On President George W. Bush’s Speech :: About Terrorism delivered on October 6, 2005 ::


This speech could be called “Coming out of Bush” or “Declaration of War on Islam” or “Plans and Strategies of Eliminating Islam” or worse. “Coming out” is a phrase used in America when homosexuals (heterophobes in my terminology) come out of the closet and admit publicly what they are; similarly, Bush was hiding behind euphemism of “Global War on Terrorism” or GWOT for short. It took a lot of patience on my part to go through this speech once I got the transcript. I decided that I must find time to write my own commentary on this speech.

The venue of this speech itself was interesting, it was, “National Endowment for Democracy”, a think tank established by Ronald Reagan; does anybody believe that Reagan would establish anything for democracy? Ronald Reagan was the man who wanted to establish American hegemony all over the world and enslave all weaker nations and establish puppet rulers, he being the puppeteer and those who succeed him in the White House. It is obvious that the name National Endowment for Democracy is a misnomer, rather it should be called National Department of Perpetual American Colonization. Every thinking American should ponder over this matter and ask whether American invasion and possession is good or bad for America. If you decide that it is not good for America then demand that George W. Bush be put on a one-way rocket to moon –” if he wants to go to moon spending tax dollars, let him go and stay there.

On October 19, 2005 on the Charlie Rose Show, Michigan Congressman John Dingell said in clear terms that the invasion of Iraq was based on lies and all current conditions put forward for the exit strategy are lies. I would say that the 9-11 terror, 1993 terror on WTC, two embassies’ bombings in East Africa and all terrorist activities in the West have been carried out by the Israeli-U.S.-British sabotage agencies to frame Muslims to give an excuse for giving a bad name to Islam and reasons for invading Muslim majority countries. This is the reason why Bush is against a commission to investigate and determine who may have done these crimes. On the other hand, he is busy manufacturing evidence against the Muslims. Bush wars may be appropriately called Global Wars to Establish American Tyranny, GloWTEAT for short.

I have highlighted quotes from Bush’s speech in yellow (grey in the printed version).

Bush said, “Our nation stood guard on tense borders; we spoke for the rights of dissidents and the hopes of exile; we aided the rise of new democracies on the ruins of tyranny.”

There is no such record that the governments of the U.S. ever spoke in support of the rights of dissidents. The U.S. government always stood by the side of tyrants and supported Tyrant Saddam for twenty years, using him to destroy Iran’s military power, kill one million Iranians, destroy Islamic movements in Iraq and to bring back all American vices like taverns, prostitution, gambling, etc. to Iraq. However, under Saddam, there were no insurgents, there were no suicide bombers, people had electricity, universal modern education, free health services with the best hospitals in the region. The U.S. government never supported the dissidents in any of the Muslim majority countries from Morocco to Indonesia, rather it supported tyrants, gave them intelligence equipment with training, training in torture techniques, etc. Prominent examples are Morocco, Tunis, Algeria, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran under the Shah, Indonesia under Suharto, Pakistan under Ayub Khan to Parvez Musharraf (1958 to 2005 and continuing) and many non-Muslim countries like Chile under Pinochet, Marcos in Philippines and many other Central and South American countries and Sub-Sahara African countries. The U.S. never supported democracies anywhere except puppets all across the globe; all it did was what has been done in Egypt of holding sham “elections” and calling it democracy. In Algeria when the polls discovered that the Islamic minded people might win, the elections were cancelled resulting in a civil war that continues. The U.S. in coordination with U.K., France, the Netherlands and Spain conspired to suppress freedom, elections and a government of people’s choice. Currently Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was elected by the people’s choice by a landslide yet U.S. has been conspiring to remove him from the power by hook or crook or at least destroy the economy of the country so that he becomes unpopular. U.S. removed popularly elected Allende in Chile and replaced him with the tyrant Pinochet. Economic, military, social, technological and political sabotage are the strategies of removing freedom seeking rulers and replacing them with puppet tyrants worldwide, particularly in the Muslim majority countries. Those popularly elected leaders who refuse to become puppets of the U.S., American sabotage agencies go to work to destroy the economy, bring unrest through strikes by bribing the corrupt leaders or whatever works to make them unpopular and finally by military coup the dictatorship is reestablished. Bush is the Dajjal of our time, so are all American governments since the beginning of the 20th century.

Bush: “Once again, we’re responding to a global campaign of fear with global campaign of freedom. And once again, we will see freedom’s victory.”

Once a professor of political science said on Chicago Public Radio that when Bush says white, he means black and when he says black, he means white. Appropriately, President Bush’s above sentence should be altered to read to express what he means: ‘Once again we’re responding to a global campaign of freedom to replace it with American tyranny and make it harsher so that they don’t dare challenging us to give freedom from our clutches and freedom will never win.’

Bush: “Recently our country observed the fourth anniversary of a great evil, and looked back on a great turning point in our history.”

This sentence should appropriately read: ‘Recently our country observed the fourth anniversary of our great success on the 9-11, and looked back on a great turning point in our history.’ 9-11 Terror could have not been successful without the cooperation of hundreds of personnel in the American civil and military establishment. Consider this, those who learned flying on simulators and small private planes could have not been able to fly a complex jumbo jet so accurately to hit on target. Also consider as one observer said that a hermit living in the mountain cave did not have resources for such a big event to take place. The fact is that Islam was on the back burner during the Soviet Union days and as soon as communism committed suicide, Islam came on the front burner –” this was the turning point in the American history; he is very happy that the successful American-Israeli operation on the 9-11 enabled America to go on a global war on Islam. This is the American way of committing suicide in the guise of establishing American tyranny globally; American people have been fooled. Just look at the economy: deficits are increasing exponentially, leading to increasing the national debt towards bankruptcy, gas prices are skyrocketing, economy is essentially at a standstill, people are divided on war and internal division is increasing, and natural disasters like hurricanes and forest fires are putting more stress.

Bush: “Yet while the killers choose their victims indiscriminately, their attacks serve a clear focused ideology, set of beliefs and goals that are evil, but not insane.”

Very true, American forces are very efficient killers, at least 160,000 killed in Iraq, over 20,000 killed in Afghanistan, the injured in the millions, numerous cities, towns and villages have been leveled to heaps of rubble, the infrastructure has been totally destroyed for the evil ideology of establishing American tyranny over the free people. The set of beliefs is that Israel will be supreme over 1.5 billion Muslim people; oil and natural resources of Asia and Africa will be in the American hands bringing more riches for the American capitalists, which may trickle down to the American people enabling the American oligarchy to succeed and American people remain fooled. This is indeed evil ideology; is it not insane?

Bush: “Some call this evil Islamic radicalism; others, militant Jihadism; still others, Islamo-fascism. Whatever it’s called, this ideology is very different from the religion of Islam.”

This should be called Bush radicalism, may also be called American Jihadism or American fascism. Indeed, American Jihadism and fascism are very different from Islamic peace and justice. The Crusades were the Christian Jihad against Islam; literally Jihad means struggle for a cause, therefore, it could be an American Jihad, British Jihad and so on. World Wars were Jihad of one side against the Jihad of the other side. Assume that if there is a powerful invader and an occupier in America and the American people fight to throw out this occupying power, this would be an honorable fight –” no one dare condemn it. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the war is between two nationalist people, American on one side and Iraqis and Afghanis on the other side; Islam has nothing o do with it. Islam does not condone killing innocent people, only American ideology condones killing of innocent people by the tens of thousands through bombing from the sky and hides behind the euphemism of collateral damage. Indeed this is a very evil ideology. What authority does Bush have to define what Islam should be? Islam is defined by the Qur’an and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, called, the Sunnah of the Prophet.

Bush: This form of radicalism exploits Islam to serve a violent, political vision:
the establishment, by terrorism and subversion and insurgency, of a totalitarian empire that denies all political and religious freedom. These extremists distort the idea of jihad into a call for terrorist murder against Christians and Jews and Hindus –” and also against Muslims from other traditions, who they regard as heretics.

What is the basis of his evil talk like this; does he have precedent of such a thing happening in the history of Islam. If he wants to present Taliban as a precedence, it is nothing but propaganda. Taliban literally means students who took over power with the American help via Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto government, which was a puppet of the U.S. The Taliban had no political or management experience or any knowledge in these fields, therefore, they made a few mistakes like putting the cart before the horse. American Founding Fathers were experienced politicians, intellectuals, military men and administrators yet they made some serious mistake in writing the constitution; for example, they continued with slavery as a legal right of slave owners, women had no property or political or social rights and voting was allowed only to the land owner men. It took over 200 years of experience and over 20 amendments yet there are movements for more amendments. Compare the time given to Taliban, only five years and that is being used as a precedence and propaganda tool against Islam. Islam provided a perfect and just society for a thousand years and remained a Super Power of the world. There is no history of systematic persecution of Christians, Jews and Hindus during the Muslim rule. In Islamic rule these people had more rights than the rights given to the Muslims in the West in the 21st century. Regarding freedom of thought, just look at first three centuries of Islam –” there was rigorous activity in free thinking about Islam, as a result many new sects developed and most of them still survive today. Either Bush is totally ignorant of Islamic teachings and history or he is just parroting whatever his Islamophobe speechwriter gave him. The above quote of Bush is based on ignorance and prejudice and all Muslims and unprejudiced non-Muslims would reject it. Islam was never established anywhere by terrorism, subversion and insurgency, it is a lie. It is an insult to Islam, Muslims and to those great Islamic leaders who passed away centuries ago, also this is an insult to the Prophet of Islam and his companions who ruled after him. Bush talks about “Muslims from other traditions”- what does he know about Islam? Islam is a revealed Deen and there is only one Islam. He loves to see Muslims divided and fighting each other rather than united. This is exactly what he is doing in Iraq.

Bush: We know the vision of the radicals … First, these extremists want to end American and Western influence in the broader Middle East, because we stand for democracy and peace, and stand in the way of their ambitions.

I have given before an imaginary analogy that if American land was invaded and occupied by an alien people wouldn’t the American people do everything possible to throw out the occupier? And if an invader sets up a puppet government wouldn’t the people of this occupied country do everything possible to through out the puppet government? This has happened since the ancient times. During World War II, Hitler set up a puppet government in France and there was a freedom movement and insurgency in France, the allied powers helped the rebellion and insurgency. In Vietnam, Americans set up a puppet government and the people successfully fought it and freed their country. What Bush calls democracy is an attempt to legitimize the illegitimate puppet governments like the governments from Morocco to Indonesia with the possible exception of Sudan and Iran. Muslims do not want “Western influence” in their countries and it is their right. Does Bush think that the American people would accept Chinese or Russian influenced puppet government in America? If the American people do not accept foreign influence then why should the Muslims in their own countries? Finally, he came out of hiding and admitting, “…(we) stand in the way of their ambition.” Muslims want to live as true Muslims and unite themselves. Obviously, President Bush is against Islam to be Islam but become a Christian-like religion of a few rituals; and he wants to prevent unity of the Muslims and keep them divided. This has been the official policy of the European colonial powers since late 19th century and American policy in the 20th and 21st centuries. Muslims will never allow them to succeed in their ambitions, Insha-Allah.

Bush: “Second, the militant network wants to use the vacuum created by an American retreat to gain control of a country, a base from which to launch attacks and conduct their war against non-radical Muslim governments…. They achieved their goal, for a time, in Afghanistan.”

“Non-radical Muslim governments” is an euphemism for saying Western slave governments. If American people wouldn’t be tolerant of a foreign puppet government in America then why should any other people tolerate foreign puppet governments for their countries? He is so repetitive –” he should replace his speechwriter. Regarding the Taliban, they were American agents for a while and did what America wanted them to do. I believe that the establishment of Taliban in Afghanistan by the Americans was to set up a precedence of a failing “Islamic” government to be used later. This had happened before in Pakistan under Gen. Ziaul Haque. I do not believe that any ideological government can be imposed from the top and succeed; communism is a good example of failure. An ideological government should be established only by a popular demand that means that a wide scale public education and motivation process must precede. America will certainly fail because it is trying to do what should not be done.

Bush: “Third, the militants believe that controlling one country will rally the Muslim masses, enabling them to overthrow all moderate governments in the region, and establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia.”

Firstly, Bush is cooking a conspiracy theory and the Western establishments, including Bush himself, condemn conspiracy theories. Secondly, how does he know that the masses would rally around a bad tyrannical government –” the way they are rejecting tyrannical Western puppet governments, they would reject a tyrannical government under the label of Islam too. Thirdly, his use of “a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia” is very offensive to the Muslims. If the Muslims desire to establish a Federation of Islamic Republics from Morocco to Indonesia, what is wrong with it? America became a coast-to-coast, over 3000 mile wide and over 1,000 mile long, federation through land purchases, killing of millions of native “Indians” and wars. Europe is working for over fifty years to establish European Union then why shouldn’t Muslims have the same opportunity? I know this is pure prejudice against Islam and Muslims and the West cannot tolerate such a vast rich country of Muslims, rivaling the West as a Super Power. In a democracy, in the sense of people having a choice of a system of governance, if Muslims decide to have an Islamic government from Morocco to Indonesia they should have it. I will write an article on the concept of Deen in Islam. Al-Deen al-Islam has a constitution derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah and this constitution sets the outer boundaries and within the boundaries there is complete freedom. Recently, Supreme Court’s Associate Justice Breyer said in an interview on PBS, that the American constitution sets outer boundaries and within those boundaries is freedom. In fact, an Islamic constitution would have many commonalities with the American constitution and subsequent amendments plus many improvements.

Bush: “Some might be tempted to dismiss these goals as fanatical or extreme.”

When the American Founding Fathers fought the British to remove the British rule, the British thought the American leadership was a bunch of terrorists, fanatical and extremists.

Bush: “The influence of Islamic radicalism is also magnified by helpers and enablers. They have been sheltered by authoritarian regimes, allies of convenience like Syria and Iran, that share the goal of hurting America and moderate Muslim governments, and use terrorist propaganda to blame their own failures on the West and America, and on the Jews.”

During the communist rule, the whole West worked together to destroy communism and communist ideology, therefore, it is obvious that for the freedom of Muslim majority countries all Muslims of the world must work together to throw out the occupier and its puppets. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the U.S. helped the Mujahideen (fighters for freedom and justice) and Muslims came to help from many Arab countries to fight, defeat and throw out the Soviet occupation and her puppet regime. Pakistan and the U.S. were enablers; then the U.S. did not criticize Pakistan or Mujahideen or itself! Now it is the turn of the U.S., what you sow, so you shall reap. There are no “Moderate Muslim governments” but all of these are tyrannical American anti-Islam slaves –” their skin color and names may appear to be Muslim but they have become hypocrites, traitors and deserters of Islam. His charge, “use terrorist propaganda to blame their own failures.” It is not propaganda but it is the truth that the West led by the U.S. has been sabotaging economy, politics, technological development of the Muslim world; the most recent obvious examples are Sudan and Iran. It was the U.S. that instigated Saddam and gave military and technological help to attack Iran for no reason and kill one million Iranians. It is the U.S. and the Christian Fundamentalists who introduced the South Sudan war and the U.S. government sent an American Marine, John Garang, whose father was American and mother was Sudanese but he himself was an American citizen. When his use was over, he was murdered by the CIA like flushing toilet paper after its use. Obviously, John Garang was a black man; therefore, in the eyes of the white American establishment his life did not worth much. As the South Sudan problem was resolved, the U.S. and Israel created Darfur problem by giving aid and training for a Darfur rebellion. As long as American-Israeli and western feet are in the Muslim world they cannot make any kind of progress, therefore, it is the duty of all Muslims to work to remove Western influences. People should be free to decide their own destiny individually and collectively. Muslims are not blaming Jews but the Zionist entity as an evil force that rides on the neck of America and gives direction where to go and what to do like a mahout sitting on the neck of an elephant and directing it using an ice pick like object.

Bush: “These radicals depend on front operations, such as corrupted charities, which direct money to terrorist activity.”

Since 9-11 the American or any other government has not been able to prove any breach of faith by any Muslim charity and channeling any money for terrorism. This is a false charge without any evidence. It is America who channels money to the terrorists of convenience, dogs and rats, all over the world.

Bush: “I would remind them that we were not in Iraq on September the 11th, 2001 — and al Qaeda attacked us anyway.”

If President Bush is so sure about Al Qaeda’s involvement in the 9-11 terror then why doesn’t he appoint an international commission to investigate who may have done the 9-11 terror? Why doesn’t he try Osama Bin Ladin in absentia, present the proof and show it to the world? The 9-11 Commission was just a whitewash, appointed to justify the establishment of Department of Homeland Security, spend more of the taxpayer’s money and appoint few more cronies in high positions to hide the truth from the American people. These are all political gimmicks; remember before the November 2004 national elections, there were Orange Alerts, Red Alerts, Yellow Alerts, etc. every few weeks to scare the people out of their wits to vote for him and since Bush’s reelection all alerts have come to a stop. He made people spend a lot of money, time and efforts by putting plastics and tapes on their houses at a great expense; no one benefitted except plastic and tape manufacturers and middlemen. He finds every excuse to make rich get richer and poor get poorer.

Bush: “Russia did not support Operation Iraqi Freedom, and yet the militants killed more than 180 Russian schoolchildren in Beslan.”

He is not mentioning the Russian occupation of Chechnya and Putin tyranny that is going on. Putin does things like that; he carried out terrorism by bombing apartment building in Moscow apartment buildings, blamed it to the Chechens, invaded Chechnya and reoccupied it. Putin is the head of a colonial power and needed excuses to carry out inhuman activities against the Chechens. Blame Putin not Muslims. Bush’s euphemism “Iraqi Freedom” is false; it should be more appropriately called Operation Invasion and Colonization of Iraq (Operation ICOI or OICOI for short). In addition he does not talk about tens of thousands of children murdered by the American bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush: “Against such an enemy, there is only one effective response:
We will never back down, never give in, and never accept anything less than complete victory.”

Firstly, Muslims are not the enemy of the American people; I never met one Muslim who hates American people. Muslims hate American government policies, invading American forces and American spies whether in American clothes and appearance or in native clothes and appearance. Secondly, your determination “complete victory” is a mirage as four years of experience has already proven and it is the path of American suicide the way Afghanistan was the path of the Soviet Union’s suicide. It is in the best interest of the American people to pull out of Iraq and pull out all military and spy networks from all Muslim majority countries. This my sincere advice.

Bush: “Yet, in many ways, this fight resembles the struggle against communism in the last century. Like the ideology of communism, Islamic radicalism is elitist, led by a self-appointed vanguard that presumes to speak for the Muslim masses.”

I recognized the fact that America has been fighting a war against Islam for many decades, and I began speaking publicly more than twenty years ago. The West fought communism at two levels: first level is the cold war and the second level is the hot war. America is fighting a war on Islam at both levels too, cold war and hot war. The West has been fighting against Islam for centuries but Woodrow Wilson began the American war against Islam when he supported the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, divided the Muslim lands between the European colonial powers and divided the region into arbitrary countries, introducing the paganism of nationalism of geographical boundaries. The second stage came with Harry Truman’s unilateral support for the establishment of the Zionist entity in the heart of Muslim lands, which is no less than a dagger in the heart of a living body; naturally, this body will not rest until the dagger is out. The third active stage of the hot war on Islam began after the fall of Soviet Union in 1989 and first Bush war on Iraq. 1991 War on Iraq was the beginning of a systematic war on Islam that may continue until the American people wake up and stop it; if not, America is on its way to suicide economically, socially, technologically, politically and militarily. American actions are waking up the Muslim masses worldwide and they are moving in the opposite direction of what Bush-43 wants them to go, Alhamdulillah (praise be to God). My thanks to President Bush, what 150 years of reform and waking up efforts could not achieve, the Bush wars are achieving. They planned and Allah planned and Allah is the best planner.

Bush: “Like the ideology of communism, our new enemy teaches that innocent individuals can be sacrificed to serve a political vision. And this explains their cold-blooded contempt for human life.”

President Bush is talking about himself and his ideology of hate-based terrorism against Muslims, so far 2,000 American innocent young men and women in uniform died and over 125,000 injured (according to the media) due to the Bush deception and the paganism of patriotism. On the other side, over 180,000 Muslims died and millions became injured and homeless because their towns and villages have been leveled to the ground. According to unofficial figures more than 10,000 Americans died in Iraq alone. This is indeed “cold-blooded contempt for human life.” Bush is hiding the truth about American casualties.

Bush: We have seen this kind of shameless cruelty before, in the heartless zealotry that led to the gulags, and the Cultural Revolution, and the killing fields.

Bush is repeating tactics of cruelty of the Soviets and the old British tactics of gulag in the 21st century. British used to arrest protesters and rebels from the colonies and send them to various islands in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Now Bush is sending people to Guantanamo Bay, Bagram and twenty other American military installations around the globe. This is indeed shameless cruelty. It is even more shameless that America has the world’s largest prison system for the Americans, around 40% of them are innocent but serving sentences because they are poor and cannot afford to hire high priced defense attorneys.

Bush: “Like the ideology of communism, our new enemy pursues totalitarian aims.”

This allegation shows total ignorance of Islam and Islamic system. Indeed, there is totalitarian and tyrannical rule only under the Western appointed and secured puppets, which has nothing to do with Islam. All the rulers of Muslim majority countries from Morocco to Indonesia with possible exceptions of Iran and Sudan are ruled by the Western puppets. These brute, selfish slaves of the West are looting their countries, they are anti-Islam and the job assigned to them is not to make real progress but to show as if there is progress. This is the American plan not to allow any Muslim majority country to progress and become strong so that Israel is not in any danger of extinction. On the other hand America gives over ten billion dollars in economic and military aid directly or indirectly to Israel; that is more than $2,000 annually for every adult and child in Israel, a tax-exempt gift, from the American taxpayers. Whereas, Africans receive one dollar per year per person; this is White American establishment’s racism.

Bush: While promising a future of justice and holiness, the terrorists are preparing for a future of oppression and misery.

This is Bush’s plan to promise democracy and prosperity to the Muslim majority countries but give them tyranny and misery under his own puppets and slaves. I challenge him to remove Hosni Mubarak, Parvez Musharraf and King Abdullah II, rulers of Tunis, Morocco, Algeria, Syria and Yemen and hold elections under the supervision of the U.N. These tyrants are his puppets and slaves; he will never remove them, rather he provides them security apparatus and protects them; they are his boot-licking dogs and enemies of Islam. The above highlighted sentence of Bush is a disgraceful and direct attack on Islam and insult to all the informed Muslims. There should be strong protests against this kind of talk and he should be forced to eat his words.

Bush: “Like the ideology of communism, our new enemy is dismissive of free peoples, claiming that men and women who live in liberty are weak and decadent. Zarqawi has said that Americans are, quote, "the most cowardly of God’s creatures." But let’s be clear: It is cowardice that seeks to kill children and the elderly with car bombs, and cuts the throat of a bound captive, and targets worshipers leaving a mosque. It is courage that liberated more than 50 million people.”

When President Bush says, “It is courage that liberated more than 50 million people” –” what a lie! He has enslaved fifty million people, occupied their land, natural resources, destroyed their villages and killed more than 180,000 children, women and elderly by bombing from the air –” is this courage? Whatever is alleged to Zarqawi is the responsibility of the reporter and Zarqawi and they both are accountable to God. I have mentioned above that there is no such thing as absolute freedom in any civilized society; this is the reason the U.S. has thousands of pages of laws that restrict people’s freedom. Likewise in Islam there are laws that set the outer boundaries of freedom and within those boundaries there is complete freedom. Any law that prohibits human activity is a restriction on freedom. Any law is against the teachings of St. Paul as given in his epistles and he called the law a curse. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Breyer said that the U.S. constitution sets the outer boundaries and within those boundaries there is freedom. In Islam women have more freedom and more rights than in any society of the world including the U.S. Although Saudi Arabia is a kingdom not fully an Islamic country yet, compare crime statistics of Saudi Arabia and the U.S. and you will have the answer. Equating Islam with communism is an insult to Islam and the Muslims. Muslims fought communism in their countries for seventy years and kept it out of their societies. In Afghanistan Muslims fought communism and the Soviet Union and defeated her. Muslims should protest against Bush for insulting Islam and Muslims in multiple of ways.

Bush: And Islamic radicalism, like the ideology of communism, contains inherent contradictions that doom it to failure. By fearing freedom — by distrusting human creativity, and punishing change, and limiting the contributions of half the population –” this ideology undermines the very qualities that make human progress possible, and human societies successful.”

What an ignorance of the history of Islam and Muslims! He is ignorant of achievements of Muslims during the first ten centuries of Islam. When the ancestors of Bush were living in caves, cities of the Muslims had paved roads and they were lighted at night. Islamic civilization provided enlightenment to Europe, which brought it out of the dark ages. Islam provided freedom of thought, freedom of research, freedom of innovation and made great contribution in all sciences. If Bush and his speechwriter are so ignorant then they should read books written by the European and American historians. Knowledgeable and right thinking Muslim are struggling to bring back the past glory of Islam but the hegemony of the West is the barrier and the West will be defeated with the help of Allah. Bush is repetitive and redundant.

Bush: “Those who despise freedom and progress have condemned themselves to isolation, decline, and collapse. Because free peoples believe in the future, free peoples will own the future.”

Indeed President Bush is talking about himself and his gang of like-minded thinkers as they despise freedom of the people. This is the reason they have written Patriot Act I, and they are moving to pass a harsher Patriot Act II. They want to take away the freedom of the people and bring fascism to the U.S. Security is just an excuse; as Benjamin Franklin said, you give up liberty for security you will have neither security nor liberty. The Bush gang created WTC and Pentagon terror on 9-11 and is preparing the ground for bringing fascism to America. The result is that they condemned themselves to isolation; once America and the American people were loved but now friends of America left and the whole Muslim world hates them except a few puppet dogs and paid traitor rats. Bush has alienated the poor of America and the gap between poor and rich is increasing. Yes, indeed Muslims will fight to gain freedom from the hegemony of America and the West, and they will own the future; also this is the promise of Allah in the Qur’an. Allah says as translated to mean: “They desire to blow out the light of Allah (like) blowing out (a candle) with their mouths, but Allah will perfect (or complete) His light however much rejecters (of Islam) may hate it. The Qur’an 61:8. Muslims are certain about this promise.

Bush: “We didn’t ask for this global struggle, but we’re answering history’s call with confidence, and a comprehensive strategy.”

What a lie! No Muslim majority country ever attacked America, neither Afghanistan nor Iraq. Bush created the lie of 19 Muslims attacking WTC and the Pentagon and used it to destroy two countries, murdering 180,000 children, babies, women and elderly who had nothing to do with the 9-11 terror, and leveling numerous towns and villages, destroying their infrastructure; what a shameless cowardice! This is indeed a comprehensive strategy to destroy Islam, as we know it from the Qur’an and Sunnah. Will he succeed? No! Allah said in the Qur’an: they planned and Allah planned and surely, Allah is the best planner.

Bush: “Our commitment is clear: We will not relent until the organized international terror networks are exposed and broken, and their leaders held to account for their acts of murder.”

He uses euphemism of terror to imply Al-Deen Al-Islam revealed by Allah to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and finally to Muhammad (salutations and peace be upon all of them). Go ahead and fight against Allah and be destroyed. Bush is taking America on the path of suicide. I am speaking as a Muslim citizen of the U.S. and I have a vested interest in a prosperous America because my children, their children and their future progeny will be living in America. Is there anyone to stop the madness of Bush and his gang, and demand that he withdraw from all Muslim majority countries lock stock and barrel? Those countries will go through some troubles but eventually they will settle down and make progress.

Bush: “Second, we’re determined to deny weapons of mass destruction to outlaw regimes, and to their terrorist allies who would use them without hesitation.”

Who outlawed whom? Right now, the actions of the U.S. have made herself an outlaw regime in the eyes of the world. As long as there is a single country possessing WMD for blackmailing others, every country in the world should have a right to develop and possess WMDs to protect themselves from blackmail. America is the one that has given technology to Israel and India for developing WMD, two terrorist countries. There is no record of any Muslim majority country sharing WMD with any terrorist organization. This is racism: he is saying in essence that only the white race is responsible and others are not. Israel is composed of mainly Ashkenazi Jews who also belong to the white Caucasian race. India is also ruled by the Arians who belong to the white race and their symbol is the swastika. He should apologize to the world for his racist remarks.

Bush: “Third, we’re determined to deny radical groups the support and sanctuary of outlaw regimes.”

Again, who outlawed whom? Right now, the actions of the U.S. have made herself an outlaw in the eyes of the world. It is the U.S. that has given sanctuary and protection to numerous outlawed from other countries. So called Muslims, Cubans, South and Central American terrorists have found sanctuary in the U.S. He has to understand that the terrorists of one people are freedom fighters of another people. Likewise, the Founding Fathers of the U.S. were the terrorists for Britain but freedom fighters for the American people.

Bush: “Fourth, we’re determined to deny the militants control of any nation, which they would use as a home base and a launching pad for terror.”

Fortunately, Allah decides this not President Bush. Things will move according to Allah’s designs and it is Allah’s promise that He will make His chosen Deen dominant again.

Bush: “The terrorist goal is to overthrow a rising democracy, claim a strategic country as a haven for terror, destabilize the Middle East, and strike America and other free nations with ever-increasing violence.”

Whenever President Bush speaks about “Muslims” he uses the word terrorists because his prejudice against Islam and Muslims is so high that he cannot utter the word Muslim. Firstly, there is no rising democracy anywhere in the Muslim world with the possible exceptions of Sudan and Iran. He himself said that as long as Syrian troops and spy network were in Lebanon there could be no free elections. Then, how is it possible to hold free elections in Iraq and Afghanistan where hundreds of thousands of American troops and their spy networks are on the ground? Secondly, the American spy network is in every Muslim country including Sudan and Iran trying to influence elections overtly or covertly. Besides, how can America give democracy to others what she herself does not have? America is an oligarchy moving towards fascism under George W. Bush. America began as a feudalist society and turned into an oligarchy; democracy is a tool to fool the people. There is another false allegation against Islam and Muslims, that is, Muslims want to attack free nations with just societies just to conquer them. This is an insult to Islam and Muslims and he should withdraw his words. Islam is the only system that provides truth, justice, equity and freedom and is against aggression. His statement: “claim a strategic country as a haven for terror” is a conspiracy theory without any proof.

Bush: “…..the elected leaders of Iraq are proving to be strong and steadfast….. Today there are more than 80 Iraqi army battalions fighting the insurgency……”

These are just claims without any evidence. The facts on the grounds are just opposite of what he claims. His source of information is in the Green Zone in Baghdad, an isolated spot where the only communication is through Humvees, armored tanks and helicopters; these people never meet real Iraqis in the streets and unaware of the reality. The same goes for Kabul’s Presidential Palace of Karzai whose rule does not extend beyond the walls of the palace. Foreign forces rule Kabul and are unaware of the realities of life in the country. If there are 80 Iraqi battalions, there are at least 160,000 Iraqi troops to safeguard the country; therefore, U.S. should withdraw forces.

Bush: “Some observers question the durability of democracy in Iraq. …… the Shia, Sunnis and Kurds of Iraq are too divided to form a lasting democracy.”

What democracy? There is no democracy but the tyranny of the Americans holding up prop ups of Iraqis in front of their faces. While American slaves in Iraq are propped up as “elected rulers” and if they are in control, then why do Americans not pull out of Iraq?

Bush: “As Americans, we believe that people everywhere — everywhere — prefer freedom to slavery, and that liberty, once chosen, improves the lives of all.

Indeed it is true; particularly the slaves of the Americans, and the Western powers should gain freedom. This is all the fight about –” the people of the Muslim world want total freedom from the West now not tomorrow. They have lived under the slavery of the West for two to three centuries and they cannot take it any more, particularly the American slavery. The Founding Fathers of America advised the future generations, particularly the American political leadership, not to get involved in the politics of foreign countries. American leadership since Teddy Roosevelt have been getting tangled up in the politics of foreign countries and becoming an imperial power. American people are decent and nice and always support the truth when they know the truth but, unfortunately, the American media guided by the Zionist is feeding poison to the American people and they are acting poisonous. Muslim Americans have the challenge of detoxification of the American people; I have experimented with the American people and I found that at least 80% of the people change their minds when they know the truth, 15% remain confused and 5% are dedicated Islamophobes and nothing can change their minds –” at some point I give up on them. For over 200 years American politicians have poisoned the minds of the people in believing their government blindly without any criticism or skepticism; this is the core of the problem in America. Education of the people is the solution not violence because violence breeds violence and it is counterproductive. The young people of America have no interest in politics because the system spends billion of dollars annually in keeping them involved in sports, drinking alcoholic drinks, sex, drugs and money making, right or wrong way. Young people of any society are the forces of change but American young people have been neutered and neutralized and made impotent politically. I realized this reality within a few months after I landed in America from Pakistan in 1962. American people are kept involved within themselves and know nothing about the world.

Bush: “Some observers also claim that America would be better off by cutting our losses and leaving Iraq now.”

Yes, this is the only sane and wise advice possible; anything contrary is stupidity and shortsightedness. Otherwise there will be more bloodshed, more money down the drain, because it is being spent for killing, murder and plunder, destruction of the economy and moral of the American people, more distrust and hate against America in the foreign countries, particularly, in the Muslim world and a lot more worse is on the way. Unfortunately, Bush and his gang are working on their false dream of destroying Islam even if this destroys them. This is due to the arrogance of power; as it has been said, absolute power corrupts absolutely. He sees war beneficial to the American capitalists who make more money through manufacturing and selling more arms, more defense contracts for Halliburton and killing Muslims who are not worth living.

Bush: “Having removed a dictator who hated free peoples, we will not stand by as a new set of killers, dedicated to the destruction of our own country, seizes control of Iraq by violence.”

By staying in Iraq and the Muslim world, Bush will assure the future of America will be more dangerous. By getting out now, the hate level can be repaired. The spirit of freedom of the Muslims cannot be destroyed by military and economic destruction. People want freedom from the West, now. Muslims fighters are in a win-win situation because they believe that if they die in this war they are martyrs and when they kick out the invader, they are successful.

Bush: “In Iraq, there is no peace without victory. We will keep our nerve and we will win that victory.”

Bush has successfully removed the most tyrannical dictator, thanks to him, no weapons of mass destruction found, no paper trail for the production of nuclear weapon, “elections” have been held, “elected government” has been formed and constitution has been “written and passed by the people”. Let us declare victory and get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, now. The job is done and victory already belongs to the U.S. By staying, the only possibility is disgraceful defeat.

Bush: “The fifth element of our strategy in the war on terror is to deny the militants future recruits by replacing hatred and resentment with democracy and hope across the broader Middle East.”

No one likes to terrorize people; no one wants to put their lives in danger and jeopardy of death unless it is inevitable and hope is lost for gaining freedom through peaceful means. Muslims do not want to submit meekly to the tyrants, foreign or domestic. As I wrote earlier, one should read Bush’s term “democracy” to mean American hegemony and slavery, which Muslims will never, never accept. Muslims are fighting for freedom and they will continue to fight. Bush should take lessons from Chechnya, Palestine and Kashmir. People of Chechnya have been fighting for freedom for 150 years. People of Kashmir and Palestine are fighting for nearly 57 years and will continue to fight until they free themselves from the slavery and tyranny of the foreigners. There are other people who are fighting for freedom, for example, Ireland, South and Central America, and so on.

Bush: “We’re encouraging our friends in the Middle East, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to take the path of reform.”

No dictator ever wants to give up his power –” power is addictive. All Bush has to do is to get out of those countries, remove the security network built for the protection of American slaves and let them fall –” Muslims will replace them with better people and eventually representative governments will be formed. Saddam could stay in power as long as he did because America and Israel provided him a security apparatus, they informed him about the conspiracies of his over throw and he murdered conspirators. Now he is being tried on charges of obeying America and Israel.

Bush: And yet the fight we have joined is also the current _expression of an ancient struggle, between those who put their faith in dictators, and those who put their faith in the people.

This is another attack on Islam and ancient Muslim rulers –” this is another insult of Islam and Muslims. Throughout 14 centuries of Islamic history, there have been Khulafa and kings, overwhelming majority of them were just and honorable rulers and gained respect of the masses. People like Saddam, Hafiz Assad, Hosni Mubarak, rulers of North Africa and the Middle East were able to come to power with the help of the West and stayed in power because the West provided them security. Islam does not accept dictatorship and there are verses in the Qur’an about it. Bush is alleging Islam falsely that the Islamic system is based on dictatorial rule. Nonsense.

Bush: Throughout history, tyrants and would-be tyrants have always claimed that murder is justified to serve their grand vision –” and they end up alienating decent people across the globe. Tyrants and would-be tyrants have always claimed that regimented societies are strong and pure –” until those societies collapse in corruption and decay.

I agree completely one hundred percent. This is the reason why Islam is against dictatorships and tyrannical rule. Bush is going against his own advice –” he is on the path of establishing tyranny over the Muslim world, murdering people by the hundreds of thousands, leveling cities, towns and villages from air and destroying the infrastructure of Muslim majority countries. At home he is increasing expenditure, deficit are increasing by the hundreds of billions of dollars every year, promulgating restrictions on freedom (given by the U.S. constitution) by signing Patriot Acts, increasing sizes of the prisons at home, jailing more and more Muslim from foreign countries at American bases, torturing these prisoners and a lot more worse. He is moving in the direction of abrogating the American Constitution and establishing fascism in the U.S. One professor said on Chicago Public Radio responding to the question about fixing the political problems that America needs Scotch tape to join together pieces of the Constitution torn by Bush. He is taking the U.S. towards “collapse in corruption and decay.” Bush has alienated decent people across the globe and domestically. His approval rating has gone from high 60s to low 30s and on the decline. On Oct 23, 2005,) I heard on a talk show that unemployment in some neighborhood is over 50%, number of homeless is increasing in all big cities, I have seen white Americans searching for food scraps in garbage cans. Why is he spending six billion dollars a month on war on Islam? Why is he spending billions of dollars to go to moon again? Why doesn’t he spend these billions of dollars for removing poverty in America instead of killing people and destroying countries who have done no harm to America?

Bush: “We don’t know the course of our own struggle –” the course our own struggle will take — or the sacrifices that might lie ahead.”

I know that he is lost and moving towards the pit of fire in this life and the next, unfortunately, he is taking 290 million people of America with him. I agree with Rep. Dingell that he should be put on a one-way rocket to the moon with a final good bye.

Bush: We do know, however, that the defense of freedom is worth our sacrifice. We do know the love of freedom is the mightiest force of history. And we do know the cause of freedom will once again prevail.

He should say that enslaving other nations is worth our sacrifice. We do know that Muslim’s love of freedom is the mightiest force of history. And we know that the cause of freedom for the Muslim people will once again prevail. The only option left for the Muslims to stand united and firm against a tyrant invader and occupier.

End Note: I did not hear President Bush’s speech but I heard a sentence or two quoted by the media and it was enough to want to read the whole speech. Local newspapers in Chicago did not publish the text except a sentence or two. Finally, a friend sent me the transcript. When I read it, it made me wonder about the knowledge and intellectual levels of the President and his speech writer/s. Also, his ignorant and prejudicial comments and false allegations against Islam and Muslims made me angry and I decided to respond to them. My practice is that I do not write or decide anything in my condition of anger because I may not remain rational. I waited for two weeks before writing my response, which you have just read.


On Saturday, November 19, 2005, Dr. Amir Ali passed away due to complications following triple bypass heart surgery. This was his last contribution to Media Monitors Network (MMN).