Palestinian Nation, Cherokee Tribe

"In the developed countries there is a poverty of intimacy, a poverty of Spirit, of Loneliness, of lack of Love. There is no greater sickness in the world today than that one."

— Mother Teresa

You came from far away land, the white man’s land, with minds filled with conquest, hearts filled with hate, and hands filled with guns to steal our land, kill our children, rape our women, burn our homes and villages and throw us into trails of danger watered by tears of weeping old men, babies, and pregnant mothers. We became strangers in our land without homes to shelter our young and land to feed our children. You denied us food, water, medicines for healing, even shoes for our feet in the days of hot sun or the cold of moon.

You came to conquer our land, not yours, land we owned and worked for thousand years because the white man hated you for your money and religion; they say you killed their God son; so they beat you, drove you out of your homes, stole your property, and killed you. They did not like you but wanted your money and power to get other white man’s power across big sea to send warriors to help them kill other white men. You saw freedom from white man’s hate in work they asked you to do, in money you gave, and in weapon you invented. White man rewards you with our land not from their land. White man from old Indian nation gave warriors to help in fight because you told them to do so.

Now, you, the old victim of the white man have much power over all white men who worship God son. Now you take their money, their machines that fight in air, their ships filled with many guns in water, rockets that burn homes and flesh, black balls fall from sky make loud noise and fire on ground, and new weapons you say in big lie you do not have. Now you big chiefs in their governments, their money buildings, and have many friends who write for you and show pictures of you with smile on your face speaking with forked tongue and many lies. You kill and say you are being killed, you say we lie and you are big liar, you say our warriors start fight when you star fight each time, you blame us for problems when you are the problem, you say we are strong when you stronger than many nations, you say our heads, hearts, and bodies come into crossfire when it is you with new guns shoot our children in head and heart, you say we not want peace when you never want peace because your heart filled with greed want all our land, you say we no respect world laws but you spit in face of world, you say we not grateful for generous offer when it is you who have no generous offer in your heart, you say we hate your religion when it is you who hate all religions not like your religion, you say they we evil tribe when you are the most evil tribe in all world, you say we want to throw you into sea with stones when you fill dead sea with our dead bodies.

World full of hate for you for many moons, now you take revenge on all world but more on our people, people who not kill you in many numbers in white man’s world.

Today you kill many in two nations and say your killing is defense of self. You want all to surrender to you just like our brothers the Cherokees forced to surrender, give their land and traveled many miles on foot with many die because white man wanted gold on their land. Big Chief of American nation passed law saying we must go or die just like your law saying we must leave or die.

Our people like brave Cherokee walked on trails that made us cry, tears made mud of our earth for last time.

Many dark men in many nations were killed and made to go away from land or become slave of white man but you call that good for us, makes us into white man in spirit. Your strong friends in old Cherokee and Indian nations now say you victim of killing us and their ink and pictures say you killing many children is defense of self and we victims make big mistake to fight for our land and families. This power nation is slave to your wishes, protects you, and gives you money from poor people and new weapons to kill us. We made suffer your fire and killing slings and arrows make our life and fortunes bad.

Before you slave to white man of God son, now white man slave to you. You taste and like revenge but you kill weak people not strong white man.

You can kill our bodies, take our land, rape our women, burn our villages but never you take our pride, our spirit, our strength inside, our memories when live in peace with all tribes in our land, you never take our hope and our prayers to heavens for justice against you. Every time you kill us many more children grow up to fight you. Our ancestor’s bodies for many years fed the soil that fed us and feeds you now. Their spirit and our people shall return to the land and you will pay for injustice because our religion says tribes like you who make injustice against all nations will pay and all nations will turn against you. No one helps us fight you so we fight alone with brave warriors who never surrender to hate and killing.

We shall return. We shall defeat you, InshaAllah.