Powell’s cold Moroccan reception




Powell got a well deserved cold reception in Morocco. He was welcomed with a ‘why did you come’ sign and a cold shoulder. If Powell was looking for respect, he had better get some from Sharon first.  Powell should not travel so slowly to the scene of a fire. It makes him look like an arsonist.

While Powell set off on a slow train to Marrakech, the Israelis got Powell’s message loud and clear. Powell was obviously lying when he smiled for the network cameras and said he wanted Sharon to stop the killing ‘NOW’ and then added that he had not set a timeline for ‘NOW.’  Bush repeated the same confusing messages. What part of ‘NOW’ didn’t Sharon understand?  Sharon takes the message he wants to hear and Powell gave him a dozen options to respond ‘no’ or to say ‘maybe.’ And Sharon chose the ‘maybe’ that sounded like an ‘OK’ and was translated by the Yiddish Supremacist clan at CNN, FOX and MSNBC to mean ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, but first lets take a poll to ‘prove’ that Americans adore Sharon.’ All of a sudden, Bush’s foreign policy becomes suspect by our media titans, because the issue effects their country, Israel. ‘Now’ needs translation because their idol Sharon doesn’t want to hear it. And Bush and Powell play the game with the mass media barons, in effect acknowledging that the administration was still negotiating with Sulzberger’s shadow government on what American policy really is. The New York Times often confuses its mandate with that of the State Department. And who can blame them considering that The State Department often confuses its mandate with placating the Yiddish supremacist press.

Powell is doing a bad imitation of Kissinger. He needs more practice. Maybe he will get it down with a relaxing visit to Spain. Or stop in Cairo for a trip to the Pyramids. Maybe he likes to dine with the media crowd in Amman.  The problem is that Powell is not very persuasive when he tries to mimic Kissinger. He is not convincing with a German Jewish accent conspiring with other Yiddish Supremacists, like Charles Krauthammer, to pull the wool over American eyes. Is Powell the best man for this part? Unfortunately, the ideal candidate for this scene is Kissinger himself, who is not free to travel to Europe due to concerns about a reception as worthy as Pinochet’s. In trying to perform this difficult role, Powell has been suckered to pose as an accomplice to intense violence administered as ‘collective punishment’ to each and every Palestinian. A whole population is under attack by racist thugs determined to beat down the unhappy natives.  And Powell has agreed to pose embracing Sharon in the act of committing another massive war crime. Israelis are continuing the assaults because they believe they correctly heard Powell mumbling something about how to ‘kill them as quick as you can, before I refuel my plane in Ibiza.’

Which is precisely the reason that this is a perfect time to haul Henry Kissinger’s war criminal ass to court. It is time for Kissinger to answer for his crimes so Powell will be assured of a future court date. War Crime statutes are the last defense for the Palestinian people. The Israelis have now declared open war on this long suffering innocent population. Their aggression was explicitly sanctioned by an ‘understanding’ Bush and a compliant Powell. As a result, the Israelis have engaged in the kind of battle where each and every Palestinian man, woman and child have been singled out for random personal punishment, including arbitrary murder.  This is not just another belligerent Israeli mission approved by Washington. The methods of this mission are clearly a violation of international laws and the proper conduct of belligerent armies. Every minute of this campaign has seen a war crime by the IDF which insists on doing its filthy business away from the cameras of the international media.

The evidence is overwhelming and plain for the eyes of even a casual observer. This mission is intended to crush the hopes of freedom by a people who will not consent to be a colony of a belligerent nation with a long legacy as land thieving Yiddish Supremacist thugs. The goons of the IDF are romping, at will, through every village and every hamlet. Killing, maiming, humiliating old and young, and demolishing private and public property, including vital civilian infrastructure. Today, they saw fit to set fire to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  There are credible reports of rapes and torture.  Sharon has made his intentions clear, he is hell bent on expulsion. His advisers talk of the ‘West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem’ as part of the ‘fatherland.’ If Powell does not understand Sharon’s message, than he also cannot begin to understand that this is a dry run to check the feasibility of a ‘transfer operation.’ The State Department is fully aware that Sharon’s constituency is willing to engage in a forced mass eviction of Palestinians from the Holy Land. If they are not aware, they should contact the Jaffe Institute of Strategic studies for confirmation of a recent poll detailing how enthusiastic Israelis are about expulsion. The time has come for ‘Sharon to be Sharon’ and he is daring America and the world to do something about it. And Powell will just mug for the cameras and play the fool with meaningless phrases,  designed by the Kissinger crowd, about the deadline for ‘NOW’.

The United States has sanctioned this Israeli aggression as clearly as the Reagan administration sanctioned Sharon’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982. The record of the invasion of Lebanon is already a twenty year old ‘chapter’ in the history books. For this chapter, all we have to do is turn to the fresh ink of the last two weeks.  This is a rare repeat act in history. In 1982, Alexander Haig gave sanction to Israeli aggression against the people of Lebanon. Twenty years later, the Bush administration is fully implicated in Sharon’s new mission to ‘defeat the Palestinian people.’  What a farce it is that Sharon is holding the Bush administration hostage to the details of Sharon’s wicked ways in Sabra and Shatila and Qibya. America’s complicity with Sharon goes back two decades.

Sharon is saying “nail me for doing this dastardly deed and I will name you for giving me a green light to do it. And I will nail your daddy too.”  Noriega landed in an American jail, when he tried that tactic on Bush senior.  Lets see how crazy Sharon gets with Bush junior before he ends up in a bunk with Noriega or Milosovic.

Colin Powell deliberately evades clarity to allow wiggle room for Sharon’s partners in crime, the Yiddish Supremacist mass media divas. ‘While [Bush) calls for an Israeli pullout ‘without delay’ … his secretary of state travels to the region in a slow, week-long glide, even though the Americans know only his physical presence might block ‘Operation Defensive Shield,”’ wrote commentator Chemi Shalev in Maariv. This bit of ‘wisdom’ was duly repeated by the Washington Post.   The AP reported that “There was a widespread feeling in Israel that the timing of Powell’s trip he will not reach Israel until late this week and some wording used by U.S. officials suggested an acquiescence with continuing the offensive for a few more days.”

The Wall Street Journal (4/8/02) opined that  “…Mr. Bush’s calls on the Israelis to withdraw are intended mainly to give cover for Arab rulers scared that their populations will turn against them.”

In Cairo, the cartoonists had a big day portraying Powell as a tortoise traveling on its back with an Israeli flag stuck like an arrow in its wounded head.  The whole world understands that Powell gave Sharon another green light. So, Powell should stop flattering himself about how clever he is at the art of deception. No takers, Powell.  The whole world sees you for what you are,  damaged goods handled by Sharon.

In Morocco, Powell was bluntly asked why he was taking his sweet time getting to Israel.  The Secretary expressed no sense of urgency and gave a bland response that amounted to making noise for the camera.  If Bush is callous towards the death and maiming of Palestinian, Powell is the coldest fish in the pond.  There is no appealing to a man who so long ago discarded his moral compass.  Go as slow as you want Mr. Powell. As far as I am concerned, you are just another common gangster from the Bronx.

Why was Morocco even on your travel plans?  Why Spain, when you have already muscled the Europeans out of trying to intervene? Why Egypt, where you will only get a set of complaints that could just as easily be delivered by fax? Why all the crap about your reluctance to meet with the Palestinian leadership? Why a stop in Jordan, when you just met the foreign minister in Washington a few days ago? Explain the speed of a trip you take with such ‘modest expectations’? A lot of folks around the world already have less than modest expectations with you. It is disturbing to see you join the crowd.

When Sharon and his goons finally get their day in court, Powell should be charged as a willing accomplice. He should certainly be sued by the family of the Palestinian American woman who was shot in cold blood even as she held her baby in her arms.

Take your time, Powell. Be a thug like your pal, Sharon. Take your time and watch Palestinian blood being shed as you give a wink and a nod to your war criminal buddy, Arik of Qibya.  Take your time and let more mothers bury more babies. Calculate the political rewards from the Yiddish Supremacists who have lined your pockets with unmerited millions. You are a multimillionaire because of their donations. Isn’t that why Levine, the CEO of Time Warner/AOL/CNN, has his way with you.  Take the blood money and choke on it. Your legacy will be measured not in dollars but in the blood of innocents.

As Powell was dancing a slow waltz in Rabat, to the tune of Sharon’s continuing assaults, Bush was giving a speech about how people hate America because we believe that ‘people should worship freely, have honest political discourse, believe in human rights and the dignity of every man.’  Bush went on to boast about freeing Afghanistan from the Taliban but made no mention of his role in holding the people of Palestine captive and under a state of siege administered by a serial mass murderer financed with American tax dollars.  Since Bush harbors Sharon, pays Sharon’s bills, covers for Sharon’s crimes, he is also complicit for Sharon’s crimes. That is vintage Bush reasoning. In the same speech, to get a cheap laugh, Bush also added that the best way to combat evil on the domestic front was to do good, while the best way to do things abroad was to ‘unleash the American military.’ Nice Touch, Mr. President. That certainly sums up your administration of foreign policy.

Bush and Powell are Sharon’s willing enablers. Their credibility is subzero and should never rise above that mark.  Because of their complicity, they will continue to be manipulated by Sharon. Even if Bush wanted to get out of his catholic marriage to this Israeli thug, it will be a messy divorce.  Of course, when the last two weeks of war crimes are fully documented, both Bush and Powell will claim they took the whore they married for a virgin. By then they will be as diseased as Sharon..