Understanding Terrorism

Let us call a spade a spade and realize the fact that USA and Israel are the two sides of the same coin. Israel is nothing but a miniature USA established in Middle East and USA is nothing but Israel on an expanded scale, whose policies are governed by the World Jewry and the strong Jewish lobby in the United States. Besides the Christians, a Jew born in United States can aspire to be the President of United States. This is evident from the running mate of Al-gore in the presidential election of 2000, in which he was defeated technically by President George W. Bush. Inspite of all the norms and forms of democracy in the United States, a Muslim born in United States can not aspire even to be a Congressman or a Senator. These are hard and bitter facts of power politics.

It is a pity that the rulers in the Middle East and the Third World do not realize this phenomena and are running after the dollar rush, which does benefit the rulers but the country and the people suffer. Every region and their inhabitants has their own Organisation. The organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) which is nicknamed O, I see. After all what is the purpose of this lip service to the nation. Our Muslim brothers all over the world do not recognize Israel simply because they are Jews, but bow down to every dictate of America. Is it not hypocrisy perpetrated on the nation through democracy? Had it not been for the bridge of armed might built between us and Tel Aviv. Israel should have been wiped off the world map during the Yom Kipper War but we still do not recognize Israel and not only recognize United States but also serve the interest beyond recognition.

It is a pity that two Muslim States, Iran and Iraq fought a grim war for eight years and both of them recite the Kalma ” Laa Illaha Illalah.” And discarded the injunctions of Allah Almighty that shedding of blood of a Muslim by a Muslim is prohibited in Islam, yet the Muslims in Iraq and Muslims in Iran defied these injunctions of Allah and shed each others blood. During the course of this fight the combatants purchased arms from Israel and America and they made hey while the sun on this war shone. The Arabs in their fight with Israel or for that matter any Muslim country in their fight for existence run to America for mediation, and America acts like a clever monkey between the two warring cats.

The terrorist as struck on 11th September 2001 in America has given President Bush a chance of a lifetime to establish his military power as well as the only super power. Economic power has been the sole criterion for the change of government in United States and it was on this account that Bush the senior lost in the election to Bill Clinton eight years ago. Son George Bush has taken the clue and started his presidential campaign right from the beginning with the assertion that he is wagging a war against terrorism, which may go well beyond his term of office.

History record there is a very thin line of difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter. Maulana Hasrat Mohani, who was fighting side by side with the Indian leaders for the independence of India, left the Indian National Congress because Mahatma Gandhi did not agree with the Maulana’s version of Independence and insisted on ” Purna Swaraj.” Once probably it was Lord Irwin or some other viceroy, who was scheduled to visit Aligargh Muslim University. The greatest honour which the university could confer on any visiting dignitary was that leveried students would pull the state coach of the visiting dignitary, the Maulana recognised one of the leveried puller who was a terrorist and he had unbolted the wheel of the carriage é The State Coach of the visiting dignitary, the Maulana challenged him, who called the Maulana a traitor, the Maulana replied that with this little accident the Muslim University will be destroyed, let us go and shoot the Viceroy in the Viceroy’s House in Delhi. Maulana was sentenced to rigorous imprisonment quite a few times; one of his couplets depicts the state of affair during his confinement ” Haiy Mashaq-e-Sokhan Terri Chakki ki Mushaqat bhi, Aik Turfa-e-Tamasha Haiy Hassrat Ki Tabieet Bhi. ” What would history call him a terrorist or a freedom fighter? The nation of Hindus and Muslims hail him as a freedom fighter.

The quit India movement led by Mahatma Gandhi claimed many lives of government servants, was it terrorism? It was in 1930 a bomb was exploded in Central Assembly of India as a result of which three persons é Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Deo were sentenced to death by the kangaroo courts of India. Chandra Sekher Azad lost his life in a police encounter in the Alfred Park of Allahabad, they were dubbed as traitors by the government and they were hailed by the nation as freedom fighters. There is a very thin line of difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist and it is only history, which can give a verdict and not the rulers.

When the suffering nation is week, then in their desperation they take to un-constitutional methods, which the rulers call terrorism and in their frenzy of power they start bombing their so-called hide outs in which innocent people lose their life for which there is no accountability, absence of accountability is the worst thing for a nation but America, the super power has nothing to offer except pragmatism and exploitation the terrorist has struck on 11th September and given President Bush a chance of lifetime for the second term. His coalition partners are nothing but deaf and dumb watchers, so that His Majesty of United States may not be annoyed.

If every hard hitting act may be even in self interest is considered as terrorism then every nation, every country in the world is a terrorist in the terminology of the United States and should succumb to its dictates. Is this the purpose of the formation of the United Nations, that being so, let us return to the days of Pharaohs big and small. This is what India is doing in Kashmir and Israel is doing in Palestine, while the world conscience sleeps.