Palestinian teen killed, another critically injured in Arab town inside Israel

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Jaljulia (UNA-OIC) – A Palestinian teen was shot and killed, and another was critically injured in yet another criminal incident inside a Palestinian community in the Palestinian land occupied since 1948.

A 15-year-old teen was shot dead and a 12-year-old was seriously injured from gunshots fired at them by an assailant in the Arab town of Jaljulia, in a continuing wave of gun violence and organized crime, blamed for Israeli police’s inaction to sue perpetrators and hold them to account.

With the rise in violence and unchecked crime in Arab towns inside Israel, Palestinians there, who make up more than 20 percent of Israel’s population, have been protesting for the eighth consecutive week against the escalation of violence in Arab communities in Israel and the failure of the Israeli police to put a stop to the rise in crime.

Palestinians with Israeli citizenship blame the crime wave crisis on Israeli police inaction, saying that police do not enforce the law in Arab cities and towns. They say that the absence of the rule of law has enabled illegal weapons, protection networks, and organized crime organizations to spread freely in Arab communities.

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