‘Out of the Bag’

Keeping his ‘archetypal’ skipping style of oratory-with an antagonistic mindset-intact, the Indian Prime Minister AB Vajpayee-in his address to the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort in Delhi-said on the eve of his country’s national day that ‘India’s efforts to resolve outstanding issues with Pakistan should not be seen as a sign of weakness’.

A belligerent Vajpayee-an icon of radicalism-did not confine to these ‘novel words’ alone and-simultaneously-vowed his illusionary perception-with no grounds at all-that ‘Pakistan should put an end to activities that are detrimental to India’.
Depicting his feeble ‘love for peace’, the flux soul-in the silhouette of Vajpayee-did invite Pakistan to-what he phrased as-‘taking the road to peace instead of fighting each other’-yet callously eschewed the podium of such a meaningful course, which he fully understands is fixed, glued and indexed in the solution of Indo-Pakistan problems-with the Kashmir Issue-atop.

Habitually, he did not utter a single word about the plight of the Kashmiris, resisting the tyrannical Indian rule in forcibly held part of the charismatic Himalayan State of Jammu n’ Kashmir nor did he beam an elfin signal to make this key irritant vanish via a malodorous n’ momentous discourse-of-course based on the well-acknowledged UN resolutions-as the plinth.

Vajpayee n’ his chum n’ pal-the comrades-in-arms-more specifically the hideous LK Advani are well aware of the modus operandi of clutching a durable idyllic ambiance in South Asia. On the one hand, the New Delhi rulers speak of allures for ‘peace n’ amity’ and on the other-they negate their own words-by placing the overall scenario in a perilous sketch. Vajpayee’s raucous stance that ‘Pakistan should put an end to activities that are detrimental to India’-can, thus very legitimately be termed as nothing except a sadistic approach to the ground realities.

By all parameters of realism such a memo is yet another nasty attempt to hoodwink the world in broad-spectrum and his own people in meticulous. With the reign of power in the hands of extremists-like the BJP’s motifs Vajpayee n’ Advani-it seems complex that South Asia, to be more explicit the famished Indians would-conveniently-seize affluence. The raison d’être is that the set of rulers in India do not have any compassion even for their own people.

It is apparent from their craze for accumulating arsenal of mass-destruction, from every dimension-even at the cost of their people, landing into a hazardous shape of living-far below the alarming poverty-line. Every pragmatic mind poses a singular question to the Indian leaders-in-power as to what far they are resorting to opt such a risky track when they are faced with no dangers-from any side? This naughty angle-being perused by India manifests the veracity that the rhetoric-as rayed by Vajpayee is-by all means-a spiteful ploy to ‘save the skin’.

The world is well au fait with the realities. May be the newest position of the South Asian settings-as illustrated by a stalwart of the Bush administration, Richard Armitage in Sydney-serve as an eye-opener for Vajpayee n’ his aficionados. Armitage-in his lecture at the Australasia Centre said, ‘Kashmir, apart from Israel and Palestine, is the most dangerous place in the world’.

Let us evaluate this avowal of Armitage with a down-to-earth impend or loom. Who has turned the Paradise on Earth into a charade of Horror? Who has placed a peaceful, attractive, eye-catching, dazzling, glittering, scintillating, charismatic, captivating, charming, mesmerizing and delightful sphere of Kashmir into a dangerous spot?

Even if an egocentric n’ self-absorbed Vajpayee doesn’t bend before the factuality, a crystal-clear reality-would validate the fact, that it is India which is wrecking a serene milieu in South Asia all the way through its illicit clench over the held-Kashmir-with almost a million-persona military might.

As far Pakistan-every-one fully knows-that it has made the best possible efforts for a strong n’ well-built peace in the region-a longing, which has, paradoxically-always-been upset by New Delhi with one gambit or the other.

The slapdash ‘message for friendly ties’-aired by Vajpayee from soils of Srinagar [for reasons best known to the world-that he came out with an atypical aspire to manipulate Kashmiris] was-instantaneously responded to with utmost savour n’ relish by Pakistan.

Yet-as anticipated-he [Vajpayee] made a swift swing-a move to and fro-in his posture the moment, he landed back home-New Delhi. Instead of honouring his own words, he set off a rhythmic pop of animosity vis-à-vis Pakistan by blaming it-to ‘stop the cross-border infiltration.’

Sardonically, Vajpayee didn’t utter even a single word about the malicious magnitude of State Terrorism-unleashed on the guiltless people of Kashmir, who are being targeted with malevolent acts of atrocities-day in n’ day out, just for raising voice for their birth right of self-determination, a bona fide right-they merit, even on the basis of the UN charter.

Whereas, Pakistan has for all time discarding the tenuous Indian remarks, it has-all the way-put across its sagacious standpoint for monitoring of the cruel Line of Control [LoC]-by any set of autonomous or self-regulating observers, a valid view-still facing a tight-lipped outlook from the Indian antagonists.

At the same time, India’s glamour for ‘exchange of delegations n’ resumption of disrupted road, rail n’ air-links-with zest for trade’ is ‘fantastic’. Prima facie, New Delhi sneakily, deviously n’ cunningly is in a try to dupe the globe-of its ‘ardour for amity’. Yet it has to be heedful of the truth that such tricks-eventually-place a Machiavellian frame of mind in awful circumstances.

So the only option-left for India is to stop accusing Pakistan on New Delhi’s chimera and instead bow before the popular and resolute will of the chivalrous Kashmiris-who are now more strong-minded in pulverizing the manacles of the Indian despotic rule in Held Kashmir to a permanent end-even with a sacrifice of any magnitude.

If they could saturate the ‘Pandora’s Box’, let loose by the vile Dogra regime-for almost a century-in a jiffy n’ even thwart the scandalous swindles of Pundit JL Nehru, it is not tough for the bravo Kashmiris to put the reign of horror, spawned by grisly Indian troops at the behest of a frail, flimsy n’ fragile Vajpayee set-up to an eternal end.

This is an apposite time for India to chase the tangible route-on Kashmir-instead of slaying its energies-which are ought to be consumed for the benefit of the ravenous Indians. The only alleyway for the synchronization of serenity n’ tranquillity in South Asia is-India should Quit Kashmir at-once.

There can’t be an ideal setting, hallmarked by reconciliation in the region-which has been turned by Indian ferociousness as ill-fated-sans the solution of the Kashmir dispute, reflecting the truthful aspirations of Kashmiris. Isn’t it a fact the ‘fabulous fan-of-peace’, Mr AB Vajpayee?