Puppet Masters Pull the Strings in Baghdad

Colin Powell just called for action by the (U.S. appointed) interim ruling council of Iraq (the puppet government). Powell wants the interim government (the puppets) to come up with a new constitution for Iraq within six months (Powell is pulling the strings to get a result desired by the puppeteer). Powell wants the puppet to write a constitution now so that later a government can be formed by the Iraqi people under a constitution devised, not by the Iraqi people themselves, but by a puppet government whose strings were pulled by the American puppeteers.

So, looking down the road, will ANY future elected government of Iraq suit the will of the Iraqi people, if elected under a constitution written under guidance by the American government? What sort of example is the American government setting in abiding currently by its own constitution? We know that many constitutional scholars of the U.S. constitution are extremely concerned that basic freedoms provided for in the U.S. constitution are being ignored, negated or weakened by the current U.S. Federal administration. Might the U.S. administration guide the puppet government of Iraq into writing a new Iraqi constitution that weakens the rights of the Iraqi people compared to the rights acknowledged for the American people under the American constitution? Might American puppeteers cause their appointed government to write a constitution that would limit the rights and freedoms of the Iraqi people, so that American control or future Iraqi control of the Iraqi people can be accomplished without the interference of Iraqi constitutional scholars worried about abuses?

Why has the U.S. not called for free elections in Iraq, with all parties interested in governing being allowed to run for office? Why was it necessary for the U.S. to establish a puppet government in the first place? Whose interests are being served by the puppets?

Even in the short time that the interim government has been operational, it is easy to see how their operations are benefiting American corporate interests. Privatization of Iraqi assets, its banking, postal, and infrastructure systems are being transferred wholesale to profiteering American and foreign interests. Operation of Iraq’s ports, airports, oil industry, banking industry, agriculture, water systems, electrical systems, and other assets will likely be under the long-term control of American or other foreign interests, draining profits out of the Iraqi economy of the future and into American corporate portfolios. Iraq’s long-term economy will have been colonized, even after U.S. military forces have been transferred elsewhere (though a significant American military presence of air forces and other military infrastructure will likely be a permanent fixture in future Iraq.

With American control of Iraq’s economy, we can expect a permanently increasing attempt at control of Iraq’s culture by American corporations. The secularization of Iraq by consumeristic culture will aim to promote material values as the prime consideration in Iraqi lives, and young Iraqis will be targeted primarily. This is entirely predictable and the puppeteers of American corporate marketing will attempt to pull the strings of Iraq’s young, creating material want and steering those youth away from traditional Moslem values. Iraqi young will prefer discos to mosques and worship of Mammon to worship of Allah.

The puppeteering is just beginning in Iraq. The death of a traditional society is the ultimate goal. The first steps are already taken. If Iraqis do not overthrow this occupation soon, the transference will be unstoppable. The strings are being pulled, and the puppeteers do not want to lose control.