No Peace Without Justice

“Think not of those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead; nay, they are alive and are provided sustenance from their lord. (3.169 –” Al-Quran)”

If you harbour state terrorists you are a terrorist. If you aid and train state terrorists you are a terrorists. If you finance state terrorists you are a terrorist. So don’t ask why 9/11 but rather think and reflect about your complicity with the state terrorist of Israel in committing the crimes against the Palestinians in places like Dar-Yassin, Khan-Yunis, Qana, Sabra-Shatila, Beirut and Jenin. Do you not remember how the world witnessed the killing of a defenceless child by the name of Muhammad Durrah, which was captured and broadcasted on TV? Yet, why are you (the US intelligentsia) so stupid and ask why do the Muslims/Arabs hate us? Do you expect the likes of the father of Muhammad Durrah to love you and respect you?

There can be no peace without justice, and no justice without just retribution for the crimes. Justice is based on “an eye for an eye”. The crimes began in 1948 by uprooting a nation and turned them into refugees in their own lands. Now the ugly and racist wall is imprisoning them. The Zionists gleefully gloat in secret about the wall as being most appropriate for gentiles (non-Jews). The West may deliberately hide the contempt of the Zionist-Jews towards the gentiles, but the Islamic world knows very well how the Talmud regards the non-Jews. It seems that Zionist-Jews have forgotten so quickly that it was the West that persecuted them, dispensed the inquisition, pogroms and the collective punishment then they sought sanctuary in Morocco, Istanbul and Islamic Spain.

The killing of a crippled and a blind old man, the daily killings of children, the old and the stone throwing youths in Palestine by shooting them in the back with weapons can only be categorised as acts of despicable cowards. The world knows Sharon; the butcher of Sabra-Shatila and he has committed much worse acts. Another example is the coward by the name of Baruch Goldstein who shot the worshippers in the back whilst they were praying. Thus, the shooting defenceless people in the back are not an exception but a trait of Israel. Yet, the only time this word of “cowardice” is used in the mass media is against those who have sacrifice their lives in legitimately resisting the aggression. One begins to wonder that is it that logic or the meaning of the word “cowardice” has been inverted?

In the media the headlines read, “Israel missile strike kills Hamas chief”, now imagine if the situation was that Hamas somehow executed Ariel Sharon. The headline would have read similar but replace the word “Israel” with “Terrorists” rather then Palestinians and “Kills” with “Murder”. Then with the use of adjectives like “fundamentalists”, “extremists”, “fanatics” etc. by the likes of David Aaronovitch or Thomas Friedman the article would have been completed and fed to the masses in West. Which would once again reinforce the image of the inherently violent Muslims against the peaceful West and Israel. Therefore, turning the victims into aggressors and the aggressors into victims.

How is it justice when those who come from Russia, Eastern Europe and the US suddenly become legitimate owners of land automatically where they have never lived, and those dispossessed are a problem that is to be negotiated? Why is it that the West insist on secularism but yet they expect the Muslims to swallow Israel’s ‘divine right’ over Palestine in the name of a Jewish God?

The hypocrisy can no longer be hidden, and the situation is changing as the world recently condemned Israel in South Africa as a racist and an apartheid society. Similarly Europe is also beginning to see the cancer of Israel. The rise of the Internet where the control and/or power is more distributed rather than concentrated in the hands of the few corporate media with its strong pro-Zionist connections is perhaps a factor contributing towards this change. Nevertheless, the vision of the masses in Europe/US remains cloudy due the guilt of Holocaust and anti-Semitism that is constantly being used to suffocate them. It appears as though that notion of “anti-Semitism” has become more sacred then the divine messages of the God All-Mighty.

That now brings the question of the response from the Islamic world. As history may provide us with valuable lessons it is worth briefly remembering the three significant and tragic episodes of Islamic history: the brutal annihilation of the Muslims in Spain, the barbarism of the European crusaders, the devastation carried out by the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan. The common thread was that the Muslims were disunited into small petty states busy quarrelling amongst themselves, thus facilitated foreign forces invading and pillaging their lands.

Those periods in history mirror the current situation in the Islamic world. There is no global unified Islamic body that can issue a response to the ongoing murders in Palestine and elsewhere. All the various organisations (OIC, Arab League etc) and the nation states that exists reflect not the unity but rather the fault lines crated by the former colonialist nations of Britain and France in order to prevent the forging of unity. Which the US and Israel will uphold no matter what the costs are as the first gulf-war demonstrated when an attempt was made by Iraq to incorporate Kuwait as part of the province of Basra. Which was the case for centuries. At the most one can only expect from these nations is to gather and condemn and condemn, like a parrot. Then upon return each party is seeking a way to secure his benefit from Israel and/or the US.

The Muslims needs to forge unity and as part of that process they need to clean the treacherous Zionist elements that exist within. In the same say Salahuddin Ayubi did during his time before addressing the crusaders. If anyone fund or assist the Zionists or one of its allies e.g. the US, then he or she become a cancerous Zionist. Those seeking to cooperate with those pro-American agenda in Iraq are cooperating with the Zionists. Those regimes and interest groups that have deliberately turned our lands into US military bases are cooperating with the Zionists. Once the internal cancers have been uprooted and the unity has been forged; only then the Muslims can then effectively address the neo-Mongol hordes.