Politics of Arrogance

Rome, and Carthage, what are they sigh, sighs. It is an irony of history that the makers of history in their frenzy and intoxication of power fail to take lessons from bitter facts of history and seek guidance there from, they take upon themselves the role of being the wisest man on earth. The fall of Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire present a grim reality of Pride Goeth Before Fall. The French revolution saw the fall of the King of France and so did the Iranian revolution in 1979, when Shah of Iran, the great descendent of Cyrus had to flee the country because of a revolution headed by Allama Ayatollah Khomeni sitting in the out skirts of Paris in France. The Russian revolution, which over threw the Czar, ended up in fragmentation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic when the Russian rulers opted to buildup an empire on the spoils of the 2nd World War. The British colonial empire crumbled to pieces because it could not bear the strains of the two world wars.

The Americans did not take part in the world wars in the 20th Century and have been trying during their history of 200 years to buildup their economic power and raise the standard of the people living in America. The Americans took fullest advantage of the two world wars and supplied military hardware to the allies. When the strains of war were back breaking for the allies, the Americans offered their assistance in the form of famous lend-lease agreements. This is how the American diplomacy runs. Power has been the most coveted object right from day one, when God made man.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Man proud man, dressed in little brief authority plays such fantastic tricks before high heavens that make the angels weep, this has been the principle on which the man has worked without looking into hindsight. Rome, Carthage, Ottomans, British, French, Russians have all worked on the same principle and fallen victim of the same lust for power.

No nation has been without God, but all of them have been unmindful of Mashiet-e-azedi é the Gods will, whose guiding principle is Pride Goeth Before Fall. After having taken full advantage from the two world wars in 20th Century, the Americans have also started to build an empire of their own and subjugate their enemy in imagination, wherever they are. They have been nicknamed ” Terrorists ” little do the rulers in America realize that terrorist are not born as terrorist, the events around them and the sentiments emanating there from give birth to terrorist, the actions of the stronger nations make them terrorist. It is because of this that the terrorists are always found in the weaker and subjugated nations, this is due to the policies of the dominating nations. If America changes its policy of lust for power and contains themselves to the policy of America for the Americans and Americans for America, their would be no terrorist, it is the arrogance of the Americans and their rude and arrogant policies in the Middle East and the Third World countries, which has given rise to terrorism. Fighting terrorism by superior terrorism is not the answer to the problem, there is a saying from a great Persian poet Shaikh Saadi that “Dushman ra naa Tanwaan, Haqeer Bichaara Shummurd.” Meaning thereby that Enemy should not be considered as weak and helpless. It is always the small ant that takes the life of an elephant when it gets into his nostrils. So the American elephant has to beware of this small ant somewhere in desert, mountains caves or open terrain.

The day this arrogance leads to an intolerable limit, the world is going to unite with all its resources of manpower, nuclear power and biological weapon power and then America will be an isolated figure on the map of the world. America, who is thinking of isolating comparatively weaker nations, is in itself going to be an isolated figure in no distant future.

Regionalism is on the march, Europe is going to unite economically and will unite militarily, there interest is common, their culture is common, their way of life is common, their rituals and customs are common. So it is in Asia. Shanghai Declaration is leading to the unification of Russia, China, Japan, India and Iran. Japan can not remain isolation, there is nothing common between Japan and America, the language is different, the culture is different and even the food is different, there is nothing common between Japan and America. Japan will never forget the horror of Nagasaki and Hiroshima perpetrated on them in 1945. Japan will also not forget the insult inflicted on them by General Douglas Mcarther who rode on the white stallion of the Japanese Emperor, which no Japanese could even think of ridding in their respect for the king. This is the manner in which Americans inflicted insult on the Japanese nation and received their subjugation and surrender at the end of 2nd world war. Wounds inflicted on the human body do heal but the wounds inflicted on the soul and spirit of a nation never heals. Japan will again emerge as a powerful militant nation of Asia along with China. The South Asia can not be a dumb watcher of history, otherwise they will also be insulted in one way or the other, this realization will lead them to unite in the coming days.

Let our American friends read the writing of the wall, which they cannot see at the moment in their intoxication of power. Man losses the ability to see things in the correct perspective when intoxicated either with wine or with authority of power. The farce of global village or one world government through open market philosophy enunciated by America has evaporated into the thin air, the American war against terrorism is dragging its feet into history and the more this war is dragged, the non-Americans are going to unite and rise and there America is going to meet its waterloo. So instead of killing people in the garb of the war against terrorism America should change its policy and adopt the policy of live and let live with honour and dignity. The so-called coalition at the moment is the mute and silent spectator without their heart and soul in it, which is bound to end in a doomed failure. The successive Presidents of United States of America would not be able to lift the grand American nation from this quagmire plunged into by their own rulers in the name of an imaginary War against Terrorism for the glory of America, dreaming for colonization of Asian natural and mineral resources with vast markets forgetting the hard reality that Gods will has to prevail. Man proposes and God disposes.