Ram Temple or BJPs’ Political Temple?


A massive mobilization drive has been launched by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), a sister affiliation of ruling BJP, to acquire Babri Mosque land to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

With the prospect of an Indo-Pakistan war fading, especially in the wake of the mounting pressure by the international community to ease the stand-off along the border, the BJP is looking for an equally emotive issue as an election card.

Only an emotive campaign could keep the BJP afloat, as the UP government, headed by the BJP, has performed dismally.

The Ram Temple card therefore, is being seen as a desperate gambit to revive its sinking electoral fortunes.

Interior Home Minister L. K. Advani, and also the in-charge of BJP UP election campaign, is the man behind this mobilization. He had already tainted his record by being the prime-instigator of the Ayodhya movement, and stands charged with the crime of destroying the Babri Mosque. India cannot afford to have men charged with such criminal offences continue representing the so-called secular country. He is a man of very limited vision, and deep-seated antipathy towards Muslims.

An ambience of terror faced by minorities has not only tarnished India’s secular image but also clouded the future of the BJP.

The President of India should move forward and halt Sangh Parivar’s criminal plans for building Ram Temple on a communal disputed land.

The planned Ram Temple, if built, will be a ‘monument of national shame’ on the map of India.