Racist White Australia Police State Deports US Peace Activist

Texas teacher Scott Parkin is a teacher, environmentalist and peace activist who gives workshops on peaceful protest. On Saturday 10 September 2005 he was seized by Australian Government security officials in a popular shopping and dining area of Melbourne; imprisoned for 6 days without charge in a prison typically containing dangerous alleged offenders awaiting trial; repeatedly defamed by Government Ministers from "advice" from shadowy secret police as a "security threat"; denied access to media but not to legal representation; subsequently deported under armed guard to the US under threat of long-term detention in solitary confinement; and FINALLY in Los Angeles given a bill for nearly $12,000 to cover the cost of his imprisonment and deportation.

While Scott Parkin practises and teaches non-violent, peaceful protest against war, the Australian Federal Government involved Australia militarily in the illegal invasion of Iraq and has made Australia complcit in horrendous war crimes in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories. Thus while jihadist terrorists have killed 5,000 Western civilians over 20 years, the latest UN figures indicate that post-invasion avoidable mortality and under-5 infant mortality in US-occupied Iraq and Afghanistan now total 2.0 million and 1.6 million, respectively, due to non-provision of life-sustaining requisites in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Media and politician hysteria over non-state terrorism has led to draconian constraints on civil liberties in Australia (free speech, free association, habeus corpus and due process) and now the Conservative Coalition Federal Government wants more. The recent imprisonment and deportation of anti-war US teacher Scott Parkin without charge has acutely realized serious community fears of serious abuse of Australia’s draconian anti-terror and immigration laws by extreme right wing government and politicized secret police.

Driven by racism, hysteria over non-state terrrorist atrocities, irrationality and profound ignorance from disgraceful mainstream media non-reportage, an extreme right wing Australian Government (with substantial support from the cowardly Opposition Labor Party) has immense powers. Thus in recent years thousands of (largely Muslim) refugees (men, women and children) have been imprisoned without charge in concentration camps – some children have been born in such camps and imprisoned for 3 years.

The anti-terror laws allow for detention of anyone over 16 without charge for 7 days followed by possible re-arrest; the victim faces mandatory imprisonment if he fails to answer questions satisfactorily – the scientifically-absurd, Kafkaesque onus is on the prisoner to show that he does NOT have information the secret police want; while allowed a security-vetted lawyer, the prisoner cannot contact anyone else; any reportage (e.g. by the prisoner, lawyer or family) of detention circumstances attracts imprisonment for 5 years. The right-wing Australian Government now wants to extend these powers – and no longer needs the support of the cowardly Labor Oppostion because it now controls both Houses (Senate and House of Representatives) of the Australian Federal Parliament.

The World needs to know that racist, White Australia has legislatively become a police state. Politician and mainstream media lying and poll-driven Opposition cowardice have substantially contributed to this travesty of democracy. However the main driving force has been political and media hysteria over jihadist "non-state terrorism" that has been seriously disproportionate as illustrated by the following "risk estimates" expressed as "annual percentage mortality": 0.00003 (Western civilians from jihadist terrorists over the last 20 years); 0.00003 (from shark attack), 0.0001 (Western civilians from jihadist terrorists over the last 4 years), 0.008 (car accidents), 0.1 (smoking-related causes), 2.6 (under-5 infants in Occupied Iraq), 5.8 (under-5 infants in Occupied Afghanistan) and 10.4 (Australian POWs under Japanese war criminals in WW2).

If the Australian politicians, media and government comprehensively refused to mention (ie denied by omission) the reality of the Jewish Holocaust we would be quite reasonable in concluding that Australia was profoundly racist and specifically anti-semitic – yet they comprehensively refuse to acknowledge UN data indicating the horrendous post-invasion avoidable mortality and under-5 infant mortality in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories that now total 2.0 million and 1.6 million, respectively.

White Australia has had an over 2 century history of violent racism involving invasion, genocide, dispossession, slavery, continuing participation in racist Asian wars and the selective racism of the White Australia policy in its various forms. Australia, like the UK and the US, is one of the World’s oldest democracies but all three Allies in the Coalition of the Willing have gone down the criminal path of what their supporters call "democratic imperialism" but which others describe as "democratic Nazism", "democratic tyranny" and "state terrorism" (as distinct from "non-state terrorism").

Proof of the depth of proto-Nazism in racist White Australia is given by the ZERO public response to the following letter that was recently sent to ALL members of Federal Parliament and to a wide range of State politicians and mainstream media in the public interest:

Australian democracy is facing an acute threat arising from dishonestly-fomented hysteria over the recent terrorist atrocities in London. A scientist for 4 decades, I would urge you to consider the following scientific analysis of the threat to Australia from non-state and state terrorism.

Rational, World’s Best Practice approaches to risk management (critically employed in high risk areas such as the nuclear industry, defence and aviation) successively involve (a) untrammeled reportage, (b) rational, scientific analysis of the data and (c) systemic change for a safer environment (James Reason, Human error: models and management, British Medical Journal vol. 320, pp768-770, 2000).

Unfortunately typical risk management approaches successively involve (a) secrecy, lying, spin, censorship, self-censorship, intimidation and threats to whistleblowers, (b) political and self-serving analysis and (c) blaming, shaming and "shooting the messenger" with no systemic change.

The Coalition Government and politicized and intimidated public servants are comprehensively following World’s Worst Practice in addressing Australia’s security as well illustrated by the "children overboard" affair: (a) secrecy, lying, spin, unsubstantiated assertions and public servant intimidation; (b) dishonest, politics-driven, irrational analysis e.g. the scientific absurdity from leading officials that "there is no evidence that children were not thrown overboard"; and (c) no sensible systemic change but "race and fear" politics and concentration camps for indefinite detention of uncharged adult and child refugees.

Subsequent hysteria over 9/11 (3,000 innocent civilians murdered, assertedly by non-state terrorists from a jihadist organization previously supported and funded for a dozen years by US state terrorists) led to Australian participation in the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq (post-invasion avoidable mortality and under-5 infant mortality now totalling 2 million and 1.6 million, respectively, in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions).

The Federal Government is charged with preserving Australia’s security but is dangerously complicit with US state terrorism – this involvement representing a major threat to Australia’s security (as evidenced by the Madrid, Bali, Djakarta and London bombings, the findings of international terrorism experts and indeed the statements of the non-state terrorists themselves).

The Coalition Government (with dishonest and improper support from politicized public servants) has succeeded in emplacing draconian laws permitting detention and silencing of Australians without charge and now demands further repugnant and counterproductive violations of our long-held democratic, habeus corpus, due process, freedom of speech and freedom of association rights – and even the power to terminate the very citizenship of Australians.

Media non-reportage and poll-driven Opposition timidity have substantially contributed to the appalling rise of "democratic tyranny" in Australia. We are indeed approaching an Orwellian "1984" nightmare in which "2 plus 2 does not equal 4", "war is peace", "freedom is slavery" and "ignorance is strength" as well illustrated by mass hysteria over 5,000 Western civilian deaths from non-state terrorism over 20 years versus comprehensive Australian ignoring of 2 million avoidable deaths in post-invasion Occupied Iraq and Afghanistan due to US state terrorism in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Australians concerned with the "terrorist threat" to ourselves and to other human beings should at least get to the first stage of considering the actual data on "avoidable mortality". Thus consider the following "risk estimates" expressed as "annual percentage mortality": 0.00003 (Western civilians from jihadist terrorists over the last 20 years); 0.00003 (from shark attack), 0.0001 (Western civilians from jihadist terrorists over the last 4 years), 0.008 (car accidents), 0.1 (smoking-related causes; 19,000 Australian deaths annually due to bipartisan lethargy), 2.6 (under-5 infants in Occupied Iraq), 5.8 (under-5 infants in Occupied Afghanistan) and 10.4 (Australian POWs under the Japanese in WW2 – 8,000 deaths out of 22,000 POWs over 3.5 years).

The US alliance is the cornerstone of Australian security policy but Australian craven complicity in the crimes of the Bush Administration has done both America and Australia a profound disservice. Australia’s Gadarene slide into entrenched human rights abuse, war criminality and "democratic tyranny" can be halted by resolute, bipartisan insistence on rational risk assessment and the uncompromised retention of our civil rights. This has been written in the public interest.