Occupied Palestine and the Politics of Terrorism


Colonial Power in the Middle East and its Ideological Base

Lie No. 1: Israel is under terror. As long as the terror continues, there cannot be any negotiations for peace

Lie No. 2: The biggest single obstacle to negotiations is the escalating spate of Palestinian suicide bombings against Israeli civilian targets

Lie No. 3: The suicide bombers are under Arafat’s control.

Lie No. 4: Arafat refuses to reign in his fanatical suicide bombers, illustrating the insincerity of his calls for a peace settlement

Lie No. 5: It is Palestinians who are fundamentally responsible for the ongoing war, for the violence, for the killing of innocents, and for the failure to come to a peaceful and equitable resolution of the conflict.

Lie No. 6: Until Palestinian terror ceases, Israel must continue to defend itself against the violence through targeted military action.


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Mr. Nafeez Ahmed is a British political analyst and human rights activist based in London. He is Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development and a Researcher at the Islamic Human Rights Commission.