Palestine (Poem)

In her soil I wish to bury myself
so I could feel the energy
of the souls whose blood
was shed while fighting for
my freedom and justice

I want to walk her lands that were demolished
and as I feel the wind passing by
all I hear are the sounds of cries and screams
of those who were massacred
but you still feel their sense of pride and hope

Al Quds

The heart of Palestine
I wish to take small steps
in this holy land
so as each step I would take
I would feel the presence of
hope and peace


A refugee camp
where many innocent men, women and children
were burned and some buried alive underneath
their own homes
where many stood proud
and fought the tanks and missiles
until the very end


An occupied city
where everyday a curfew is set
occupation has risen
yet the only thing that stood high
was the Palestinian flag and the
spirit of the people

Biet Jala

As its neighboring cities sit and watch
Israeli soldiers, without hesitation
Shooting randomly at anyone and anything that
stood in their way
where our Fourth of July
has become their early death


Where children still continue to smile and laugh
Even under times of casualty,
And even though they live under fear and hate
it is freedom and justice they wish to see

Dier Yassin

A history of a stolen land
And when I begin to reminisce about it
My heart begins to cry
For its return


We know it for its famous song, "Wein a Ramallah"
Which reminds us of our Palestinian heritage and pride

Al Khalil

Where bullets of settlers may kill the souls of our true soldiers,
But will not kill the spirits of the Palestinian people
Who will continue on their footsteps

Beit La7em

Where the church of nativity was once under seize,
Where many cried out to the world that they will
Never forsake their holy church


Where many refuse to be victims in their own land
And they are terrorists only because they refuse
To put their hands up and surrender to Israeli soldiers


A state with people who have hopes and dreams
Who breathe justice and dream freedom

Where children are born without a homeland
but the homeland is born within that child

An occupied state, where the Palestinians will
continue fighting until Palestine becomes a state

Where soldiers are born
And heroes die

Where beautiful olive trees are planted. A famous
Palestinian poet once said, "If the olive tree knew
the hands that planted them, their oil would have
Become tears."

"Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,
Let us march on till victory is won."

Freedom, peace and justice in Palestine