Palestinians: Expelled, Exiled, Executed, Excoriated

Mohamed Khodr’s Column

In the beginning was the covenant, and the covenant was with Abraham, peace be upon him, and the covenant with God promised Abraham (pbuh) a land for “all thy seeds” — Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) had two sons. The eldest, Ishmael, from the Egyptian princess Hagar was exiled with his mother to Arabia at the request of Sarah, Abraham’s (pbuh) wife and the mother of his second son, Isaac. Ishmael’s exile was the original expulsion of Arabs from the Holy Land by the mother of Isaac, the father of Jacob (Israel) and the Jews. Four thousands years later European immigrant Jews once again expelled the Arabs, Palestinian Christians and Muslims, from their ancestral home. This time it was not due to a woman’s demand but to a mad man’s hate, racism, and systematic murder of innocent Jews—Hitler’s Holocaust.

Without the Holocaust there would be no Israel. Israel was founded based on the tragic death of millions of Jews murdered in “civilized” Europe. Little did these innocent dead Jews realize that many of their brethren will use their deaths to enrich themselves and the state of Israel.

After W.W.II, the United States assumed the primary responsibility for establishing a homeland for the Jews. While the Holocaust was the emotional engine behind this endeavor America’s and Europe’s decision to give a land not their own to a people that didn’t own it at the expense of the people who owned it was for pure selfish domestic politics. By that time Jews realized that to manipulate the western psyche required aggressiveness, assertiveness, and a loud vocal presence through their media and entertainment institutions. They began to use their wealth and power—the two secrets the Arabs have never learned–to formulate a campaign in the West, especially in the United States, that monopolizes emotions, thoughts, pictures and words whose only purpose is to support Israel to the exclusion of all contrary evidence.

Jews totally understood the value of organizing, shouting, intimidating, even killing enemies, campaign donations, and media manipulation that controls images and words that reach America’s shores. Americans have been intellectually and geographically isolated from the rest of the world for so long that we have lost our ability for independent thought and thus depend on our media for information on the world. Isolation thus becomes the greatest danger to our national security and national interests. Our apathy and detachment from world affairs allows the vested few to manipulate our foreign policy to the extent that it may run counter to our national interests and may even cost us wars and lives.

Accordingly, Palestinian refugees outnumbered two to one in Palestine can accomplish what five Arab countries with their fully equipped armies have been unable to do.

The Holocaust has had several victims. Foremost were the millions of Jews innocently murdered. Second, were the Palestinians who were evicted by force from their homeland by Israel, the U.S., Europe, the Soviet Union, and the United Nations.

The third victim has been the “Truth” about this conflict that has manifested itself as “Lies” perpetrated by the best organized Jewish public relations campaign in history that has succeeded in creating a mirror image of truth where the killer is the victim.

The Fourth victim have been the American people who have been sucked into a Zionist campaign of media and movie lies, Zionist money to politicians, hospitals, colleges, and other charity work, a systematic demonization of Arabs and Islam, an ever increasing pipeline of hundreds of billions of dollars and weapons to Israel, a pass for Israel on any spying, murder, or damage to our national security, and ultimately a psychological fear that translates roughly into “Don’t mess with Israel.” Ironically, Zionist organizations have at most 200,000 members in a nation of 280 million yet the fear they project is overwhelming.

The Fifth victim has been the United Nations, International Conventions, and other international organizations.

Israel has shown the world that it is exempt from any UN Resolutions (90 of them), any international agreement it signs unless it works in its favor such as recovering Jewish art or money.

The Sixth victim is world peace. Israel and the United States alone in the world stand against any peace in the Middle East although it is in our vital national interest that peace and stability reign in the region to keep our supply of cheap oil for the suburban SUV’s. America is abandoning good relations and trade with 60 Muslim nations and a 1.2 Billion population who buy our products for one nation, Israel, who instead takes billions annually from us and in turn thumbs its nose at our country and our interests such as selling our advanced technology to China.

For 52 years Israel has been exiling, expelling, executing, and excoriating Palestinians in full view of an impotent world. At first the western world was able to swallow Israel’s belligerency out of sympathy from the Holocaust and identification with the newly created Judeo-Christian tradition, although both beliefs are antagonistic leading to historical genocides. However, support of Israel today arises from domestic, political, economic, and media impact considerations. No politician, no editor or journalist, no court system, no academician or college, no think tank, no church leader, and no American dares antagonize Israel or American Jews lest the wrath of the mighty descend upon their lives, homes, family, and work to make their lives a living hell.

Odd how these Zionists have perfected the Nazi’s tactics. As long as Israel thrives and they can make a buck they will sell their souls to the devil.

Poor Clinton, he filled his government with Jews, gave Israel everything it wanted including Marc Rich’s pardon, even played their messenger to Al Assad and Arafat; but look at him now, all his Jewish friends have turned against him, insulting him, and ironically chastising him for pardoning Marc Rich. He was the “best” friend Jews and Israel ever had according to the Jews yet out of power he’s useless and dumped. I guess “people who need Zionist people are NOT the luckiest people” after all.

So the promised land where “The Greatest Story Ever Told” continues in reality as the “Greatest Story Never Told”. How the persecuted survivors of the Holocaust are now persecuting Christians and Muslims while both the peoples of Israel and Palestine sing “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land.”

As long as American Jews, Christians, and Muslims continue in their intimidated ignorance and silence chasing the latest “hottest” toys; Palestinians, Israelis and American soldiers will continue to die. I do not have a solution to wake up America from its Zionist hypnosis nor wake up the Arab and Islamic world to abandon their incompetent leaders, unify, educate themselves, and demand peace or else.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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