Pakistani Nukes: Put humiliation on fast forward

Frequency and the number of times a subject appears in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Washington Times are good indicators for anyone to figure out the next victim on the imperial chopping block.

From December 21, 2003 to January 08 2004, there were no less than 13 stories in these publications highlighting Musharraf’s importance and exaggerating Pakistan’s nuclear threat.

Most of these were editorials and some multiple-part articles. These stories appeared in simultaneously with the seeming surrender by Libya, mounting pressure on Iran and peace prospects between India and Pakistan.

These developments simplify the issue even for a layman in the street. The Taliban were not the threat, nor were their actions anywhere near to the level of human rights violations and atrocities committed by Israel (See this piece of evidence:

Similarly, the whole world now knows that the most lied about Iraqi WMD were not the threat. Even the much trumpeted democracy was not the issue. The real threats in view of the global totalitarians from quite some time are Iran and Pakistan in the short and China in the long run.

Subsequently, Pakistan and Iran are there, right on the chopping block. After two years of unmatched lies, deception and barbarism, the stage is now set to deal with Pakistan, Iran and later on China.

As Eric Margolis nicely exposes, the Libyan surrender was no more than another drama, which the twin liars, Bush and Blair, were working upon since long. Margolis writes that “after eight months of secret negotiations” Qadaffi agreed to surrender “only small amounts of World War I technology mustard gas, a primitive battlefield weapon,” to give the liars a justification for confirming “the wisdom of invading Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Libya, in Margolis words, with “a single elevator repairman in the country” had “no biological and nuclear weapons” at all. In this situation the “leaks” of Pakistan’s transfer of nuclear technology to Libya and Iran; US unofficial visits to North Korean nuclear facilities and Vajpayee’s peace overtures are all parts of the same unfolding drama.

It will give Musharraf some solid justifications for surrendering Pakistan’s nuclear weapons into “safe hands.” The hands in which the weapons are most probably already secured. Just a formal ceremony is left to glorify the ultimate surrender.

One minor intermediate step could be surrendering Pakistan nuclear weapons into “joint US-Pakistan” hands, but that is irrelevant in a situation in which Pakistan is set to lose the Kashmiri cause after bleeding Pakistan to death for more than 50 years.

British Foreign Secretary has recently declared that Israel is a “unique case” which deserves stockpiles of nuclear and biological weapons. So would declare the US for India, which already claims its using nuclear weapons as a deterrence against China, not Pakistan.

So, it is China’s turn to worry about the US moves in its backyard. Pakistan has hardly anything left to lose.

A People and its leaders –” who surrendered their faith for secularism, who surrendered principles of justice and fair conduct for personal safety, who assisted the globalist totalitarians in the continued butchery of their fellow Muslims –” deserve this treatment.

Those who cannot keep their honour cannot keep their weapons. Nature makes them turn on each other to hasten further surrender and disintegration.

For example note an article by Pakistan born Mansoor Ijaz in the January 8 issue of Standard, a Republican weekly magazine. Ignoring the facts about Israel’s passing on American military technology to India and China, he writes that Pakistan has “a moral responsibility to come clean about what has been done” with respect to transfer of technology.

However, toeing the US “mainstream” media’s line of defence for Musharraf, Mr Ijaz concludes that even in cases where the alleged transfer “took place after the September 11 terrorists attacks, Musharraf appears to have had no knowledge.”

The question is: What is Musharraf doing there, sitting at the top? Is it just signing surrender deals for which Mr. Ijaz concludes: “Bush needs to help distance the Pakistani president in the minds of the American public from the crazies who want to destroy Pakistan by sharing its nuclear secrets with rogue states.”

This is the ultimate plan: save Musharraf like Gorbachov till the long awaited disintegration completes. Then Pushtuns in the North West of Pakistan may have autonomy like Kurds in Iraq.

Pashtoon may also join their brethren in Southern Afghanistan so as to be under a more focused eye of the neo-imperialists, who would like to have different set of strategies for people from different backgrounds, such as those in “Sunni triangle,” “Kurdish North,” “Taliban influenced South” and “Persian speaking North.” It is just to mention a few terms to be used as a basis for future break-ups and convenient colonisation.

Like every other conceivable thing, Musharraf’s surrendering Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is just a matter of time. This humiliation has come to pass. There will soon be no justification for keeping these weapons. Opposition to Musharraf’s policies is already absent in Pakistani government. It is as if every politician has joined Pakistan’s army.

Muslim Ummah is a lost cause, as Qaddafi declared the other day. Israel’s recognition is on cards. The sooner Musharraf surrenders, the better it is for completing the much deserved humiliation for the so-called Muslims. Also the better it is for those who are due to replace them.

Muslims do not require nuclear weapons to be good Muslims or to convert others to Islam. After all, Islam is not American democracy.

As far as defense is concerned, these weapons are not worth defending for defense against anything. Where half-baked secularism reigns supreme, where faith is lost, sovereignty curtailed and all principle of justice sacrificed, keeping a bomb or two or even the state established in the name of Islam, doesn’t make any sense at all.

When Muslims become Muslim in the Qur’anic sense, only then would they realize what they need to defend, why and at what cost. That would not happen until we hit the trough in this final phase of Muslim humiliation. If we don’t know how to end this humiliation, let us put it on fast forward as hitting the rock bottom of humiliation seems inevitable for a meaningful resurgence.