Poisoning the American Minds

Why is that you can be anti anything except anti-Semitic? Why does it cause uproar? Why does the western intelligentsia tolerate the same Semitic people when they hurl insults, abuse and use derogatory terms like “fanatics” or “fundamentalists” towards the Gentiles (Goyem), and in particular the Arab world? It is perplexing to observe that the Christian world will even tolerate insults towards Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) but yet, are totally unwilling to accept any criticism of the Jews and the State of Israel. Even the perception of history is being constantly altered to the point that the sacrifices made are being overlooked by the hysteria of anti-Semitism. As an example, the commemoration of the second world war eve! ry year, is overshadowed by the Jews who were killed, rather then the 20 million Russians, in addition the British, French and the Americans who were also sacrificed to attain freedom from the Nazis. Do the Jews really have a monopoly over suffering? It is understandable to an extent why the Europeans feel guilty, as the holocaust, Spanish inquisition and the pogroms were all invented and practiced by Christian Europe, but why should the Arabs/Muslims pay a price for that? Why is that the fundamentalist Christians continue to scorn and vilify Islam/Muslims, when they both revere and adore Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him), unlike the Jews who reject Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) outright as a fraudulent heretic at the very least? Furthermore one has to ask the question bearing this in mind, why have fundamentalist Christians blindly supported Jewish claims to Jerusalem and Palestine knowing the Jewish view of Jesus (Peace be upon him)? Only until the recent Papal bull, ha! ve Jews been “absolved” of the murder of Christ.

Then comes the unquestionable virtue of Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East. Which is also the only power with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in the region, since finding WMD was a recent obsession by the US and her allies. The contrary view is that Israel is also the only apartheid state, engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, operating with racist laws as recognised by the UN and condemned in a recent conference in South Africa. For sure Israel is a “democracy” but only for the Jews, since the majority Arab population have been uprooted since 1948. The “law of return” guaranteeing Jews from anywhere in the world a place, but not the Palestinians. Then you have the overtly racist Talmudic laws which inculcate the notion that Gentiles are lower! then animals, they are to be enslaved (Goyem). Professor Israel Shahak (Jewish History and Jewish Religion) and Uri Davis (Israel the apartheid state) elaborate on this issue with a lot of detail in their books.

"Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human". – (Yebamoth 98a)

"Every Jew has the obligation to see that Christian churches are burned down and wiped out. The faithful must be insulted and the clergy killed." – (Schulchan Aruch, Jore dea, 146, 14)

"If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed". – (Sanhedrin 58b)

No doubt many at this point will cry “anti-Semitism” and burst into hysteria instead of examining the evidences presented. Whilst ranting about “anti-Semitism”, the Jewish influenced media is constantly churning out an “anti-Arab/Islam/Muslim” agenda, which is taken for granted and for which no such vocabulary exists. Despite all the propaganda and hate, conversion to Islam has only increased, even taking place in the heart of Israel. People are still entering Islam through direct contact with the Muslims, simply because we do not have the problem of being elitist and racist by claiming that we are Gods chosen people, and everyone else exists for our needs.

In the arena of international politics, anti-Semitism is nothing more then a cloak to enforce a pro-Israeli agenda. President George W. Bush referred to curbing “anti-Semitism” that is supposed to be prevalent within the Arab media and in more subtle terms asked the Russians and Europeans to do the same, during his recent visit to the United Kingdom. What danger does “anti-Semitism” (opposing Israel) pose to US interests? No doubt many will point to the strong presence and influence of the Jewish lobby, the Jewish advisers, and over representation in the US congress, senate and the Pentagon resulting in the formulation of a pro-Israeli foreign policy. However it is not just the politics that has been tainted by the Jewish force, poisoning of the minds is systematically perpetuated through the mass media and popular Hollywoo! d movie culture. Where Arabs/Muslims are always depicted as villains. This follows the long tradition of US movie making history, which started from the Native Americans, Blacks, Communists and now the Arabs/Muslims have been given that role (For a deeper insight into this malignant phenomena refer to Jack Shaheen’s book Real bad Arabs).

Returning to the so-called advisors and policy makers, who are Jews with a strong pro-Israeli and anti-Arab/Muslim agenda, they have a very powerful role. Not only are they shaping policies but the mentality of the nation too, with their strong influence in the mass media, as well as political and economical institutions. One can demonstrate their knee-jerk reaction to Dr. Mahathir, due to the indoctrination of “anti-Semitism” but that does not make the assertion that Jews have disproportionate power and influence within a democratic society like the US to be false. Take Daniel Pipes as an example, his language shows utter contempt towards the Arabs/Muslims and Islam. His language is befitting of the racist white supremacists within the US, if not the Nazi Josef Goebbels. Such advisors are using the cloak of “war on terrori! sm”, “anti-Americanism”, and American fire power to further their own pro-Israeli agenda. This is achieved by projecting the foreign policy of Israel and US as one and the same.

In a recent debate with an influential Jewish advisor (so he claims) to the US state department by the name of Mr Irwin Graulich, with whom I entered into a brief discourse over the Internet, he resorted to using bellicose language and warned about turning the cities of the Islamic world into Nuclear waste lands if the Arabs/Muslims continue to “attack” the US and Israel, of course through urging the US to attack, war by proxy as Dr Mahathir would say! Such bravado comes easy hiding behind the worlds only Superpower! I reminded him politely that it is the US and Israel that are constantly usurping our lands and resources. It is their armies on our soil and hence we are simply resisting occupation and aggression, so it is the US and Israel that needs to leave us alone. Perhaps it is these types of advisors that! are contributing towards Bush acquiring mini Nukes, which no doubt will be used in “defending” America’s interest in another far off country in the future. Mr Irwin then taunted about the victories of the few million Jews against the vastly outnumbered Arabs. For sure the Jews won, but were the Arabs unified as one body with a superpower arming them to the teeth with the most sophisticated lethal weapons? Did the Jews in their history even smell of victory against the Arab/Muslims from the advent of Islam to the destruction of the Ottoman state?

In terms of using American and/or Israeli military muscle, for sure they will kill more of us, as we do not posses the same lethal weapons as these democratic peaceful nations like the US, Europe and Israel. However Mr Irwin should also take heed, that the Arabs/Muslims with their huge numbers would also move as one body to permanently annihilate not Judaism but the Jews from the face of this earth if Israel were to contemplate such an action! The Muslim have such a prophecy where they would fight and annihilate the Jews near the end of time, but it seems that it is the Jews that are eager for it to come true. As Istanbul demonstrated, the Arabs/Muslims have also begun to respond with their own version of collective punishment. Perhaps Israel would take note this is a small tip in the iceberg of what could happen if the ! rest of the Arabs/Muslims are moved into motion. As each day passes with more Palestinian and Iraqi casualties, the closer we are moving towards that point. Mr Irwin should remember that unlike the Jews, the Muslims do look forward to death and meeting their creator.

He then went on to defame the Prophet of Islam and the Arab/Muslims using derogatory and racist language. That is understandable and perhaps natural coming from people who consider themselves as Gods chosen people with a track record for murdering God’s Prophets. Hence Mr Irwin’s outburst is hardly surprising to us.

Finally, in frustration he even resorted to using foul language. I wondered if really he is an advisor to the US administration? If so, what are the chances of Americans winning the hearts and minds of the Islamic/Arab world? Is it any surprise that the perception of the Americans in the Arab/Islamic world has declined steadily since the 1960s? At that point, and to my astonishment, I realised how much poison that is being fed into the mind of the ordinary American.