President Obama: Israel, Please tell me what to do about Egypt?

“Goyim (Non-Jews) were born only to serve us (Jews). Without that, they have no place in the world, only to serve the People of Israel,…Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We (Jews) will sit like an effendi (Turkish term for high rank) and eat.”

— “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews”, The Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010 [1]
Over 300 dead Egyptians , thousands injured, and just today, February 9, 2011, 5 more were killed and hundreds injured by state police in Al Kharjah despite Mubarak’s and Suleiman’s promise not to attack the protestors.

Mr. Obama how many must die before you finally find your moral courage and Christian conscience to stop the slaughter?  

What will you tell the Egyptian mothers of the slain?   That their sons and daughters were killed for the higher cause of Israel’s security and the stability of  Arab tyrants?

Did you not win the Noble Prize for Peace?

Yet, you support the real terrorists in Israel and the Arab Muslim world.  

Since you’ve been in office there has been no peace anywhere, but more war, more killing, more drone butchering, more destruction and devastation of Muslim lives and lands, and more debt and deficit spending? Is that how you define winning the war on terrorism?

The world shed tears of joy and hope when you were elected, now we shed tears over the dead and injured victims of your calculating political callousness.

You, Sir, have taught your daughters that the ends justify the means.   What speech or lofty rhetoric will you offer on judgment day to defend your propensity to slaughter for another term?

You, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man in the world, the leader of the free world, a Gentile, have been transformed from the “yes we can” candidate” to the “no, I can’t without Israel’s approval” President.   Like every President before you who dared suggest a policy that in any way contradicts the chosen people’s demands, the long arm of Israel’s power stretches quickly across the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean to deliver a wake up slap to the leader of the “land of the brave”.   Mr. President early on in your presidency you robustly proclaimed “let me be clear” about freezing Israel’s illegal settlements, only to endure what Hilary Clinton called an “insult” from Israel..  You discovered who has the real power in Washington thus you quickly backtracked on that statement having your Jewish liaison, Dan Shapiro, hold a conference call with Jewish American leaders to apologize for your misstep.  To appease Israel you sent them more billions of American tax dollars to bandage their hurt emotional feelings and help ameliorate their PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).. 

Thus the spineless insecure Obama  was “clear” in his support of Tunisia’s revolt against their tyrant, Ben Ali, but had to ask Israel for advice on how best to handle Egypt’s popular and bloodied uprising against Israel’s favorite tyrant, Hosni Mubarak.

He had Vice President Joe Biden call Shimon Peres, President of Israel, over a weekend, asking him what he thought of events in Egypt and what the right response to the crisis there was.

— Haaretz, “Israel isn’t answering calls for peace”, February 8, 2011

But according to Wikileaks cables Israel as far back as 2008 already informed the U.S.  that their preferred man to succeed Mubarak is their pro-occupation, anti-Hamas, anti-Hezbollah, anti-Syria, and anti-Iran Chief of Military Intelligence Omar Suleiman.  They quote Israel as saying they were “most comfortable” with Suleiman becoming Egypt’s next leader….As a key figure working for Middle East peace, he once suggested that Israeli troops would be "welcome" to invade Egypt to stop weapons being smuggled to Hamas terrorists in neighboring Gaza.

— (Wikileaks U.S. Cables released to the Daily Telegraph, February 7, 2011)

The Daily Telegraph also reported that Mr. Suleiman has a direct hotline to Tel Aviv with whom he speaks on a daily basis.

Hence what Israel wants it automatically gets.   Because Israel wants Suleiman as leader, both Hilary Clinton and David Cameron, Prime Minister of England, gave their immediate stamp of approval to the murderous torturer to take over the reigns of power in Egypt while keeping Mubarak as President to allay the affairs of the united front of the Israeli Arab tyrant alliance. 

The Bush Doctrine established the right of the United States to preemptively commit genocide on any nation deemed hostile to the American-Israeli-Arab Dictatorship “Axis of Evil”.

This doctrine opened the gates for invasions, bombs, assassinations, imprisonment, torture, and theft of any property by Israel and the tyrants of the Middle East.   Under the indefinable and all encompassing umbrella of “war on terror” millions of Iraqis died to import democracy, and tens of thousands of Lebanese, Palestinians, Arabs and Afghanis died for the spread of freedom in the Middle East, the so called “birth pangs of a new Middle East” according to Condoleezza Rice.   This is how America defines reforming the Arab and Muslim world.

All any Arab or Muslim tyrant had to do to meet the criteria of the Zionist inspired and written Bush Doctrine is to claim they’re fighting Islamic extremism to receive the blessing of America, its money, and weapons to de facto allow these butchers to eliminate their opposition.

That’s exactly what Omar Suleiman kept on harping relentlessly to the United States.   He chose the only “boogeyman” in Egypt with the terroristic title of “Muslim Brotherhood” to convince America that there is no need to reform Egypt and that a dictator is best equipped to fight these destroyers of democracy.

In other Wikileaks cables Suleiman’s hysteria over the Muslim Brotherhood, depicting them as the “boogeyman”, and the threat of Iran in the region was even met by skepticism by U.S. officials raising questions as to his competence to be a transitional leaders.

In a November 29, 2005 cable to Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI, before his visit to Egypt, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Francis Ricciardone, said Egyptian authorities "have a long history of threatening us with the MB (Muslim Brotherhood) bogeyman".  (Guardian, “WikiLeaks cables: Egypt’s Omar Suleiman demonized Muslim Brotherhood”, February 6, 2011)

According to the same Guardian article, “The (Egyptian} government has been unable to prove any serious act of violence orchestrated by the movement’s leadership for more than 50 years.”

Given the above information it’s no wonder that Obama over the past few days has adopted several and contradictory statements on the events in Egypt.   His focus in not on the millions of Egyptians sacrificing all for freedom but on Jewish wealth to finance his 2012 reelection campaign.  He knows that without Jewish support in funds and media exposure he has no chance of winning.

Yet, the successful revolution in Tunis and the eventual one in Egypt have had one salient effect.   Arab tyrants suddenly found money to share with their populations, raising salaries, decreasing costs of basic necessities, even an all out generous donation to the needy.

Case in Point: Saudi Arabia

“On the instructions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King

Abdullah (Saudi Arabia),  the Ministry of Social Affairs has disbursed SR944 million (Saudi Riyals) in social security funds to needy people – mainly widows, orphans and the Disabled….The move will help ensure better lives for the needy and help them reintegrate into mainstream Saudi society, said Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Awadh, a spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs….The funds have already been deposited into the bank accounts of 719,875 beneficiaries, whose names are there in the ministry’s social security  list," said Al-Awadh, adding that the ministry has also launched several initiatives to boost welfare services and social security programs.”

— Arab News (Saudi paper), February 7, 2011. 

Let’s put this sudden Saudi generosity in perspective. 

944 Million Saudi Riyals is equivalent to $251,714,874

Oil today sells for $86.98 per barrel.  Saudi Arabia exports 12 million barrels a day which generates $1,043,760,000 of income a day.

Thus, this generosity amounts to 25% of one day’s oil income.

Thanks to Tunis and Egypt this is better than the nothing these tyrants ever gave or cared about their people.  Credit the decade’s long rule of Arab terrorists to the “greatest nation on earth” – full of Goyim (Non-Jews) – who, according to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef are only there to serve Israel and the Jews.

The free warm sun shall rise tomorrow on the Nile and bear the fruits of freedom for a land and a people long oppressed by a modern Pharaoh.


[1]. "Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews"
by Jonah Mandel, 10/18/2010, The Jerusalem Post