Question: How Stupid Can An American President Be?


George W. Bush says Iraqi’s want "freedom", but he is too stupid to understand that Iraqi’s want freedom from American hegemony, occupation, and control of their fiscal and economic affairs. Bush’ behavior actually makes some Iraqis nostalgic for Saddam Hussein.

George W. Bush says Iraqi’s want "democracy", but his version of democracy is an appointed council, similar to the non-democratic process that installed Bush rather than electing him.

George W. Bush says Iraqi’s need a new constitution, and he insists that the new "interim" constitution reflect "American values". How stupid is it to install a value system of an upstart power (whose primary "wisdom" is "might makes right") over one of the world’s oldest civilizations?

George W. Bush decries "foreign fighters" in Iraq, although American/Britain have placed about 150,000 foreign fighters in Iraq and are trying to recruit more! Apparently, Bush thinks Iraq is a colony of America!

George W. Bush thinks the more American soldiers are killed by Iraqis, the better the situation is for American interests, because it means the Iraqi freedom fighters are "desperate". In contrast, the American military thinks the situation means Iraqis are increasingly organized and acting in a rational insurgency against a foreign occupier.

George W. Bush thinks American fatalities are "bad". He does not express any opinion at all on Iraqi fatalities, even of innocent victims of American misconduct. This is a stupid way of looking at Iraqi suffering.

George W. Bush does not attend funerals of American servicemen, does not concern himself with quality of treatment of wounded American servicemen, and does not want the American people to see visual images of American wounded or dead as they are buried or brought home to America. This is a stupid way of dealing with American suffering.

George W. Bush thinks military attacks by Iraqis on America’s occupying military are "terrorism". This is a stupid way of looking at insurgency or guerilla warfare.

George W Bush thinks that attacking Iraqis in Iraq will make the resistance to American occupation go away. It is questionable whether this is evidence of stupidity or delusion.

Bush placed a viceroy in Iraq who does not speak Arabic, does not meet with the Iraqi citizens, and who walls himself off in a secure fortress to keep his ass from getting blown up with rocket-propelled grenades each and every day. Yet, Bush is stupid enough to think his system meets the needs of Iraqis.

If the situation were reversed, and Saddam Hussein was in power in the U.S. and offering $25 Million for the head of George W. Bush, how long would it take for some American citizen to deliver up "W." and claim the prize? You don’t have to be stupid to figure that one out!