Pakistani McDonalds and Mad Cow Disease

Last month there was a staggering discovery that in Pakistan thousands of people are pushed into the valley of death due to the burgers of McDonald’s. The beef which is used in the beef burgers of “McDonald’s” is being imported from South Africa, which has had many cases of  “Mad Cow Disease”.

“Mad Cow Disease” is a dangerous disease which is spread by eating the beef of infected cows. People came to know about this disease in 1997 in England. For the last 14 years almost 1.7 million people have been affected by this disease, in the majority of the cases it was fatal. To date there is no cure. European specialists have been trying day and night to find a cure for this disease. But there seems to be no ray of hope for this. Some European specialists are considering this disease more dangerous than AIDS.

This disease is encircled mostly within Europe, Australia and South Africa. In the past few days Germany’s Health minister and food minister had resigned due to the inability to combat the serious conditions caused by this disease.

In Pakistan, this disease has spread massively due to the “McDonald’s” burgers. Last year to combat this disease in Europe, thousands of cows have been burned alive. The beef which is imported from South Africa is the main source of the spreading of this disease in Pakistan and is used in thousands of “McDonald’s” burgers every day. 

Lahore Corporation has dispatched a notice to “McDonald’s Pakistan” to bring forth the information in their notice, in which they were inquired about the report, however it seems that personal relationships between higher-ups in both entities are deliberately blocking the truth. This report is being covered up by Governmental and sensitive institutions where as, here the veterinary and food department are blaming each other. 

According to the resources, “The Sharrif Family” has close relations with “McDonald’s Pakistan”, which is presumably why this news has been so carefully been kept confidential in the last regime. But the present government has also not taken any measurement except for the statements.

Lahore corporation has taken few specimens of the meat from one of the branches of McDonald’s for laboratory tests. At that time it was announced that the results would be declared directly following Eid, but results have still not been presented before public. It is interesting to note that there is no facility for the diagnosis of this disease available in any of Pakistan’s laboratory.

Every day thousands of people are eating burgers possibly tainted with “Mad Cow Disease” from Pakistan’s “McDonald’s” fast food chains, which imports the meat from South Africa. If this meat is not infected with the disease than why this issue is being suppressed ? Why are people are being pushed into the valley of death unknowingly? The government of Pakistan should completely probe into this matter and should take solid steps rather than giving vague statements. This is our request to higher authorities that the meat specimens take from MacDonald’s branches should be sent to European laboratories for testing and the results should be presented to the public as soon as possible. All McDonald’s branches in Pakistan should be closed temporarily before the results are made public, so that this and next generation could save from this dangerous disease.

Mr. Ali Chaudhry is the editor-in-chief and founder of UrduPoint Network.

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