Of Democracy n’ Obstacles!


The obdurate scenario in the national polity-explicitly vis-é-vis the LFO-seems taking turn for startling fiasco-perceptibly-due to lack of consensus amongst the dazzling law-makers to reach a podium-which was envisioned by their electorate as translation of their longed dream into a reality. The visible cave in of attempts by a set of erudite-seated in both Houses of the Parliament-to touch the zenith of an accord for renaissance of a democratic rule is-prima facie-putting the peoples’ zest, observed during the Oct-10 polls at rest.

A pragmatic analysis reveals that the current process-hallmarked by divergent views on multiple topics has no novelty-as such setting like uproar n’ pandemonium-have been ‘a féted emblem’ even in the gone-by era-which eventually resulted into netting the process of political activity-to a halt.

Even after the newest polls-an uncalled for pause-the raison d’étre of which is best known to the nation-obviously to the politicians as well-for the sake of clutching ‘the best possible slots’ remains a memoir with the people-eager to get their basic problems resolved with the alluring role of the representatives-in whom they reposed confidence-without any disinclination n’ virtually in one-go. Yet the up-date row on one issue or the other-is indeed putting the guiltless voters into a state of ordeal-as they did not expect that it shall take so long to by their apex leaders to focus their wits to get the problematic settings evaporate-as it is and has always been a foremost priority of a rule-with democracy as its podium.

Every nation which gripped peace, progress n’ prosperity-anywhere in the world-opted solely for such a course-setting aside other issues-of multiple nature. No-doubt the leaders in Pakistan can-simultaneously-achieve this cherished goal to ensure a regime, which could be defined as a government by ‘the people, for the people and of the people’-provided they set aside elfin issues-at least till the time long awaited de facto democracy-paves its roots for all times to come. For instance if they could consent to contest elections-with the existence of LFO, followed by taking oath as parliamentarians-what is the pressing exigency to deliberate upon it-in place of their commitments, based on ameliorating the lot of the people via diverse legislations-as was assured by the apex leadership during its pre-polls crusade to attract optimal empathy of the people from all segment of the society-which eschews lifting eyebrows towards any facet-even LFO-except the realization of their bona fide needs.

Else-as per the verdict of the history-disquieted with the ill-fated lessons of the past, the outlook and perception of the populace may take a swift change towards its ‘great expectations’-to be accrued from an egalitarian rule.

It’s thus an apposite time for the divergent minds to take the ground realities with optimal solemnity as the nation-irrespective of cast, creed or credo-can in no way afford to face a dilemma of any nature or magnitude anymore. If one goes by the factuality, no one nowhere is ardent in a specific mode of governance may it be a parliamentary or presidential one. Amity n’ affluence with the prolongation of integrity and sovereignty-atop is of-course the leading desire of the people of every pragmatic state. It’s indeed a pre-requisite for an ideal welfare country where the people could lead a snags-free life, which can only be ensured by a solid set-up.

A common view, being envisioned in the wake of the current ‘war-of-words’ is a flashing signal for the illustrious politicians to reach a mutually agreed formula, reflecting the hopes of their vote-bank. We expect-with savor of cute aroma-that all those who have stepped into the arena of momentous politics with a triumph of lofty magnitude shall make sure-by shunning issues of slighter impact-letting the on-going green signal for a democratic path intact-with an icon of hope for it to thrive at a quick pace.

It’s virtually a physiological as well as a universal phenomenon that the realistic nations always keep the national interests’ as leading-most instead of getting into fervor for a few specifics. No one can disprove the well-known truth that the patriotic people of Pakistan-a lovely homeland have always applied this patriotic gauge in times of each predicament and seems resolute to uphold this sagacious style even in times ahead.

While offering a piece for thought of the astute members of opposition, we absorbedly hope that the government, led by a well-read n’ knowledgeable Prime Minister, Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali-shall take a bold step by inviting all the key leaders of political parties-irrespective of their leanings-to reach an ever-lasting compromise on all issues-to open vistas of still more fabulous n’ magnificent Pakistan. The gesture of goodwill-overtly manifested by President Musharraf for durable democratic silhouette-is no-doubt par excellence, for which he-by all norms of justice n’ ethics-plausibly deserves a word of elegant extol n’ eulogize. A truthful historian will ink his name-with an emblem, the illustrious pioneer of reinstallation of democracy in Pakistan.

With this view the only way to bail-out the nation from the present perplexity-cum-hubbub-like setting-is an absolute consensus-which is the only mode to answer every facet-including LFO. Isn’t it so?

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.