Online purchase of adhiya permissible on specific condition

Online purchase of adhiya permissible on specific condition

Cairo (UNA-OIC) – Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta (House of Fatwa) issued a fatwa declaring that it is permissible to purchase sacrificial animal (adhiya) online,  as long as there is no deception.

In the fatwa, a copy of which was seen by the Union of OIC News Agencies (UNA), Dar al-Ifta said, “Online purchase of adhiya is permissible according to Islamic law, and there is nothing wrong with it because the basis of commercial transactions in Shariah is permissibility, except what is legally forbidden. As long as the purchase through e-marketing includes the elements of legitimate sale – the pillars and conditions – which are related to the formula, the contracting parties and the place, there is no legal objection to it.”

Dar al-Ifta explained that the “online” purchase means buying through e-marketing, which depends on the seller’s presentation of the product details and how to deliver it, pointing out that the majority of jurists stipulated the validity of selling of an unseen object identified by description. This is according to the views of the Hanafis and the Maalikis. The view is also adopted by the Hanbalis, and it is one of the two views of the Shafi’is.

If the adhiya is described by the seller in a way that removes deceit and ignorance of the buyer, then the sale is valid – provided that the general conditions of the sale are observed, the fatwa stated, adding that the buyer shall have the right to annul the sale once he/she examines the adhiya and finds it to be not as described.


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