Karzai: Voicing his masters’ threat


The man who rode to Kabul on the back of the CIA; the man who is ruling Kabul under the protection of US force and the man who sold his country and people to his masters in Washington long ago is threatening his neighbors: He said: “We are bloody determined. It is not going to be Pakistan playing the Pashtun/non-Pashtun game in Afghanistan. It is not going to be Iran playing this or that game or any other country.”[1]

Forgetting about his true self, his role for the United States against his own people, he also included the United States in the list: “The United States, Pakistan, Iran and everybody should know that this time Afghans will not become refugees. I would be one of those Afghans who would not become a refugee again.”

Gary C. Schroen, a CIA Officer, describes the fairy tale of Karzai’s beginning to work for the United States in these words:

“Karzai had been the first Pashtun leader to volunteer to cooperate with the U.S. government in helping create an armed resistance to the Taliban among the Pashtun tribes in the south. He met with U.S. officials, including CIA officers, at the U.S. embassy in Islamabad a few days following the 9/11 attacks.” [2]

Only a fool would believe that Karzai had no previous connection with the CIA and he just walked into the U.S. embassy and offered his services. We have heard from many desperate, jobless individuals who offered themselves for working as low-level informants for the CIA soon after 9/11. However, offering himself to be the future president without prior connection with the hands that rule the world hardly makes any sense.

According to Schroen, “during those first meetings in Islamabad, Karzai insisted on moving back into Afghanistan immediately.” Why didn’t he do so before 9/11? He knew the war is coming. He knew the United States has planned the war of aggression on the Taliban long before 9/11. He knew he can reap reward for joining the butchery of his people.

The CIA put a team, called ECHO, in place to bring Karzai to Afghanistan. Schroen writes that Craig was assigned to lead ECHO, which “was to work with Karzai, helping him prepare a base of support for his return, and arranging airdrops of weapons.”

Interestingly, everyone who sold his conscience and his people and decided to fight in the cause of the United States immediately became Mujahed. Describing an occasion of meeting with Karzai, Schroen quotes Craig as saying, “Why don’t you take our Mujahedin over and have them load up our share of things, then join me with Karzai.”[3] At another place, Schroen writes: “Three of Karzai Mujahedin had been seated on the war, relaxing, waiting to watch the fireworks as the Taliban positions across the alley were systematically destroyed.”[4]

This is how the chief Mujahed, Hamid Karzai, rode on the shoulders of the CIA to Kabul. Now he is threatening Pakistan and Iran of “the consequences.” He is, in fact, echoing his masters’ voice. Karzai’s assertions are at best laughable. He says: “We know (interference) is going on. We know that money is being brought into Afghanistan. It will not have the impact that they want it to have –” not for Afghanistan and not for themselves –” so they had better stop.”

What kind of interference could be more serious than the United States occupying Afghanistan? Who could pour in more money than the United States? Pakistan and Iran cannot even imagine investing even a fraction of the amount which the United States poured into Afghanistan to consolidate its occupation. The CIA officer Gary Schroen’s account of how he personally used to hand over millions of dollars to Afghan “leaders” in his book is really stunning.

Schroen has given exact names and the amount of dollars he alone had handed to the greedy puppets soon after 9/11. Schroen recounts meeting with Aref Sarwari, head of Masood’s intelligence service, in which $500,000 was passed to him just as a token.[5]

Within 24 hours of paying Engineer Aref, Schroen was ready to pay one million dollars to General Fahim. Schroen writes: “Although I had passed Aref $500,000 the night before, I wanted to pass a second, large cash payment to General Fahim…Rick and I went back to the black suitcase and got $1million wrapped and ready.”[6] The extent of bribing before the bombing began on October 07, 2001 is evident from the fact that, according to Schroen: “In the forty days I was in the Panjshir Valley, I spent $5 million.”[7]

This is the story of showering dollars after 9/11 in buying support of the opportunists in one little area of Afghanistan, not to speak of the sums spent in the rest of the country and particularly the money spent on buying the Taliban commanders. Karzai poses as if he himself has not been bought and sold over the years. Imagine Karzai’s share from the fact that CIA agents spread out among the Afghan warlords with suitcases stuffed full of dollars, amounting in all to $45 million.[8] A major warlord might get $1 million, a minor one $50,000. It is hypocritical on his part to blame Pakistan and Iran for buying Afghans to destabilize and divide Afghanistan. The resistance to his "rule" is not due to fianacial assistance from Iran or Pakistan, it is due to the pain that his masters have inflicted on occupied nations.

One must watch or read interview by Aljazeera Journalists to Democracy Now to understand how a person would feel when, for example, he sees his four children torn to pieces by the occupied forces. Will he wait for dollars from outside to inspire him to resist occupation? [9]

Karzai has actually not forgotten his own self. He knows his worth. He would never dare openly challenge two neighboring countries, knowing that his forces cannot even defend Kabul from his own people. He knows, he cannot even survive a single day without the protection of his maters. Karzai has actually said what he was told to say. His masters are stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq. In utter desperation they destroyed Shia’s most reverend and historic place of worship in Iraq.[10] The objective is to escalate the ethnic violence in Iraq to an extent that the occupied people totally forget about the occupiers and remain pitted against each other. The warlords in Washington exactly know which button to press and when. They know how to enflame Muslims’ passion with publishing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Their Congressmen (Tom Tancredo) and their analysts know how to threat Muslims with nuking Kaaba in Mecca.[11] Their forces on the ground know how to blow up Shia’s shrine to take civil war to its peak.

On the other hand Karzai’s masters are planning to bomb Iran back into Stone Age. For that matter, the United States wants to warn Iran of any plans of interference with its occupation of Afghanistan. Karzai is not challenging his neighbors for the sake of Afghanistan. He is not worried about Afghanistan and Afghans. He is worried for the future of US occupation. In his threatening mood, Karzai goes to the extent of warning, “we are bloody determined.” “Bloody determined” to do what? Even a casual observer of the US bloody adventures can understand that Karzai himself is unable to materialize this open declaration of war.

This also shows that the United States has milked general Musharraf to the maximum possible extent. Now is the time to settle scores with Pakistan as well. Just as Pakistan was used spell blood of Afghans. Once more, Karzai and his “Mujahedin” are ready and threatening to shed their blood in the cause of the United States internally against the Northern Alliance and externally against Pakistan: both of whom stood with the US against the Taliban. Both Iran and Pakistan are already standing against each other. So all the three Muslim states in the region have been gradually locked in a position where they would be willingly slit each others throats.

Reeling of both Pakistan and Afghanistan under the thumbs of pro-US puppets ensures that no bold initiative can unlock the region from the United States’ murderous lock. It is absolutely impossible to expect Karzai to ask occupation forces to leave Afghanistan within months. Iranian and Pakistani leadership cannot promise that they will accept any outcome which is acceptable to Afghanis. This brings us to the conclusion that innocent masses in the region have no option but to brace for a murderous cycle to unfold in the case of US attack on Iran.


Abid Ullah Jan’s latest book, "The Musharraf Factor: Leading Pakistan to Inevitable Demise" was released in December 2005. Please, click here for Introduction. Follow this link to read a chapter from the book. His book, "Afghanistan: The Genesis of the Final Crusade," will be released shortly.



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