Annapolis, November 27, 2007: Only Fools Believing in Miracles Rush In Land for Peace or Land–Piece by Piece by Piece


“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."

— Samuel Huntington, “Clash of Civilizations”

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it."

— Abraham Lincoln

“Crying out in Exile, all poor and in pain, Pleading the world to take the reins. While the Tyrants grip refuse to release, The Palestinian people to live in peace”.

— Liam Barry, February 12, 2002

Ninety years ago this month, on November 2, 1917, the British issued the infamous Balfour letter of intent to the Zionist Lord Walter Rothschild stating: “His Majesty’s Government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of [A] Jewish homeland for the Jewish people “.

At the time, Palestine was neither owned nor controlled by the British but was under Ottoman rule with 90% of the population Palestinian and only 10% Jewish owning less than 3% of the land.

In return the Zionists promised and delivered America into the war. The world’s axis today revolves around Israel’s interests.

As with all colonial enterprises the indigenous people, the Palestinians in this case, were never consulted on their fate. In fact , Lord Balfour stated:

‘In Palestine, we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country…Zionism, be it right or wrong, is rooted in age-old traditions, in present needs, in future hopes, of far profounder import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that ancient land”

In 1939 the British convened the St. James Conference to: “solve” the Jewish Arab “knotty” problem in Palestine. The Jews were led by Chaim Weizman and the Arabs by the Palestinian Mufti Haj Amin al-Hussein and included the “moderate” Arab states of Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Transjordan, and Yemen.

The conference failed as has every one since then, expect the same for Annapolis. .

Mr. George Antonius, a scholar and British diplomat attended the conference. In his book, “The Arab Awakening” he wrote, the ” cure for the eviction of Jews from Germany is not to be sought in the eviction of the Arabs from their homeland. … No code of morals can justify the persecution of one people in an attempt to relieve the persecution of another."

(Time Magazine, “Arab Case”, January 30, 1939)

Almost sixty years to the day of the Annapolis “meeting” to be held on November 27, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly passed U.N. Resolution 181 on November 29 1947 calling for the Partition of Palestine. Among the ten nations abstaining was Britain, the very nation that committed its biggest foreign policy blunder in its history.

The U.N. Plan failed, although it gave the majority of Palestine to the minority Jewish population because the Zionists wanted all of Palestine and thus ethnically cleansed 750,000 Palestinians destroying close to 500 Palestinian villages to prevent their return. Jewish terrorist groups led by Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shame committed hundreds of terrorist acts against Palestinian civilians (and the British army) as documented by the United Nations.

Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the proposed Jewish state was official Zionist policy, called Plan D, as supported by Israel’s founding father David Ben Gurion who said:

"With compulsory transfer we [would] have a vast area [for settlement] …. I support compulsory transfer. I don't see anything immoral in it." (Benny Morris, Righteous Victims, p. 144)

"We must expel Arabs and take their places." David Ben Gurion, 1937, “Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs”, Oxford University Press, 1985.

"It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands."

— Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, (A.F.P.: November 15, 1998)

"This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy." — Golda Meir, Le Monde, 15 October 1971

"What we have to fight for…is the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may be enabled to fulfill the mission assigned to it by the Creator."

— Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, pg. 125

In 1949, President Truman who gave Israel its international birth in 1948 despite the warnings of his entire cabinet was shocked by Israel’s criminal expulsion of Palestinian refugees in direct contravention of UNGA Resolution 194 (as well UNGA Resolution 181) that called for the ” return of the (Palestinian) refugees or their just compensation“. He thus convened the Lausanne Conference (April –” September 1949) in Switzerland.

It was to establish final borders for Israel and Palestine, internationalize Jerusalem, and allow for the return of Palestinian refugees.

But as usual Israel never misses an opportunity to thumb its nose at the U.S., the U.N., and the entire world that demands a final and just peace for the Palestinians. However, as a century of history proves, peace is anathema to the Zionist goal of a “Greater Israel” from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Ambassador Mark Etheridge who was Truman’s envoy to the conference wrote Truman in utter disgust of Israel’s intransigence for peace and its inhumanity toward the Palestinian refugees saying.

“Since we gave Israel birth we are blamed for her belligerence and her arrogance and for the cold-bloodedness of her attitude toward refugees….What I can see is an abortion of justice and humanity to which I do not want to be midwife….If there is to be any assessment of BLAME for stalemate at Lausanne, Israel must accept primary responsibility…Her attitude toward refugees is morally reprehensible and politically shortsighted…Her position as conqueror demanding more does not make for peace. It makes for more trouble.”

Truman responded to Etheridge by saying : “I am rather disgusted with the manner in which the Jews are approaching the refugee problem.’

"I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews. [Former Secretary of State George] Marshall and [former Defense Secretary James] Forestall learned that….. Terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen…. I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don't approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country"

— Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, February 1957, quoted in “Fallen Pillars” pg 99, by Donald Neff

The farcical charade of the Annapolis “meeting” to be held on November 27, 2007 at the invitation of the world’s premier war criminal, President George Bush, who illegally invaded, decimated and occupies two Muslim nations through gigantic lies, media manipulation and compliance, and in total defiance of international laws and world opinion, will surely join the dustbin of a century long joke of a “process” for peace consistently rejected and sabotaged by the world’s premier criminal nation of Israel. Israel, like its pandering supporter and benefactor, America, illegally and unjustly founded itself by lies, terrorism, genocide, ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people and an occupation of a land it has no divine or human right to claim.


“I have learned that the state of Israel cannot be ruled in our generation without deceit and adventurism."

— Moshe Sharett, Israel's first Foreign Minister (Simha Flapan, "The Birth of Israel", pg. 51, 1987).

Deuteronomy 7:1-2: When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you may nations…then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy."

“May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arabs' heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them, and cause them to be vanquished and cause them to be cast from the world. It is forbidden to be merciful to them, you must give them missiles, with relish – annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones."

— Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Ultra-Orthodox Shas Party spiritual leader, second largest party in Israel and part of Olmert’s government; in a sermon discussing Passover and God’s wrath at Israel’s enemies, April 8, 2001.

Here’s how Israel’s government is preparing for the total sabotage of Annapolis, a “meeting” allegedly to be based on U.N. Resolutions 242, 338 and the “Road Map” before it even begins:

1. As for U.N. Resolution 242 passed in 1967, Israel has rejected it for 40 years. Olmert has already announced that U.N. Resolutions are not the reference for Annapolis.

2. As for the Quartet “Road Map”; Sharon declared it dead on arrival and his senior advisor Dov Weinglass described Sharon’s unilateral Gaza disengagement plan as: “It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that's necessary so that there will not be a political process with the Palestinians.” (ZNet; Embalming the Peace Process, October 15, 2004)

In fact both U.N. envoys to the Israeli Palestinian conflict demanded that the U.N. withdraw immediately from the “Quartet Road Map” given its impotence and subservience to the U.S.

3. Israel continues to annex more Palestinian land by building more illegal settlements, the Apartheid Wall, destroy farmlands and uprooting olive trees, demolishing homes, stealing precious water, building more checkpoints and road blocks, denying emergency care to Palestinian patients, military incursions, a planned invasion of Gaza, daily murder of civilians and “extrajudicial” assassinations, imprisoning more civilians, and besieging all of Gaza described by John Ging, a senior U.N. official as: “the indiscriminate" and "illegal" Israeli sanctions display "profound inhumanity". (Independent, Nov. 23, 2007)

In a Ha’aretz column, “What do you mean when you say “no”? November 18, 2001, the courageous Gideon Levy writes

“Undoubtedly, Israel wants peace. But a tiny detail seems to have been forgotten: Israel has signed a series of binding agreements to freeze settlement activity, which it never intended to fulfill. Of all Israel's iniquities in the occupied territories – the brutality, the assassinations, the siege, the hunger, the blackouts, the checkpoints and the mass arrests – nothing serves as witness to its real intentions than the settlements. Certainly, for the future. Every home built in the territories; every light pole and every road are like a thousand witnesses: Israel does not want peace; Israel wants occupation. Whoever is serious about peace and a Palestinian state does not put up even a shed…. From Oslo through Camp David and on to the road map, Israel has not put an end to the most criminal enterprise in its history”.

4. Israel will not discuss the core issues of the conflict such as: Jerusalem, Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees, Settlements, the Apartheid Wall, the Siege of Gaza, Military Incursions, Extra-Judicial assassinations, release of Government cabinet members or Parliamentarians, Freedom of Movement, Water Resources, fate of 10,000 Palestinian prisoners, use of Torture, final borders, or a Time table to resolve any of these issues.

Israeli Leader’ Statements and deliberate sabotage of Bush’s Annapolis “meeting”:

On Jerusalem:

“The Israeli mayor of Jerusalem Uri Lupolianski announced Wednesday that his municipal government would engage in a “development plan”; for East

Jerusalem.Lupolianski presented the plan at a City Hall news conference stating that it is a “way to keep Jerusalem united.”

“The Israeli Knesset (Parliament) gave preliminary approval on Wednesday to a bill that would seize East Jerusalem, in contravention of international law and UN resolutions, and make it part of Israel.

"Preliminary passage of the legislation, two weeks before the Annapolis conference, sends an important and clear signal to the entire international community that all of the people of Israel and parliament oppose concessions in Jerusalem," said Gideon Saar, the Likud lawmaker who sponsored the bill” (IMEMC: Nov. 14, 2007)

— President Shimon Peres: "It is theoretically possible to reach an agreement during the term of President Bush but it is practically impossible." (Ha’aretz, Nov 22, 2007)

— Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: "The Annapolis conference will not yield a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians but it is a stepping stone in the “PROCESS". (Ha’aretz: October 25, 2007)

(Plus: On March 23, 2006; Ehud Olmert, then acting PM, announced that Israel would unilaterally redraw its borders by 2010, annexing Palestinian land without negotiations with the Palestinians)

— Foreign Minister Tzipi Livini: “It must be clear to everyone that the State of Israel is a national homeland for the Jewish people”. (Guardian, November 19, 2007

— Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a racist who advocates ethnic cleansing of Israeli Palestinians, both Christians and Muslims, drew red lines for Olmert ahead of Annapolis insisting that Jerusalem is non-negotiable and there be an “exchange” of populations and territories; i.e. “transferring” all of Israel’s Arab citizens, over one million, out of Israel; that there should be no crossing between Gaza and the West Bank and that Israel decides its borders–and this is called “democracy” (Jewish Telegraph Agency; October 28, 2007)

— Defense Minister Ehud Barak: :”We mustn’t allow ourselves to be blamed for the failure of the upcoming Middle East conference in Annapolis because we didn’t make enough concessions to the Palestinians.” (Ha’aretz: Nov. 21, 2007)

(During the failed Clinton’s Camp David Summit in 2000, Clinton to appease Barak facing a tough election blamed Arafat for the failure, although American diplomats at the negotiations clearly blamed Israel, in fact Aaron Miller wrote that the “U.S. acted like Israel’s Lawyer” at the conference. The conference was hastily arranged by Clinton at the end of his term, there was no agenda for discussion, Arafat said the conference will fail due to lack of preparation (Albright agreed with him), and Barak was facing election——–Annapolis a repeat of such a scenario)

— Senior Government Officials: “Negotiations themselves would not take place at Annapolis, but rather that the negotiating PROCESS would begin "immediately" afterward. No date or venue was given for these negotiations…. "The meeting at Annapolis is the beginning of a process," one official said”. (Jerusalem Post, “Israel: We won’t negotiate at Annapolis”; Nov. 11, 2007)

Echoing Israel’s “PROCESS” mantra is Elliot Abrams, Deputy National Security Advisor, the man Bush put in charge of the MidEast conflict, who told Jewish groups that Bush will not pressure Israel for concessions and that Rice’s current shuttle diplomacy is “just PROCESS” to appease the Europeans and Arabs.

(Forward, “Top Bush Adviser Says Rice’s Push For Mideast Peace Is ‘Just Process’, May 11, 2007)

Since its very founding Israel has never sought peace with the Palestinians including its outright rejection of an Arab League Peace plan that meets all of Israel’s demands, a plan first offered in 1980, then 2002, and again in 2007. By rejecting this comprehensive peace plan means Israel rejects peace at all costs.

Israel’s rejection of any peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs began before its very founding.

It was first enunciated by Theodore Herzl, founder of Zionism, than by David Ben Gurion, Israel’s father and first Prime Minister.

"I am unwilling to forego even one percent of Zionism for “peace.”

— Ben Gurion, Shabtai Teveth, p. 70

Ben-Gurion emphasized that Zionism should seek peace with Palestinians ONLY as means to realize Zionism, not as an ultimate goal. He explained the policy in 1937 as follows:

"We do not seek an agreement with the [Palestinian] Arabs in order to secure the peace. But peace for us is a mean, and not an end. The end is the fulfillment of Zionism in its maximum scope. Only for this reason do we need peace” (Ibid, p. 168)

Peace for Israel means America will discover how the Israel Lobby with its tentacles in all American institutions has manipulated its government and naïve populace into paying and dying for Israel’s wars and national interests. It will discover what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson meant when they warned of a “Passionate Attachment” and ” Foreign Entanglements” respectively; of what James Madison called an internal ” Faction” whose enormous influence is out of proportion to their small numbers bu that will harm the interests of America’s majority; and of Theodore Roosevelt’s warning : “The United States cannot with self-respect permit its organic and fundamental law to be overridden by the laws of a foreign country. Dual nationality is A SELF-EVIDENT ABSURDITY

For the longest time Jewish Americans have been accused of dual loyalty; in fact a sizeable number hold Israeli citizenship, like Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL), former head of the Democratic National Committee.

Israel can defy Bush and any American administration because it holds Congress in the palm of its hands due to the power of the Israel Lobby, primarily AIPAC that bribes and intimidates its members with its powerful influence upon the few media conglomerate corporations all run by Jewish Americans with the exception of Rupert Murdoch, a strong Zionist.

“I’ve never seen a president –I don’t care who he is– stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what’s going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don’t have any idea what goes on."

— Admiral Thomas Moorer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington Report 12/1999, p.124

"Practically every congressman and senator says his prayers to the Israel lobby–they have done an enormous job of corrupting the American democratic process."

— George Ball, former Under Secretary of State and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

“The Israeli Prime Minister has a lot more influence over the foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East than he has in his own country."

— Former Congressman Paul Findley, in his book “They Dare to Speak Out”, p. 92.

The Arabs:

The third member of this criminal troika is Mahmoud Abbas, the alleged “president” of the West Bank only, not Gaza. He’s America’s little puppet because he an enemy of Hamas having publicly called for its overthrow, a policy that “moderate” Arab states support. This Palestinian traitor doesn’t even have the temerity to beg for food, water, and medicines for 1.4 million Palestinians living in Gaza, ironically, an Israeli concentration camp. The silence of the world regarding the suffering of Gazans is a testament to Israel’s political power. Abbas is coming to Annapolis while Israel is murdering, bombing, shelling, and demolishing his towns at will, yet in his proposed joint declaration with Israel, Gaza is not even mentioned. Like Israel, Abbas is guilty of “collective punishment” of Gaza’s Palestinians because of his enmity to Hamas.

As for the Arabs, they deserve the disrespect, the mockery, and neglect of the world. Their existence during the last century has been one of a marked “intelligence failure”. For self preservation, greed, and power, they’ve continually accepted a hundred years war of betrayals and lies by the west, while still holding on to their stupid belief in U.N. Resolutions, International Law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention, despite their realization that all international institutions and laws are formulated and selectively implemented by their very western “allies”.

The Arabs have betrayed and lied to themselves that they are united in Islam, in Arab nationalism, brotherhood, and the common cause of justice for the Palestinians. The Arab League is a joke, the Organization of Islamic Conferences is a non-existent institution, and the Arab leaders distrust each other while spending hundreds of billions of Muslim money to buy weapons they can’t use simply to appease the west and to intimidate each other, not to fight Israel.

The Arabs are coming to Annapolis because they must under the orders of their master—Bush; not even Saudi Arabia could refuse his offer. The Arabs come, they submit, they leave empty handed, still delusional that somehow America’s Pro Israel stripes may change, thus expecting Bush, the butcher of Bagdad and Kabul, the man who called Sharon a “Man of Peace”, who rejected all U.N. Resolutions and previous U.S. foreign policy by surrendering to Sharon’s demands that there will be no Palestinian “right of return”, that the 1967 borders are unworkable, that settlement growth is simply natural expansions, and that Jerusalem is the unified capitol of Israel. Still they come. By the time any “process” peace conference ends, Israel would’ve killed more Palestinians, built more settlements, and annexed more Palestinian land.

"Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? — stupid."

— Arthur Sylvester, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, 1965

So who’s really conducting this Annapolis “conference”: Israel, AIPAC, and the Media.

Here’s what the Israeli journalist, Zvi Bar’el wrote in Ha’aretz, November 18, 2007:

“The Annapolis conference is over before it started. Its fascinating discussions and earth-shaking decisions have not been conducted and made at the American port city, but at the Knesset in Israel.”

According to the Forward, Nov. 14, 2007 , “The White House Implores Organized Jewry To Support Peace Summit (thereby ensuring Congress supports the conference and doesn’t
sabotage it if told so by AIPAC.

A Ha’aretz editorial, “If Not Annapolis, Then What?” Nov. 7, 2007 states:

“The question is, of course, where does Likud want Israel to run to. Likud has no solution to the conflict with the Palestinians and has made do for 40 years with taking the wind out of the sails of every agreement.”

"International politics are conducted by the media in today’s world. Israel must win this war."

— Statement made by American University professor, and leading Zionist intellectual, Amos Perlmutter, in "False hopes along fast track to war, " Washington Times, May 22, 2001

In conclusion, this “meeting” was ill timed, ill planned, and held for the political expediency of its three main protagonists, Bush, Olmert, and Abbas, one that has no agenda for discussion, whose failed outcome is already guaranteed by the customary Israeli lies and obstacles, that will not address the Arab Peace Initiative and thus a final comprehensive peace treaty between the Israelis and the Arabs, that has no support in the U.S. Congress or by any of the Republican or Presidential candidates who’ve already pledged their allegiance to the Israeli flag, and that the American people have been deliberately marginalized and uninformed lest they come to the conclusion that it’s time for America to push Israel into realistic and concrete concessions based on all pertinent U.N. Resolutions and International Law.