Dead Sea – (Poem)


You can rent a Hertz car
Near olive clad hills of Amman
And drive down to the Dead Sea
Your descent will be one
Of steep curves that give way slowly

Until you find yourself at the bottom
Of the world
The lowest point on earth.
As you approach you taste the mist

Engulfing the dead of it all.
The color of the sea rebelliously
Reflects the blue of the sky
And on briny beaches, people tan.

As you stand mouth open trying to take it all in
You notice the shores surrounded by
Huge boulders charred brown and black
Leftovers of some ancient barbecue

If you look close enough,
If you look deep enough
Into the waters of the Sea
Natives say you can see

The sunken twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
And hear sounds of Prophet Lot’s people
Drowning through eternity
If you rent a Hertz near olive clad hills of Amman
And drive down to the dead of the Sea.


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