Prototypical Smooth, Establishment Extremist

One might wonder, how can a representative of the "establishment" be an extremist? All one has to do is look at the fiscal structure of society, and see the extreme and expanding concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the few. All one has to do is look at the concentration of wealth and power into corporations as well as the greatly expanded legal philosophy of the "rights" and privileges of corporations to understand that an extreme metamorphosis of human society is taking place. John Roberts is at the epicenter of this metamorphosis. He represents the smooth presentation, the calm demeanor, and the potent philosophy of those who facilitate the expansion of wealth and power and government influence away from real democracy and into a system of oligarchy and corporatocracy in America.

Let no one be fooled by demeanor. An extremist is at his most effective when he appears "nice" and "restrained" and "calm" and even "warm". John Roberts typifies these traits. He will warmly shake your hand then sign a law that disenfranchises you, makes legal protections unavailable for you, while protecting corporate wealth and power. John Roberts will deny you the right to bankruptcy so the credit card companies can practice usury without mercy and without restriction. John Roberts will deny the choices some women make to regulate their lives, while empowering the choices of corporations to manifest full and increasing power.

John Roberts is an extremist. He is an elitist with a smile. He is a Harvard man, not a man of the people. John Roberts is an establishment man. He doesn’t mingle with the disenfranchised and disinherited. He doesn’t make sacrifices; he sets up others for sacrifices. John Roberts’ closest achievement to a sacrifice is to make a donation in exchange for a tax credit.

America is in the hands of extremists now, of both political parties. If there was true affirmative action, the U.S. Congress would consist of people whose financial status statistically matches the financial status structure of the American people. If America was really a democracy with true people power, there would be a Supreme Court with five women and four men, of which four would be white and the rest a mixture of non-white races. The establishment is an impediment to real democracy in America, and John Roberts is a prototype of the establishment.

The Bush Administration wants to put John Roberts on the Supreme Court in order to further the takeover of America by the corporatocracy. In Roberts, they found a man who is "smooth" and "nice". Politicians have a hard time criticizing anyone "smooth" and "nice". Ronald Reagan was "smooth" and "nice" as he slaughtered freedom fighters in Central America by the thousands, and even stood by during the killing of democracy-loving clergymen. John Roberts is the Supreme Court version of Ronald Reagan. If you love the little man and care about human rights and real constitutional rights, you will oppose the nomination of John Roberts. "Nice" does not equal "just". This man should not be a Supreme Court Justice.