Plutocrazy – America 2004

Freedumb. That is what most Americans concept of our freedom is. I say this because most Americans choose to play dumb when it comes to politics. They believe the old wives tale that it isn’t polite to discuss religion and politics. Well, someone ought to tell that to George W. He mixes both regularly in his talks with “god”, and his “faith based” initiatives.

Many people believe we live in a democracy. I have bad news for them, our country was never a democracy, it is a republic that is truly a plutocracy or plutocrazy, whichever way you see it. Plutocracy is another word for rule by the rich. We live in a country of haves and have nots. The whole world is currently experiencing this phenomena through globalization. The act of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. Robin Hood in reverse. Every country on Earth is feeling the blow of corporate plutocracy heading towards a fascist one world order. Basically a slave planet, where corporations own the air, water and food supply.

According to, the Pentagon is spending $5.8 billion a month on the war in Iraq.,13319,

$5.8 billion! A month. Yet here in the land of the rich plutocrats, millions of Americans are out of work, uninsured, hungry and homeless. $5.8 billion surely would have taken care of many of our social problems in America. Imagine what $5.8 billion would have done to make friends of the Iraqi people by actually improving their standard of living instead of blowing their entire country apart.

Who’s benefiting from the $5.8 billion being thrown away in Iraq? Surely, not you and I and all the working stiffs in America. It is the military industrial complex and the Plutocrats who laugh all the way to the bank, regardless of how many die on either side of their war for profit.

Still think you have freedom? Have you taken a look at the Patriot Act? What’s been happening at protests? The dire consequences for wearing the wrong tee shirt at a Bush event? The complicit media in covering up the war crimes of a criminal administration?

The no-fly list for “flying the friendly skies”? Your children being RFID tagged to go to school? The inability to purchase your medications outside the country? The hatred the entire world feels against Americans? If you do, then you have freedumb. Sooner or later it will come around to you.

As long as Americans think their votes count (see, their candidates actually care for them (see how many Bush pioneers got cushy jobs in his administration), and we actually have a two party system, nothing will change except for the worse. What we have is a two party dictatorship, and the GOP is intent on making it one solid dictatorship without any need for the illusion of a second party.

We the people, you and I have NO party. No representation. We have taxation without representation. Our Bill Of Rights has been slaughtered by the likes of John Ashcroft and soon to be made worse by Mr. Gonzales, another Bush buddy.

The only way out is through, and we have to say we are through with plutocrats. We are through with the rich white elitists plan for domination of the working class. We must say no to multi nationals. No to multi national banks and corporations. We must vote with the only true voice we have, the almighty dollar (while it still has some value). The days of protests are over. Protest by no longer accepting the lie that it’s impolite to discuss politics. Protest with your dollars. Protest with your intelligence. Once we make the country aware of the lies we have lived under for decades, then the real work can begin.

We can actually move towards a real social democracy where freedom is for all, and equal distribution of the workload and resources is achieved. Perhaps one day the rest of the world won’t laugh at us for saying we’re “bringing freedom and democracy” to Iraq or any other country when we don’t have it here.