history before anybody else are those who have been distorting the facts about Palestine and the Middle East and even about Judaism, by twisting the true history and by fabricating stories which have nothing to do with the real history of Palestine, the Middle East and Judaism.

Those Zionists and their brutal policies in colonized/occupied Palestine, who are defended by Honey and Hensen, are criminals and murderers by all the meaning of the word. They immigrated from all over the world to Palestine, in order to destroy the peace and harmony that were existing among all people of Palestine (Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc.). Those Zionists came to Palestine to colonize it, by terrorizing its native inhabitants and by stealing its land from its original owners, the Palestinian people, who have been living in Palestine (which is forcefully called since 1948 “Israel”) since the early history of mankind – much earlier before any Zionist came to Palestine.

Palestine is a country with defined borders and distinguished civilization, with bright history and beautiful geography known to many historians and geographers all over the world for thousands of years. Palestine has belonged and still belongs to the Palestinian people, whether Honey and Hensen and their Zionists elks like or not. Israel, by all definitions, and according to many international observers, including many Israeli human-rights advocates, peace activists, and rabbis (individuals and organizations) is a “State of Terror”. Such a “State of Terror” was created by all means of terror, horror and violence and has continued to exist in the same way by using the same techniques of terror, horror and violence against the Palestinian people.

Israel and its Zionist leaders have been using terror, horror and violence even against many of its own Jewish people, who stood strongly in support of truth, justice and human rights for the indigenous people of Palestine. Those include, for instance, the late civil- and human-rights advocate, Professor Israel Shahak, Anthropology’s Professor Jeff Halper, historian and journalist Uri Avnery, and dozens of hundreds of Israeli soldiers who expressed conscience and morality when they refused to serve in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (an example is given below).

Zionists have been using all means of horror, terror and violence against the Palestinian people, in order to forcefully and immorally create a pure Jewish state, by bringing immigrants from all over the world, despite the fact that many of whom are not Jews. Results of recent studies published in the widely read Israeli daily “Ha’aretz” indicate that half of the new immigrants to Israel, in the last 10 to 15 years, are not Jews. Meanwhile, that Zionist state has been ignoring the very basic rights of the Palestinian people (the real owners and original inhabitants of the land).

Those Zionists include (just to mention a few) Flademare Jabotensky who called for forceful ethnic cleansing of the Arabs of Palestine, through David Ben-Gorion, Golda Meir, Menahim Begen, Itzhaq Shamir, Itzaq Rabin, Shemon Beres, Benjamin Netenyahu, Ehud Barak, and Ariel Sharon (the present Israeli Prime Minister) who ordered the dropping of a 1000-kilogram bomb, using an American F-16 jet, on civilians in Gaza during the night, just a few weeks ago, where 10 children and other innocent civilians died instantly, and who (Ariel Sharon) called that horrible war crime “a very successful operation.”

About a hundred years ago, the Zionists came to Palestine in order to turn it into a hostile environment for both the Arabs and the Jews alike. The real Jews and their faith, Judaism, are totally innocent from the Zionists’ criminal acts, which are committed against the Palestinian people (Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc.).

Dozens of United-Nations’ resolutions were issued against the Israeli state in regards to its criminal acts and inhumane and immoral practices against the Palestinian people. One of the most noticeable resolution is the UN-resolution which calls for “Zionism is a form of Racism”. So, here we are. When a people, i.e., any people on the face of Earth, have been facing so much horror, terror and violence, they have the full right, according to the Geneva Conventions, to resist all those injustices inflicted on them.

The Palestinian people have been facing in their homeland, Palestine, all kinds of horror, terror and violence at the hands of the Zionist colonizers and occupiers. These include (but not limited to) ethnic cleansing; home demolitions; olive- and fruit-trees uprooting; collective punishments; total sieges and curfews; imprisoning; deportations; killing of innocent people (including many children and elderly and disabled people); using innocent people as human shields to be killed; assassinations; total destructions of the health and education systems and the infrastructure of the Palestinian society which has 3.5 million Palestinians who are living in cantons (bastontants) in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem; horrible Apartheid system; presence of about half a million of extremely radical Israeli settlers in almost 400 settlements built illegally on stolen lands in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; shortage of water, whereby the 3.5 million Palestinians use almost 10% of their own water resources, meanwhile the settlers in those 400 illegal settlements use up to 90% of the water resources, as they (the settlers) have been wasting that water in watering their gardens, washing their cars, and for their private swimming pools. All of these Zionist racist acts and many others are in full defiance of all the United-Nations resolutions, the Human-Rights standards and the International Law. And thus, the Palestinian people, as any other people on the face of Earth have the full right to fight against those injustices inflicted on them.

The Israeli Occupation of Palestinian lands is terror, horror and violence, which must be ended sooner than later, because it is dangerous for Jews and non-Jews alike and humanity at large. Honey and Hensen and their likes must stand on the side of morality and human rights as many other decent Jews and non-Jews all over the world. They must call for putting pressure on Israel to end the 35-year military occupation, which is the longest and most brutal occupation in the history of mankind. By doing so, peace and prosperity in the Middle East will prevail. It is crystal clear that after 54 years of continuous fight in the Middle East, there will be no peace without justice and without freedom for the Palestinian People in their homeland, Palestine.

Very recently, a former Israeli Jewish soldier writes: [“The Israeli People can be blamed and should be blamed for all the ongoing crimes committed by their Government. The Israelis have been voting every few years in favor of the continuous oppression and humiliation of the Palestinian People. It is crystal clear that the Israeli People have a direct responsibility for the miserable condition of their Palestinian Neighbors. They are directly involved with the whole range of crimes against humanity that go with Occupation.” – From “The End of Innocence”, by Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch, August 3, 2002.

HS Salem, PhD., is a human-rights activist. He is an academician and research Scientist in Petroleum, water resources and environmental science and engineering.

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