Pak-Gulag under the wings of the Fourth Reich

Pakistanis are damned. Not because General Musharraf is a Hitler reincarnate but because Pakistanis have become worse than Germans of the 1930s.

Germans were somewhat justified in submitting to the Third Reich. After all their leaders were the masters of their own destiny. The hell that broke loose was of their own creation and Hitler remained the master of his destiny till end.

Pakistanis on the other hand are damned not only because they opted to submit to an assistant to the Fourth Reich but also because they have forgotten that the government is the employee of the people, and that like any employee, the government is required to obey orders, not to give them.

Pakistanis are damned because they have forgotten that as the employers of the government, they have the right to decide what their employees can do and more importantly, what they cannot.

Pakistanis are damned because they have forgotten who is really supposed to be in charge. Everyone is begging the assistant to the Fourth Reich to remove his uniform to be acceptable, forgetting that Musharraf with or without uniform will remain the same: commander-in-chief of the 21st century Einsatzgruppen. [1]

The worst part of the story is that Nazi Einsatzgruppen were killing others, who they considered their enemies. Pakistan’s transformed army, the 21st century mercenary Einsatzgruppen has turned on its own officers (as we will see later in this article) and its own people because the Fourth Reich considers them as its enemies.

Pakistanis forget that Musharraf alone is not the problem because he alone is not the nation. So was not Hitler. He alone could not kill millions of Jews in death camps or invade country after country for planting false evidence, overpowering their populations with a combination of vicious air strikes and crushing armoured superiority and then installing corrupt or cruel puppet leaders.

It was all done by German citizens who were afraid to question if what they were told was the truth or not, and who refused to say no to tyranny and injustice. That is the state of Pakistanis today.

There is a fundamental difference between the people directly living under the Fourth Reich in the US and those living under the tyranny of its satellite Reichs. Unlike most of the Germans in 1930s, a majority of Americans do not see themselves as the heroic Germans depicted by the Wagnerian Operas. The hundreds of thousands of Americans still marching against war and Washington’s policies show that their conscience is not dead.

In total contrast, tyranny in the satellite Reichs, such as Pakistan, has touched it pinnacle because Pakistanis seem to have become neutral and tamed. Same was the problem with Jews before the holocaust. Berenbaum, Michael, editor of Witness to the Holocaust, points out: “Most often, they [Jews] remained neutral, neither helping the killer nor offering solace to the victim. Yet neutrality helped the killer, never his victim.”[2]

Not only Pakistanis in general have adopted this attitude but all the so-called elected leaders in the “elected” Houses seem to be in the contest of neutrality on the core issues facing the nation. Furthermore, the 21st century Otto Ohlendorf at the top has let the 21st century Jews in Pakistan assume that because of his surrender they are safe.[3]

The tyranny in America and the tyranny in the US sponsored regimes are leading to two different set of out comes.

Realization and awareness among Americans is on the rise. Unlike Germans of the 1930s’, the Americans marching in the streets today and facing police brutality are the winners of tomorrow. Whereas in satellite states of the Fourth Reich, people have given up as individuals. They have lost their courage to speak the truth or stand up to their respective tyrants.

In the case of today’s Pakistan, serving the Fourth Reich, the army has become a mercenary Einsatzgruppen, acting like an occupation force, destroying homes and killing its own people on the one hand and indefinitely detaining an unknown number of fellow military officers on the other. The reason is their views that are at variance with the “enlightened moderation” of the mercenary Otto Ohlendorf.

Politicians and general public are willingly and knowingly following each other into the traps which the assistant to Fourth Reich lays one after the other. This is similar to Germans’ attitude. When Hitler requested temporary extraordinary powers, powers specifically banned under German law, but powers Hitler claimed he needed to have to set the things aright, the German people, having already sold their souls to their self-delusions, agreed. The temporary powers were conferred, and once conferred lasted until Germany itself was destroyed.

Pakistanis too have let Musharraf trick them in every conceivable way possible particularly since he has realized that the US is no more interested in materializing the threat it extended shortly after his coup in 1999, when Washington said: “We cannot do business as usual” with a coup leader.

The nation is dead silent at the reports that are gradually emerging about the army officers which the regime has detained without leveling any charges against them. Information about the detained military-men is gradually resurfacing as their relatives are losing hope of an early release in response to keeping their mouths shut.

As Pakistanis continue to celebrate their independence days and silently watch the coming and going of Prime Ministers, the patriots, who were supposed to defend Pakistan, are rotting in military gulags.

The detained army officers are victims of the “war on terrorism.” After all, America’s “war on terrorism” has turned into a war on sentiments and feelings; any sympathy for Islam or Arabism has become a political danger, and that is stated in so many words.

Other than their refusal to participate in this war, they are absolutely not involved in any criminal or illegal activity whatsoever. If they were in breach of Army discipline, there are clear laws to deal with such violations under Army Act. But to keep them detained for close to two years without leveling charges is enough to prove their innocence.

This is "Habeus Corpus" and is a gross violation of fundamental rights of any citizen, let alone high ranking officers of an institution that many Pakistani still want to respect in this country. Still, no one seems to even care about the information that is resurfacing about the detained army officers. It seems to be another Turkey in the making.

Some of the following Pakistan military officers are detained in 6 by 6 feet spaces, with conditions little different than what the Iraqi and Afghans are suffering at countless Abu Gharibs.

Following are some of the profiles of the army officers languishing in Pakistani gulag under the wings of the Fourth Reich.

Col. Khalid Abbasi, Core of Signals (Pak Army No: PA-20082) worked at various ranks as Communication Engineer. As a devoted soldier, he was deeply inspired by the Pak Army’s motto “Eman, Taqwa, Jehad Fe Sabeelillaho” -” Jihad, fear of Allah and Jihad in the cause of Allah. Col. Abbasi devoted his life for the country. During the Kargil War, 1999. According to reports, he made an official request to GHQ to post him at the war front, but the request was denied due to non- availability of a commanding post at the border. He made a further request for his demotion a rank in order to facilitate his posting at the border. But GHQ did not approve his request. This is all on record in GHQ files. Such a motivated and decorated solider has been picked up by Einsatzgruppen agencies on 30 May 2003 on un-known charges and since then, did not return to his home.

Lt. Col. Ghaffar Babar Saffarzai, Army Aviation (PA-18212) pilot hails from D. I. Khan. He also has an extra-ordinary professional record in Pak Army. About a year ago, one fine morning, he went to his office at HQ Army Aviation, Rawalpindi and his family is awaiting his return since then.

Major Ataullah Khan Mahmood, JAG Branch, HQ 2 Corps (PA-29888) was doing LLM course in Islamic International University, Islamabad and secured first position in the course. He was called to his office on 29 May 2003 and same day, his wife received his phone call informing her that he would remain away and he didn’t know what was happening to him. Since then, he has been in illegal confinement for unknown reasons. It was later on learnt that he was arrested by SIB (Special Investigation Bureau) of the modern day Einsatzgruppen on un-known charges.

Major Adil Q. Khan, Core of Signals was arrested on March 01, 2003, when he was preparing to come from Kohat to his home in Rawalpindi on holidays. He was called to his unit and since then he has been missing.

Major Rohail Faraz, HQ 2-Core (Infantry) served in 3rd Punjab and then for 6 years in SSG in AJ Kashmir. On March 03, 2003, Maj. Rohail was called by his Commanding Officer to take charge of the mess in D.I. Khan. He went to his office in his own car. From there, Maj. Rohail called his wife and told her that he was going to Rawalpindi on official work. He never came back.

Capt. Dr. Usman Zafar, (PA-104225) was posted at Majid Bn, Kel Sector, AJK. On August 17, 2003, his father received a phone call that Capt. Usman was called by DGPF in GHQ and since then he has been missing.

The information about other detained officers is gradually resurfacing. These officers were never involved in any anti-government or any kind of terrorist activities. If this were true, they should have been tried under Army Act (Military Court) or Pakistan Penal Code. For last one and a half year, they have not been presented before any court of law in the Pakistani gulag.

According to the available information, most of these officers have been kept in solitary confinement in Attock Fort. Many times, they were blind folded, handcuffed at the back, long chains attached to handcuffs, head and face covered with black sacks and transported from one place to another.

They are humiliated, disgraced and kept in conditions worst than animals in 6 x 6 feet cells without any basic facilities such as fans or wash rooms. Due to prolong confinement, these officers have developed serious health problems.

Just like the famous Tikrit area stables of Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday, which now house Iraqi prisoners who are forced to urinate and defecate in the same stalls where they sleep, Pakistan military officers are at times forced to urinate within the cells where they eat food as well. They have not been allowed to offer their prayers in jamaat and even denied the Friday and Eid prayers right.

According to Pakistan army sources, these confinements are illegal by the army rules. Chapter VIII of Pakistan Army Act (PAA) deals with arrest and proceedings before trial as follows:

1). PAA Section 74 provides that the charge against the detained person must be investigated within forty eight hours.

2). PAA Section 75 stipulates that arrested person must be produced before Court Martial within eight days and if it becomes impracticable due to inevitable cause, a special report giving reasons for delay should be forwarded after eight days.

3). Note 12 a to PAA Section 73 directs that charge report be delivered within 24 hours of arrest to the custodian (who would deliver the same to the detained person as per AR(I) 370) otherwise it may constitute an offence of illegal, irregular confinement under PAA Section 51(2).

The above mentioned clauses of PAA demand speedy disposal of such cases but these have been ruthlessly violated in a world turned upside down since 9/11.

Reportedly, there are dozens of military officers who have been subjected to same conditions for last many months. Their whereabouts are not known and their families have been so harassed that they don’t dare to speak out about missing of their loved ones.

The key to solving the unprecedented nature of problems that Pakistanis face today is to force their leaders to abide by the law and respect the constitution. They need to break their silence and neutrality.

If Pakistanis failed to raise their voice for treating these individuals according to the law of the land, they must keep in mind that they won’t be the last Pakistanis arrested and treated as such.

In case Pakistanis decided to remain neutral and silent, they will face a fate worse than the Germans of the 1930s. The next phase of course is not mere disappearances and illegal detentions, but targeted killings -” the real business of the modern day mercenary Einsatzgruppen.


[1]. The Einsatzgruppen were mobile paramilitary units established to liquidate the perceived enemies to the Third Reich such as Jews, Romany, and political operatives of the Communist party. Pakistan military under dictator Musharraf has taken over the same role for the Fourth Reich ­-” murdering, capturing, destroying homes and even taking families hostages of the perceived enemies of the Fourth Reich.

[2]. Berenbaum, Michael, editor. Witness to the Holocaust. New York: HarperCollins. 1997. pp. 112 -” 113.

[3]. Otto Ohlendorf was the last surviving commander of Einsatzgruppen