Queen Noor, Barbara Bush, and “Loyalty”

Queen Noor of Jordan was a beautiful, blonde American of Arab descent who married King Hussein of Jordan and remained his wife until Hussein passed away in 1999. Queen Noor has recently written a biography of her life in Jordan with her husband and children, including her unique perspective of world events during the difficult reign of her husband, who refused to join the coalition against Iraq in the first Gulf War. In her biography, Queen Noor recounts once receiving a message from Barbara Pierce Bush, wife of U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush, expressed Barbara Bush’s view that Queen Noor was a “traitor” to America.

In view of historic information available on the Bush family, it makes one wonder who Barbara views her husband, his father, and now, her own son.

For instance, an unauthorized biography of George H.W. Bush, the husband of Barbara Pierce Bush, written by Webster Tarpley and available in its entirely online at http://www.tarpley.net, reveals the historic, verifiable truth that Prescott Bush, father of Barbara Bush’ husband G.H.W. Bush, was a New York Banker who personally handled the banking needs for the Nazis of Germany right through World War II. Not only was Prescott the Nazi Government’s banker in America, he actually presided over banks and other American assets of Nazi Germany which had their assets frozen by the American government during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act. This banking relationship with the Nazis and their German industrial base was very lucrative for Bush’ old man, a REAL traitor, who helped finance the Nazi empire while American boys were dying in Europe fighting the Nazi scourge.

This matter is clearly documented and beyond denial. Prescott Bush even personally ran German industrial operations that utilized slave labor provided to the German industry at the Auschwitz concentration camp, profiting financially from forced labor of Jewish prisoners in that concentration camp. >From his wartime profits backing Nazi Germany came the funds that later put George H. W. Bush in the oil business in Texas. Barbara married George H. W. Bush soon after he returned from World War II and went to school for a couple of years at Yale, so she would have certainly known the source of her husband’s financing if she care to know.

One wonders how Barbara Bush views herself and her husband in regard to these financial matters.

But, of course there is more. As Vice President under Reagan, George H. W. Bush played a major role in the arming of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Bush ran secret programs to arm both Hussein and the Ayatollah of Iran, and then encourage them to fight one another while America stood back and cheered the carnage of hundreds of thousands of lost Muslim lives. And, some of those weapons were eventually turned on American troops when the U.S. saw fit to launch military operations on the very peoples that George H.W. Bush had helped arm.

Then comes the fascinating history of the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan while Bush was Vice President. The convicted would-be assassin was a mentally disturbed young man, no doubt. But he was not just any mentally disturbed young man. John Hinckley Jr. was the son of a prominent family in the Texas oil business, who happened to be old friends and supporters of the political career of another Texas oilman, named (you got it), George Herbert Walker Bush! Not only that, but Scott Hinckley, the brother of attempted assassin John Hinckely Jr., was a personal friend of Neil Bush, son of George and Barbara, and Neil actually had a home visit for dinner scheduled with Scott Hinckley the night of the attempted assassination. The Hinckleys were friends of the Bush family, but did not care for Ronald Reagan, and the historical records (mostly ignored by the public press and the media networks) show that the Hinckley family oil business was at that very moment being investigated by the Reagan administration for business misdeeds and about to be fined by the government. No doubt a Bush presidency would have been much better for the Hinckley business situation than a continuation of the Reagan presidency. Some have even suggested that the Secret Service protections for Ronald Reagan on that fateful day were lax and uncharacteristic of normal protections. Could this be the hand of George H. W. Bush at work, former head of the CIA.? We cannot say for sure, but it is undeniable that the connections between a would-be presidential assassin and the family of the prime beneficiary of a presidential assassination at that time were very, very real.

And now we have George W. Bush in office. George W. has benefited all his life from the Bush name, fame, and fortune. In fact, President George W. Bush benefits from a blind trust from the estate of his late grandfather Prescott Bush, which fortune has a lot of blood attached to it from banking with the Nazis and running Germany steel corporations for the Nazis during WWII. The same money that put George H. W. Bush into the oil business helped eventually propel Bush the Lesser into business with financing from yet other dubious sources, which have been well-documented. The name bin Laden comes to mind, as Osama’s own brother was a well-known financier of Bush Jr.’s businesses.

Coincidentally, George W. Bush never proved to be much of a businessman, despite holding a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Harvard University. George W. never could succeed in business like the sons of bin Laden, for instance, including Osama, Salem, or others. But Bush was expert at raising funds due to his family name and connections and making a very good living for a man of limited personal business acumen.

Both Presidents George H. W. Bush (husband of Barbara Pierce Bush) and George W. Bush (son of Barbara) have warred with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Both have had Saddam “on the ropes”, yet both have failed to finish him off (apparently). Despite prioritizing the apprehending or killing of Osama bin Laden, both Bush males have failed to do that, either. Could this be deliberate? Is it possible that the attempts to kill or apprehend both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were limited in focus because the Bush men knew that keeping enemies alive and in business was good for their own family business?

We know that George H. W. Bush (husband of Barbara) and George W. Bush (son of Barbara) both invest in the defense industry in a big way. We know that the Carlyle Group has Bush lifelong buddy and partner in crime, James Baker, as a partner. This is the same James Baker who helped George W. Bush negotiate his maneuvers around democracy and through the Supreme Court of the U.S. in order to attain the presidency without being elected.

Any or all of the above facts, which are all well-documented but almost never reviewed by the corporate media, could make one wonder about the loyalty of the Bush family to America, its safety, its Constitution, and its professed values.

Of course, Barbara Bush has other concerns. She overlooks a mountain of corruption in her own family and peers condescendingly at Queen Noor and frets over her perceptions of Queen Noor’s loyalty to America.

Why is this no big surprise?

The writer is a member of several falconry and ornithological clubs and organizations. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.