“Nuke in the arm and Peace on lips”


The Amnesty International report released recently amply speaks of the Human Rights violations in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian occupation forces. Almost daily, unlawful killings of one or two persons are reported from the Valley. Deaths in custody, extra-judicial executions by State agents continue unabated. Rape, torture and disappearance from State custody are perpetrated with impunity.

The organisation has condemned the continued killing of innocent people in Kashmir and has demanded of the Indian Government to allow Amnesty International or other human rights mechanism of the United Nations to visit the occupied Valley and investigate independently the human rights violations. It also called on the puppet administration of Farooq Abdullah to take seriously its obligations under the international human rights law and stop the unabated killings.

The report of this human rights watch body should suffice enough to move the Western moralists to act and act immediately to put pressure on the so-called secular and democratic Government of India to grant the Kashmiri people their inalienable right of self-determination. Any delay in resolving the Kashmir issue through peaceful means can prove catastrophic for the whole of the region. Patience of the struggling Kashmiris is running out. The ultimate is written large on the wall. India alone can stop the eventuality if it sincerely and seriously allows the tripartite dialogue get going.

Last week a police contingent disguised as Kashmiri freedom-fighters raided a village in Kashmir at midnight. The would be victims of this attack were Sikhs. When the occupants refused to open the house, and the Muslims and Sikhs neighbors awoke and came out of their homes, the police contingent escaped. They left their government jeep behind, which angered villagers burnt. This is one of the typical modus-operandi of Indian Security forces in Kashmir to murder the Hindus and Sikhs citizens of the State. Then the government propaganda machinery starts accusing freedom fighters for the brutal massacres. These cheap tactics are to create a hatred wave for freedom fighters and present them as terrorists and militants in the eyes of world. The recent incident proves that all the past massacres of Sikhs and Hindus in Kashmir were done by the Indian Security forces.

These brutal acts temporarily take the attention away from the India’s systematic human rights violations against the innocent Kashmiri men, women and children.

I wonder how low the Indian government can go to win a lost case. The killing of its own citizens to gain political advantages is a clear proof of its moral bankruptcy. These shameful methods can not help India to suppress freedom movement and prolong its 54 years long unjust occupation of the Jammu and Kashmir state.

If India brings Israeli experts to kill its ‘own Kashmiri citizens’, I being a Kashmiri will naturally worry. The razing of mosques, churches and burning of Quran in presence of police is a ‘true picture of tolerance’ of Hindu fundamentalists. The brutal killing of Sikhs, Muslims and Christians and even low caste Hindus all over India at the hands of fanatic Hindus and state machinery depicts a tarnished picture of Indians ‘living in complete peace and harmony with each other’.

There were some special traits that idiom ‘Baghal mein churri munh pe ram ram’ is present in Indian literature. The present day translation of this idiom could be “Nuke in the arm and Peace on lips”.

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