Operation in Tribal Belt

Vowing their pledge to wipe out terrorism–”in its all forms and manifestations–”the security forces in Pakistan have set off yet another crusade–”specifically with a focus on the tribal belt.

A well-coordinated operation has come in sight in the South Waziristan Agency, where at least fifty foreign as well as local militants were put to death–”during the last week.

The echelon of the operation–”bracketed with casualty figures–”clearly rays the magnitude of the foreign militants, who are entrenched in the area.

As the reports depict, the operation is going on for several months–”yet there are still some pockets of resistance. The success of such a maneuver also exhibits strength of mind and fortitude of the Government of Pakistan to root out militancy–”and rightly so because the sanctified soils of Pakistani can–”in no way–”be allowed to be used for any terrorist hum, buzz or bustle.

This refutes the oft-repeated unjustified accusations by the US Ambassador in Kabul–”whereby he has–”very often came-out with an atypical mindset–”that ‘Pakistan was not doing enough in its war against terrorism.’

If analyzed with a pragmatic way, Pakistan’s success in the fight vis-à-vis terrorism is matchless, explicitly when the figures of those killed, injured or arrested by Pakistan’s forces is steadily going up.

There is no doubt that Pakistan has–”time and again–”urged all foreign elements to lay down their arms and surrender before the authorities. At the same time, they were given–”categorical assurances–”that none of them would be handed over to any third country.

The latest avowal by a top spokesman–”on this topic is as clear as crystal. Nevertheless, it gives the impression–”that the foreigners–”are not in a mood to pay any heeding to–”amiable calls.
While eulogizing the zest of the security forces–”who are all set to annihilate aliens terrorists, sneaking into Pakistan from across its’ boundaries plus those, giving such hideous figures a shelter–”and for which–”they [the troops], too have suffered as bough of a natural phenomenon–”we are left with no option but to emphasize that it is an apt time to bring the pointless bloodshed in the sensitive Tribal Areas–”to an instant end.

Every-one, engaged in the course is ought to recap–”that at the time when action was initiated in Wana, the Government had–”candidly articulated its strength of mind to pursue the strategy of dialogue–”with the Tribal Elders–”along with the military solution.

The exercise did pay raising hopes of peaceful settlement of the problem but now-a-days the nucleus seems to have been shifted–”only on an armed aspect.

Though there are meetings of tribal leaders and influential with the top authorities, including the Governor NWFP–”yet by now such a course has not led to any tangible improvement in the overall scenario.

We would, thus, suggest to the authorities–”dealing with this vital issue to revitalize the process for an in-depth political dialogue–”with the active cooperation of tribal elders, identified as Sardars and Maliks–”and take every preventative measure to make sure that–”there is no collateral civilian damages–”in any style, at all.

It is an appropriate time to juggle-around-with the strategy–”most exclusively, featured by love and affection towards the innocent men, women and children–”who have and are–”not only facing a lot of perils, swelling with every sunup but are also confronted with deaths and despair in the wake of displacement from their centuries-old dwellings–”and that too without any culpability on their part.

No-doubt a strapping action against the terrorists–”irrespective of their faith, cast, color, creed and credo–”is the paramount need of the hour for ensuring a peaceful ambiance–”all-over, yet it is ought to be in such mode that no innocent is targeted to avert–”scopes of ones’ odium in place of genetic love for the sweet and lovely homeland–”Pakistan.

On this topic, we would like to point-out to a public statement of the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, wherein he vowed that the current situation in the tribal belt–”can be solved–”‘just in one day.’ With such a milieu, what is the harm–”in taking all the religio-political leaders into confidence?

If the Maulana or his party–”the MMA has an insight–”based on a miracle, marvel, mode, method or a modus operandi for the re-birth of an absolute peace in the complex terrain–”of-course with evaporation of all the foreign terrorists and by showing an exit door to all the sets of vices, who give haven and asylum to such iniquitous species–”from each and every nook and corner of Pakistan, as the foremost–”why not to benefit from it, the plea of the MMA stalwart?

Going by the folio or lexicon of the tribal history, an operation in any method–”even during the British rule in South Asia–”has not served any raison d’être or proved to be a prolific upshot. It was the zestful route–”marked by love and warmth, which won adore from the natives of the tribal lands–”and that too in a big way. Thus the best course–”left is that we should, side-by-side the current action–”go for a political path–”to clutch the twin cherished goals, the purging of terrorists–”along with esteem and admiration from the tribesmen.

Media should have a free access to any area, it opts to visit. This shall not only help transact and transmit to the world, the real and patriotic sentiments of the tribal people–”but, simultaneously erode and grind down all sorts of disinformation, as a vile twist is being given to the realities-on-the-ground plus actualities–”beyond oceanic–”with an odious slant and angle.

Such a stratagem by a segment of the global media, operating in diverse silhouette and means–”the print, electronic and E-newspapers [papers being published on the Web]–”can best be dealt with effectively–”by beaming every aspect–”as clear as crystal–”via a itinerary, which is ought to be–”as smooth as the silk.