President says no cities “red” on COVID-19 disease list

President says no cities "red" on COVID-19 disease list

People’s unity and their confidence in medical personnel’s skill saved the country dealing with the deadly virus and its big waves, President Rouhani said at the national anti-coronavirus headquartersbmeeting in Tehran.

Last month, 160 cities were put on the red list in terms of contagion to COVID-19 disease, while today, the number of the red zones reached zero, the President noted.

About the country’s situation in the pandemic and in the sanctions era, the President said that Iran was among the fewest in the world whose economic growth has been positive in six months after the outbreak of the coronavirus in December 2019.

Coronavirus has killed near 1,700,000 across the world, while the number of the dead in Iran has passed 53,000.


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