President Ali Saleh: A Yemenie War Criminal in Obama’s Court

"Liberty, Oh Liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name."

— Madame Roland, French Revolution, on her way to the Guillotine

Much like Gandhi’s Salt March in India in 1930 the “March of Life” in Yemen began in the besieged bombed southern city of Taiz with tens of thousands of men, women, and children, walking for five days to the northern capitol city of Sana to protest the illegal immunity given the blood and money thirsty tyrant, President Ali Abdullah Saleh by the U.S.–”Saudi Plan.

The plan calls for a transfer of power from Saleh to his vice president while he remains in power for three months. Yemen’s population wholeheartedly rejects this appeasing plan. Saleh is a chronic liar who has never lived up to any promise or agreement he’s ever made or signed, much life all of Israel’s prime ministers.

Upon arriving in Sana the peaceful March of Life became the “March of Death”, when the exhausted protesters were met by the murderous Republican Guard led by Saleh’s son, who opened fire on the protesters killing at least 13 and wounding scores of civilians.

In keeping with America’s blind support of Arab dictators, the Jewish American Ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Felerstein, held a press conference at the U.S. Embassy (even prior to the arrival of the March to the capitol Sana) arrogantly and obnoxiously warning that this March “is aimed to cause chaos and violence…it seems to have the intention not to carry out a peaceful march…and will provoke a violent response by the security forces”

These shocking remarks earned the Ambassador and the U.S. the scorn and hatred of the Yemenie population who’ve always known that Saleh is an American mole and puppet.

Like Saleh, President Obama, the Sultan of Drone massacres in the Arab and Muslim world. has betrayed his every promise as well as having shred the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the civil liberties of the American people.

He has shown the world that he is a spineless leader who if opposed immediately caves in. A man apparently suffering from an inferiority complex to those in power whether in Corporate America, Congress, the extreme right wing of the Republican Party, special interests, the media; and most especially to Israel that slapped him back into kosher coherence and submissiveness more so than any previous American President.

As a coddler of murderous Arab tyrants he’s been late and conflicted to act courageously and forcefully to support the Arab Spring that seeks freedom from tyranny and free democratic governments.

In an inexplicable slap to American interests in Yemen, Obama has stupidly invited Saleh to come to the U.S. under the pretense of medical treatment; making the U.S. a state that harbors terrorists turning the Bush Doctrine of attacking States that harbor terrorists on its head.

What on earth would prompt Obama to harbor and coddle this terrorist and allow him entry into the United States?

The answer my friend is the alleged “war on terror” that has justified America’s wars and total support of dictators. As long as these tyrants purportedly are fighting a real or imagined anti-American “terror” group, they are free to annihilate their people while keeping their rule and stolen treasures under American protection.

If you kill “them”, you are a U.S. ally, thereby entitled to billions of tax dollars, weapons, international protection, and be hailed as a freedom fighter.

To America, Saleh’s value lies in his alleged fight against “Al Qaeda.”.

Hilary Clinton became the first U.S. Secretary of State to visit Yemen in early January 2011, just two weeks prior to the uprising. She outlined the reason behind America’s support for Saleh the murderer.

She said:

“We face a common threat posed by the terrorists and al-Qaeda… I want to be frank about the fact that there are terrorists operating from Yemen’s territory today…stopping these threats would be a priority for any nation, and it is a priority for us.”

Hence, the lives of billions of civilians on this planet are simply collateral damage to western imperialistic thirst and greed for natural resources found under the feet of the dark people, no more so than the oil beneath Arab feet.

America thinks with its guns; not its mind, and certainly not its heart.

Obama should retain some honor and dignity for himself and his country by refusing to allow Yemen’s terrorist, President Ali Abdullah Saleh, to enter this nation.

Rather he should refer him to the International Criminal Court for prosecution of his war crimes. But that would mean America truly believes in the sanctity of life, human rights, and justice; virtues belied by its addiction to war and oil.

American can ill afford to lose the Arab and Muslim world due to its blind adoption of Israel’s policies of constant war and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians as well as its support of Arab dictators.

Past and future American Presidents in their stupefying short term foreign policy in the Arab/Muslim world will make the prophecy of a “Clash of Civilizations” a reality; and such a conflict can only lead to the demise of the American-Israeli-European imperial hegemony.

President Obama, for the sake of your legacy, America’s national interests, American values of freedom and justice, you must reject Saleh’s entry into this country. He deserves prison not a suite in a New York City Hotel.