Pre-emption Gone Wild! :: UN obliterates laws protecting sovereign borders to accommodate Israeli violence and war crimes ::

Since the beginning of the war between Islam and Zionism in Palestine and Lebanon, pro-justice bloggers and the mainstream media have been battling it out hoping to outdo one another in a contest to provide the most biased news about the war as is humanly possible. The cable news shows can’t simply report the news, the guests and the anchors have an opinion, and the cable news soapboxes have become the venue of choice for those who want to publicly spew anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic vitriol, and pro-Israel propaganda. The alternative media is also busy, and some of its blogs have gone as far as suggesting that the world can never have peace, so long as there is an Israel in the Arab and Muslim world. The rhetoric being slung by all sides is sometimes superfluous, while some of it is also very serious. I think this article will fall into the serious category. Consider it a warning at least.

In just 10 minutes of viewing the tube today, I learned from cable news that the Arab League, who just last week were begging for a cease-fire, was at the UN complaining about the language used in a UN resolution that is supposedly calling for just that, an immediate cease-fire, or at least that’s how the news commentator presented the story. The reporter doesn’t mention the fact that the disputed draft resolution seeks to demonize Arab and Muslim acts of self-defense, while defining Israel’s illegal invasion of Lebanon, and its disproportionate violence and violations of international law and war crimes as “military operations.” No one who understands what is being challenged, and what is really at stake in this confrontation between Hizbullah, Hamas and Israel can blame the Arab League for finally realizing that it’s time to get off the bench and to join the fight to prevent Zionist Israel from rewriting international law, and changing the world to conform to what is without doubt, a way of thinking and being that is as racist, wicked and evil as anything that any of us can imagine, and with the full support of an already defeated UN.

The UN is so beaten by the US, EU and Israel, that it no longer even attempts to pretend that it is anything except a rubber stamper and co-conspirator in this obvious and troubling attempt to not only redraw the map of the Arab and Muslim world, but also to set new rules that obliterate the sovereign rights of every country in that region, except of course Israel’s.

The Lebanese emissary to the UN stated at a UN meeting, that Lebanon’s decision to dispatch 15,000 Lebanese troops to the south of Lebanon to stand between Israel and Hizbullah is a viable option, and should be taken seriously by the UN and included in the language of any UN resolution that seeks a cease fire. The cable news commentator laughed that off, saying, “We have to wait and see what Israel has to say about that.” Later, I was treated to a news clip showing the British ambassador to the UN saying that “we” whoever that is, “cannot return to the days when Israel was threatened by its neighbors.” Translation: “Hizbullah cannot be left standing.”

Sometimes people have what they believe are noble goals, and they feel that whatever is necessary to accomplish that goal is justifiable. This type of thinking is called “extremism.” When one or more people agree upon this premise, and plot to do harm to an entire world in order to accomplish what by any estimation is an unattainable dream, it is called a conspiracy to commit some type of crime in pursuit of unreal expectations. In the case of the UN, the US, EU and Israel, it is called the crime of the past centuries, defined as destroying the Islamic caliphate, obliterating the concept of sovereign national borders for Muslim and Arab countries, and also the rights of sovereign peoples to decide, without any consideration of what Israel thinks, what to do within their own borders. If Lebanon decides that it wants Israel out of Lebanon, and to place its own troops along its southern border, what does Israel, or the UN have to do with that? Is the UN saying to the world in so many words, that now, Israel’s security, the Israel that is armed to the teeth and that also has a nuclear arsenal, that their security requires that Arab and Muslim countries have no sovereign rights, and that Israel should have the right to decide what the Arab and Muslim militaries and citizen resistance groups can do inside their own, and not anyone else’s sovereign borders to defend their country and their lives? Are they telling us that only Israel has a right to security, and to exist, and that if any one attempts to defend their lives, or to stave off any of Israel’s insane and violent outbursts and attempts to destroy entire populations and their countries, that this can become a pretense for an international military presence being dispatched by the UN to invade their countries? Why has this solution never been imposed upon Israel, the rogue state that routinely invades its neighbors, kidnaps their citizens and government officials, steals their money from their banks, and simply decides to keep the money it supposedly collects on their behalf, while also carrying out massacres, targeted assassinations and other crimes against humanity, and war crimes without the UN ever even threatening to sanction Israel, or sending an international peacekeeping force to either protect Israel’s neighbors from Israel, or to enforce the UN resolutions that Israel has ignored. Why doesn’t it sicken us all at the stomach that Israel’s foreign minister has the audacity to demand that Lebanon enforce UN resolution 1559, when it has thumbed its nose at more UN resolutions than any country on earth, including those resolutions that call for ending its illegal occupation of Palestine.

Wake up world, it is time to decide. Will we have a world ruled by law, or a world ruled by Israel? Will it be the same law for every country, or different laws for Israel? The 21st century is quickly taking shape, and the image of our future that is developing is not one that should be acceptable to sane people. Israel’s theory of “pre-emption” as a means of self-defense is a threat to anyone within reach of Israel’s nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, and other weapons. The UN’s inability to stand up to the Israeli Mad Dog threatens to throw the entire region into chaos.

After reading the UN draft resolution that calls for a crease fire, anyone can understand why Condoleeza Rice was right when she suggested that a UN resolution calling for a cease fire will only be a first step towards resolving the problems that have plagued the Muslim and Arab world since Israel’s founding. We might disagree with Rice as to what exactly those problems are. The second step, which is not yet mentioned, will be to remove all rights to sovereign borders, rights to bear arms, and rights to defend ones life and country against Israel, as well independence and equal rights and status at the UN for Muslim and Arab countries. The people of the Muslim and Arab countries may never enjoy peace, security, or independence once the UN has allowed Israel to confiscate these countries through military conquest and occupation, as it is presently doing. If the US, EU and Israel succeed, and accomplish this evil against the Arab and Muslim countries, every one else had better look out, especially Asia and Africa. As goes the Muslim world, so goes everyone else who has oil, minerals, gas, large and young labor pools, etc. The Israeli pre-emption doctrine has broken the reigns of reason and morality and has gone wild, and unless someone steps up to outlaw pre-emption, and to chastise those countries that use violence to settle disputes, every country in the developing world is a potential target.