Physician heal thyself

USA is the only remaining super power in the world. The so-called cold war is over. USSR has disintegrated in many independent states. Russia is seeking economical blessing from the G7 states with a promise to normalise the relationship with the USA and Western Europe. This scenario has put USA at a dilemma. That is: finding the spots in the world to flex its muscles. It is overwhelmed by its own might. It must have some place in the world to have confrontation. What is the use of the huge war machinery at its disposal if it cannot seek an adversary to use against it? It seems a new Hitler is in the offing. Who is the potential enemy of the USA and the entire western civilisation? Muslims, of course! Who else?

It is well and good that USA has found the enemy. But there should be some pretext to brow beat the Muslim countries one by one. What pretext would be better than branding non-conforming Muslim countries terrorists and conferring the term “Moderate” to the client states who are dancing to its tune?

So the “Rogue States” must be punished for the “Terrorism” they are perpetuating against USA and its allies. The alliance has been formed to fight against terrorism. This alliance has given ample opportunity for these countries to suppress the legitimate demands and aspirations of many countries. They are trying to annihilate their enemies in the name of fight against terrorism.

Russia is trying to brand the Chechen freedom fighters as terrorists, India naming the freedom struggle of the Kashmiris as terrorism, China is trying to muffle the weak but adamant voice of Uighurs for freedom of their homeland, Sin kiang against the Chinese repression and to make it more hilarious is the Israeli claim that they have to fight Palestinian terrorism. The list is long. The country that deserves the main attention is the United States of America. It is a symbol of democracy and freedom. It has free media and regarded as the leader of the free world. Unfortunately, if we examine the American attitude towards other people or nations, it appears as the greatest terrorist.

It is imperative that we know what is terrorism. The word terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation for political purposes.” If we take this definition and study the situation in the above-mentioned regions we will see that it is the other way round. In all these cases those people are fighting in their own backyards to save them from foreign occupation. In all of these cases, unfortunately, USA seems to be the main villain. It becomes a study in hypocrisy. Why would a country try to stifle the voice of freedom when it cherishes so much freedom and democracy for its own people? Why would a country go to such an extent for world hegemony? This is a simple question but its answer is very complex. We have to go a couple of hundred years in the past to try to find the answer.

The American approach towards others is very unusual. They began their long lasting ingratitude by annihilating the same natives who fed and sheltered the founding fathers. They called them “Red Indians” a misnomer and often a derogatory term. It is also very surprising that although the so-called puritans were prosecuted in the old country and they fled to protect themselves, they did the same thing to their benefactors. They hunted the same natives from The Eastern Atlantic bed to the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the West. From Missouri in the south to the Great Lakes in the North. They were hunted like animals and those few who were left; were herded in the reservations. Surprisingly they did it in the name of the Christianity. They were the first American terrorists.

Slavery is one of the most glaring examples of the American terrorism. Millions of Africans were uprooted from their homeland and brought to the USA. Their journey from Africa to the USA was a nightmare. They were kept in the bottom of the ships, chained to the ground. They were not allowed to leave this position through the entire voyage, which in those days lasted nearly a month. Many died during the voyage and remaining sold in the auctions to the highest bidders. These were the acts of terrorism enacted by those who claimed to be civilised and holding the democratic traditions.

The American Civil War (1861-65) was fought between the North and the South. It is generally believed that it was fought to abolish slavery. In fact it was a war between industrial North and mainly agricultural South to get work force for them. The South had abundance of slaves for their plantations. The North needed more workers and it had to get the slave population from the south. Slavery was abolished after the war but it continued in different forms even after a century.

The segregation of Blacks and Whites was still practiced in many southern states in the sixties of the 20th century. Dr Martin Luther King in his famous speech, “I have a dreamé” demanded equal rights for the Blacks. He was fighting peacefully for the civil rights. He was assassinated.

Multiracial marriages were not allowed in the southern states. A judge in Virginia, while ruling on a case of inter racial marriage, put his conviction as this: “God has created Black, White and yellow people separately and so they should kept like this. This marriage is null and void. If the couple does not agree with this they have to leave the state and can not come back before 25 years.” The black and white couple decided to leave the state. It was in 1963.

United States has a long list of involvements in far and wide of the world. Its objective: To bludgeon the world to tow its line. The American adventure in Vietnam turned sour. America used its military might ruthlessly to subjugate the Vietnamese. The infamous My Lai massacre was one of the numerous vile actions taken by the Americans. Entire village, full of civilian men, women and children were massacred. The whole world was aghast but America did not care the outcry. It continued its scorch-earth policy until it was defeated and had to withdraw from that country in disgrace. It should have taught the Americans a lesson not to interfere in others’ affairs. But bad habits die-hard.

The American terrorism is on the march. Afghanistan is the latest victim. The American smart bombs are killing and maiming the Afghan men, women and children. This is being done in the name of finishing the terror of Al-Qaida and Taleban. The actual agenda is the oil-rich region of the Central Asian States. Military regime in Pakistan is a US ally and it is doing everything to stifle the democracy in Pakistan. US is happy with it. No democracy is required here. The Pakistanis and other Muslims in the USA are being subjected to the harshest treatment possible.

The latest American decision of not accepting the International Criminal Court is a classic example of its guilt. US want immunity for its armed forces and civilians against the war crime charges. It knows about its crimes against humanity and wants a general amnesty for its people. What a democracy! It has put the Americans as real terrorists. Even its European allies are in a quandary. They are upset by the American stand. They do not know how to attest to the latest America.

America will never learn. They know the language of the gun not the reason. And unless the free world unites against the American terrorism, this rogue country will continue to suppress other nations’ aspirations.