Unfaithfully faithful

God made man in his own image and man paid back in the same coin. Different Prophets, philosophers and reformers came out to preach their sermons to mankind through out the Earth. One thing is common in all the teachings of the Prophets, philosophers and reformers and that is Oneness of God, none of them could afford to ignore the fact that The Almighty Allah is One and only one with no one sharing his power and authority. Man has always sought support in the shadow of God. Surely the existence of only angels is not the scheme of things in the celestial existence, which in Islam is known as the ” Mashieet-e-Azedi “.

When God made man he endowed him with two essential qualities, passion and compassion. Passion is the embodiment of evil and compassion is the saner element to guide the actions of mankind.

The last of the Prophets was Hazarat Mohammed ( P.B.U.H.), who brought with him the religion of Islam and his followers are known as Musalmans or the faithfuls with belief and commitment in five tenets é namely: Implicit faith in God and Holy Prophet. Namaz, daily five time prayers. Rozza, fasting during the month of Ramzan. Zakat, giving away a portion of accumulated wealth to the needy people and Haj, pilgrimage to Holy Kaa’ba once in a lifetime.

There are more than a billion Musalmans scattered all over the world in different countries including 58 countries ruled by Musalmans themselves. But its pity that the Musalmans all over the world are in disarray, the reason being that they fall short of not only in their beliefs, but also in their deeds.

The Holy book revealed to the Prophet é The Quran, which according to Muslim faith is a complete code of life, laid down certain instructions to be followed by the faithful in their day to day life. The faithfuls wrapped this book in a cloth and placed it on a high pedestal taking into consideration the Holiness of the Book. One of the major instructions given in this book to the faithfuls is Tadabur and Tahqeeq, that is to say research and thoughtfulness on the events and surroundings, while the unfaitfuls did the tadabur and tahqeeq, the faithfuls only kissed the holy book and placed it on high pedestal in reverence only. One of the instructions given in this book is that the readers should go even to far distant lands in order to acquire knowledge. The faithfuls have ignored these two very important instructions revealed by Allah Almighty through this Holy Book.

Islam is a religion of peace as its very name shows and is far far away from terrorism, but the faithfuls have set aside this philosophy promulgated by Prophet Mohammed ( P.B.U.H.) and acting under the dictate of passion and forced by circumstances, killing and murders became the order of the day, the first successor of the Prophet Hazrat Abu Baker Siddique was murdered and so were Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Ali. The system of governance laid down by the Prophet was turned from Khillafat to Malookiet. So long as the faitfuls followed the teachings and the tenets of Islam in letter and spirit, they ruled from Asia to Europe. Spain was Andulisia in the days of Islamic rule. Cordoba was Qurtaba, Grenada was Gharnatta. The country was handed over to Ferdenend Isabelle by Abu Abdullah, the last Muslim ruler of Spain. The faithfuls had lost the writ of Islam in their self-interest. It were not the outsiders who had invaded Andulasia, it were the faithfuls of Andulasia who handed over their country to Christian King Ferdenend Isabelle on a platter. Such are the unfaithful, faithfuls.

Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi, one of the faithfuls carried on many raids on India, the last being on Somnath in western India and looted their wealth stacked in temple of somnath and went back, the great traveler and historian Rehan-al-Baruni came in his entourage and stayed back in India, he learned Sanskrit literature and has written his very famous book Kitabul Hind é or the Book of India, a copy of this book is available in Karachi University library. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi was followed by more raids by the faithfuls on India, the last being of Babar, the great mogul King, who preferred to stay back and establish mogul dynasty. The moguls ruled India from 16th century to 19th century; during all this period the rulers only ruled for themselves and had practically forgotten the tenets of Islam, which is not only a tragedy but also the biggest curse on the faithfuls of India.

The message of Islam spread all over the world through the efforts of saints and the faithfuls, who did a yeomen job on account of which the number of Musalmans is over one billion out of a total of six billion. A Chinese told me that in China they do every thing what is written in Quran, although they do not believe in Allah. The difference between a Chinese and a Musalman is that he acts according to the Holy Book Quran but does not believe in Almighty Allah, while the Musalman believes in Allah and the Prophet Mohammed ( p.b.u.h.) but does not act according to the tenets of Islam. The Musalmans by and large are not proud of being a faithful Musalman and call themselves liberal, such are the unfaithful, faithfuls. On account of the political expediency the Musalmans are being dubbed as fundamentalist. President George W. Bush of United States of America visited China, where a couple of Christian Churches had been damaged some week’s back. He declared on this count with the full force of the American might behind him that he is a Christian, a leader of two billion Christians in the world and not 180 million Americans. Even then he is not supposed to be a fundamentalist, then who is? This is how political expediency works. Only the Musalmans are fundamentalist and Christians and Jews are not, because they are mighty powerlords.

According to United States philosophy they only work for America and Americans, their policy is pragmatic and their acts are exploitation and exploitation alone. The faithfuls of Islam should try to stand on their own feet and try to work with unity, faith and discipline. Let the faithfuls buildup a grand Ummah on the lines of World Jewry to take out the Musalmans from the quagmire in which they are immersed at the moment. History records time waits for no body, success is for those who take courage in both hands and work honestly and not for self and self alone, political expediency of the rulers is the biggest curse for every nation whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jews. In America the requirement of American President leads him to issue warnings to Iran, Iraq and North Korea, in Japan and China American President Bush speaks differently. This is how the so-called super power move the pieces on the political chessboard. The super power may have its own plan. ” Shatter ki Inayat sey Farzi hay piyada. Farzi to haiy ik Mohara Beechara. Farzi sey bhi Poshida haiy Shatter ka Irradah.” But for the Supreme Super Power ( Almighty Allah.) to move, the faithfuls have to be faithfuls, and not unfaithfully faithful.