Qana 1996, Qana 2006 and The Arab Dis-League


The Arab Dis-League and Arab leaders "condemnation", "express of outrage", "placing responsibility on Israel", or "complain to the United Nations Security Council" brought any comfort to a Muslim mother burying her killed and burned children in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, or Afghanistan? Have Arab conferences, meetings, or speeches for sixty years ever prevented Israel from acting as the world’s sole terrorist state against the abandoned Arab masses to invade, massacre, and steal their land? Since 1948 Israel’s history of expansionism follows the same pattern: It provokes, receives American “Green Light” to “defend itself”, tells inhabitants to leave for self protection, kills them as they leave their land, then invades and annexes their land, while Arabs are sideline observers and “condemners”. Israel’s perfected talent lies in massacres and creating refugees damn the entire world.

There have been two universes since 1948. One is Israel’s universe, where no divine or human law apply, where Israel’s ‘NO’ is obeyed and even feared, where Israel succeeds in manipulating America, the Arab world, and all International Organizations with total impunity, and where Muslim blood is cheap and easily forgotten. The other universe is where the rest of humanity resides. A universe abiding by divine and human law, where United Nations Resolutions are immediately implemented, where Jewish blood is sacred and Non-Jewish blood is of a different superior species according to the Jewish Babylonian Talmud. Yet paradoxically, while America supports all of Israel’s military massacres, the Arab world runs and begs America for help and protection from Israel. The very same Judeo-Christian world that massacres and occupies Muslim land is the same world the Arab and Muslim world go to beg for mercy. What an embarrassing, self disrespecting and humiliating spectacle. But despite our oil wealth, our enlightened courageous leaders, our submissive masses, and our collusion with America for protection; what can we expect? Qana I in 1996 and Qana II in 2006 happened under the cover of the "Peace Process”, “The Road Map", the "Saudi Arab League Surrender Plan", and Arab condemnation of Hezbollah. After all who cares about the Lebanese and Palestinians; they’ve been an Arab nuisance to Israel for decades.

The Muslim "Ummah" deserves its leaders. The Muslim masses very silence is a betrayal to our faith, lands, resources, and brotherhood. Israel kills, America supports, and Arabs accept what they must. Not one Arab nation pulled its Ambassadors out of Israel or America, not one called for boycotts or massive protests, not one leader went to Lebanon for support, not one dares challenge America lest there be a "regime change". How much Muslim blood must be shed before Muslims awaken their souls and spirit to challenge the modern killers of Muslims? The twelve year old Palestinian girl in Gaza while watching her entire family murdered by an American made Israeli rocket fueled by Arab oil screamed on behalf of the entire Muslim Nation: "Father, Father, forgive me". Don’t forgive us little girl, we don’t deserve your courage. We fear America, not Allah (swt).