Oops, I Killed You, Again

The difference, the Western world tells us, between them and us Muslims is that when they kill, they do not really mean it. They raise themselves superior to us, professing their innocence when civilians die at their hands, declaring it to be a tragedy worth its price. And even as they grind out an apology at times, it is followed by either a ‘there was a terrorist among them’, ‘we are in difficult times’ or ‘if the terrorists had not attacked us on 9/11, none of this would have ever happened’.

Surely, if the most experienced and informed army in the world drops a bomb weighing 2,000 lbs. on a village, they could not possibly have guessed that civilians could be among the casualties, now could they? How absurd to think that a superpower that has given so much to all nations would not mean well nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The world’s largest arms manufacturer and trader does not really intend this ammunition to fulfill its actual purpose. Indeed, cluster bombs, depleted uranium and napalm are all made, sold and then used with the best of intentions at heart!

Thus, when another historically imperial country joins them in their campaign to rid the world of terror and invade a sovereign country using forged evidences, everyone must understand that they did the right thing. Sure, they killed around 39,000 civilians with many more living as dead, but they did not really expect that. After all, earlier on, even more countries had joined them in their campaign against a country racked by sanctions, poverty and war, when approximately 4,000 civilians died and no one misjudged them then. Moreover, they will point out, they have been signing defense pacts with India, Russia and Israel for ages now, and those countries have always waged peaceful battles, right? Even nations who claim to be members of the Islamic countries use their weapons and knowledge for cleaning up their homelands of disagreeable and disagreeing people.

They always want what is best. They always care about innocents. They always say sorry.

That is why they condemn a desperate man who straps explosives to his chest for killing soldiers occupying and destroying his nation; it is barbaric and evil. Does he not know the code of ethics for killing?

Step 1: identify a terrorist’s description, like the cops do; in today’s age, it would be ‘Asian-looking, suspicious, bearded, Muslim’; sorry, not the last bit.

Step 2: pinpoint his location; if he is alone, targeted assassination will do, and if not alone, it will still do.

Step 3: choose from an array of weapons and means of delivery according to the impact desired –” F-16 fighter jet, Apache or a bunker buster? Remember, the only thing to focus on is ensuring the target is hit; all other collateral damage is insignificant.

Step 4: limit coalition casualties and get the killing done in a sanitized manner by pushing a button thousands of miles away so the missile can drop from the sky.

Step 5: obtain results from intelligence solely regarding the objective; disregard other casualty reports.

Step 6: do a little jig and hug the person next to you.

Step 7: let your speechwriter pour his heart out in your statement to give it a heartfelt touch as you express condolences at the tragedy of innocent civilian casualties and practice your sad face look.

Step 8: roll your eyes at the last step and exhale loudly as soon as you perform it convincingly enough.

You know, it really matters to a dead person to have two minutes of the ruler’s time devoted to apologizing to him for putting him in his grave. Wonder if he even gets to hear it; oh well, he got his two minutes of fame anyhow. It does reflect a higher standard of morality to unleash arms and ammunition in its glory and stating that though you do not do body counts, you respect innocent life. It is a civilized thing to do to lock people up without trial and shoot them perhaps five, no, eight times if they resist arrest from plainclothes policemen, because after all they do not aim at them, but the real terrorists.

However, if a Muslim or a Muslim country happens to copy their antics, you will never hear the end of it. There will be a cycle of cries, vigils, demands, frowns, sanctions, diplomatic moves, condemnations, conferences that will keep on going on and on. That is because Muslims are terrorists and you want to know why? They do not say sorry after killing a person.

And so, life goes on. The word sorry loses its importance and meaning, day by day. The powers that be of the 21st century kill and offer apologies. The underdog Muslim nation rejoices at their condolences –” what more could they ask for? And that man, woman and child so mercilessly murdered, lying under the soil in mass graves, wonder for what fault of theirs they were killed.