The people of the Muslim world will stand united with Iran if it gets attacked


Arab governments attending the Arab Summit seemed to have primarily one idea in mind; peace with Israel. No doubt Condoleeza Rice has convinced them that in order to retain their power and influence over Muslims, with US support, they must not only make peace with Israel, and pressure Palestine to do the same, they must also sacrifice Iran. Of course Arab governments will never come out publicly and say that most of what they do is staged to appease the United States and Israel, and to fool the rest of us. Wanting peace with Israel is not a crime, yet wanting peace with Israel, while making war with Islam is actually worse than crime. It’s foolish.

Although very little has been said publicly, it has not escaped the Muslim people, or the non-Muslim anti-war activists who are serious about human rights and peace, that the Arab governments who carried out torture on behalf of the US and Israel, are equally as guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. That the UN has failed to call these governments to account for their crimes is an absolute disgrace, yet we understand that when it comes to the lives of Muslims and Arabs, the Arab governments have never been very concerned, unless of course the US says they should be. Other proof of the lack of esteem for Muslim and Arab life is the UN, EU and others who have stood by silently on numerous occasions as Israel has literally carried out massacres in Palestinian refugee camps that were never investigated, or condemned, and that no one was ever been punished for. So no one is surprised that the Arab governments have served their Western masters by opening their prisons to Muslims and Arabs who were kidnapped in the West, yet brought to the Middle East to be tortured by their fellow Arabs and supposedly Muslim brothers. All involved in this dark enterprise, have overplayed their hands in this respect, and soon they will begin to realize that they have miscalculated the effects of certain events. That’s neither a threat nor a warning. It is a commentary on cause and effect that will not be escaped, because it is God’s law that created that phenomenon, and to date, there has been no rulers who can over reach God.

No doubt the invasion of Iraq, Guantanamo and other acts of illegal violence, aggression and lawlessness against the Arab and Muslim people has put the fear of the US and Israel in the hearts of many of these so-called leaders. For others, their capitulation, and collaboration with the US and Israel is purely based upon greed, and a desire for more power. They have forgotten, assuming that they ever really believed, that God is the Kingmaker, not Condelezza Rice, and not Nancy Pelosi, nor Israel, nor the EU. There is a verse in the Qur’an that warns the Muslim saying, “Don’t be deceived by the life of this world.” We need to post it on the palace gates and offices of the Arab presidencies and kingdoms in the Arab world, which still obviously believe that the US and Israel and the EU are their friends and protectors, and that their fellow Muslims are their enemies. They should also keep in mind that the majority of Muslims are not Arab, and will not take it easily that the Arab governments might throw Iran to the wolves to appease the Democrats in power, who might offer them a choice to turn against Iran, if they will save Syria, an Arab nation that has also been targeted by Israel for elimination, along with Iraq, and Iran. It might seem natural to most people that the Arab governments, if given an ultimatum, or even a real choice, to choose between Syria and Iran, that they would choose Syria.

To Muslims such a choice is ridiculous, and the sacrifice of any Muslim blood or treasure to appease anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic interests is both a crime, and sin. Nobody is buying into the charade that makes its appear that Democrats and Republicans are on opposing teams when it comes to Islam and the Muslim world. Most Muslims understand what the Qur’an means when it says, “Don’t let this world’s life deceive you,” and “the wicked are protectors of one another,” and also, “if believers don’t also protect one another, the world will be overtaken with injustice and mischief.”

The people of the Muslim world will stand with Iran as will many other nations of the world should Britain and the US attempt to stage another illegal invasion into a Muslim country. The Arab governments may not have the strength of conviction, or the courage to just say no when it comes to the US or Britain or Israel attacking Iran, but have no doubt, the people of the Muslim world will say, “No” and so will billions of others. Iran may be miscalculating Britain’s and the United State’s resolve in respect to serving their master Israel, but the rest of world is not misunderstanding the fact that they are threatened by the continuation of US and British brutality, lawlessness and neo-colonialism. Just as the Western powers might believe that acting on behalf of Israel is in their best interest, the rest of the people of the world might feel that acting in opposition is in their best interest. Polls show that increasingly the people of the world already oppose the US, Israel and the other occupation forces as imperialist world powers. That is why the US ranks number 3 and Israel as number 1 on the list of most hated nation/states. Iran might be number 2, but not because of any record of violent and brutal aggression, and attempts to dominate, and colonize smaller and weaker nations.

Muslims will not abandon, or turn their backs on Iran, and the Shia/Sunni split that has been so successfully exploited to create chaos in Iraq will not cast even a shadow in the hearts of believers in respect to Iran, no matter what race we might be, or what school of Islamic jurisprudence we might follow. Do the forces of evil believe that it has escaped people that while Iran is being blamed for fanning violence in Iraq, that the Jordanian and Egyptian heads of Al-Qadea killed Muslims in Iraq in greater numbers than the Western occupation forces, and neither Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, or Jordan did anything to stop them, and many suspect that they in fact, funded and aided them in their war against the Shia. Pandora’s box has been opened in Iraq, and it’s bigger than Iraq, Iran and Syria combined. It’s karma has infected the entire region.

It is very likely that there will be no peace with Israel, and no end to the illegal occupation because Israel does not want a negotiated peace, nor does it intend to withdraw to its 1967 status. Israel does not want peace. There will be not be a timely US military withdrawal from Iraq, because neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will allow US troops to leave Iraq, while Iran is still standing. The great sacrifices made in Iraq, under the delusion that Iran and Syria’s destruction would follow, have no meaning to Israel, or its proxies, the US and Britain, if Syria and Iran are left intact. Israel wants to buy time from the Palestinians until the work is finished, and Iraq, Iran and Syria are defeated and rendered harmless, before it completes its takeover of Palestine. That is the diplomatic dog and pony show masquerading as an effort to achieve peace. Perhaps the Arab governments are in collusion, just as they did nothing to prevent the US invasion of Iraq, even though they knew Saddam Hussein had accepted the offer of exile rather than the destruction of his country. So regime change is not an excuse for invading Iraq. The Arab governments feared Hussein, and wanted him gone, they might feel the same about Iran, yet the result will be quite different. The Muslims of the world will not abandon Iran for the fear of Israel, even if Arab governments might.

"And be not like a woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun after it has become strong. Nor take oaths to practice deception between yourselves, lest one party should be more numerous than another; for God will test you in all of this.And on the day of Judgement, God will certainly make clear to the truth of that wherein you disagree. If God so willed, He could make you all one people, but he leaves straying whom He pleases. You shall certainly be called to account for all of your actions."

— Qur’an 16: 92-93