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There is one fact that the American media and the American political establishment have chosen to ignore concerning the Israel’s war of aggression against the people of Palestine.

That fact is the suicide bombers would not exist but for Israel’s refusal to comply with United Nations Resolution 242 calling upon it to withdraw to its pre- 1967 borders.

Moreover, the Saudi proposal for ending the war adopted by the Arab League recently in Beirut is consistent with UN Resolution 242 and echoes an earlier Saudi peace proposal made in 1981 which contained the following essentials for ending the mayhem:

“1) Israeli evacuation of all Arab territories seized during the 1967 war, including the Arab sector of Jerusalem.

“2) Dismantling the settlements in the occupied territories.

“3) Asserting the rights of the Palestinian people and compensating those Palestinians who do not want to return to their homeland.

“4) Commencing a transitional period in the West Bank of Jordan and the Gaza Strip under United Nations supervision for a duration not exceeding a few months.

“5) Setting up a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital.

“7) Affirming the right of all countries of the region to live in peace and security.

“8) Guaranteeing the implementation of these principles “by the United Nations or some of its member states.”

Over 20 years later essentially the same rational proposal for ending the bloody madness has emerged. Will we be obliged to wait another 20 years to allow the Israelis to implement their “final solution” to their “Palestinian problem.”

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