Redemption without Zionazi contrition?

As anti-Jewish sentiments are unfortunately erupting worldwide into violence against Jews regardless those Jews’ support of Zionism while Zionism continues to metastasize in the Middle East, all the Mitchell, Tenet, Oslo plans and accords have become effectively null and void outlines for how an impossibly arrogant, religiously fanaticized, nuclearly, chemically and biologically militarized, Zionist state could ever be a viable sovereign entity alongside (when not otherwise surrounding) a viable, non-militarized, secular state of Palestine.

The creation of a (professedly) Judaic nation over the crossroads of the Middle East was a mistake which no number of Israeli (or US proxied) successful suppressions of opposition or “victories” can rectify or ameliorate. Time is not on the side of the oppressor in an educated world becoming more internationalized, less nationalistic by the moment… with the stark exceptions of the United States’ hegemonic leadership and Israel’s Zionazi.

Not all Jews of the world support Israel’s Zionazi, but there is increasing evidence that there are some people (whose condition of self-righteous arrogance and delusion is not unlike a Zionazi’s condition) in the world who care little about making any distinctions between Jewish supporters and Jewish opponents (opponents who are, by the way, among the Zionazis’ most feared opponents) of the Zionazi. Also, one needs not to be a Jew to be rabidly Zionazi as we see and hear daily.

The Zionazi of the world live as if the God to which they ascribe the legitimacy of their goals and actions is a God that would never demand that they apologize to and seek forgiveness from the dead and living whom they have wronged; a God that would demand that they abandon their Zionist dreams of Jewish nationalism to begin His dream of an inclusive humanity not warring for dominance and privilege in a world growing ever more crowded and depleted of resources.

And therein lies the greatest danger: that the Zionazi will render themselves the ultimate suicide bombers because in Life they could be deemed to have forsaken God and having done so they feel their only possible redemption may lay in death .