Requiem for a Nation

What do you think of these words: “Unable to win hearts and minds, the invaders now aim lower. The overwhelming evidence is that …the occupiers widened the war to de¬stroy food production in rebel-held areas. The report lists indiscriminate bombings, reprisal against villages and villagers, summary executions, … theft of civilian property, desecration of mosques, killing prisoners of war, wreckage of hospitals, assaults on journalists, training children as spies – all violations of Geneva conventions to which the Soviet Union has solemnly subscribed.”

It seems these are words from some “Islamist” web site, which spew venom against the allied forces’ noble mission in Iraq to motivate and recruit “terrorist” insurgents. Surprisingly, these are words from an editorial of the New York Times –” an editorial in which it reminds the occupier of “all violations of Geneva conventions to which” the it “has solemnly subscribed.”

Editors of the New York Times penned this editorial on December 30, 1984 in which it regretted that the “Soviet method ‘works.'” It condemned the UN for not doing anything other than “token censure” of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

The editorial is titled “Requiem for a Nation.” It is extremely concerned about “indiscriminate bombings, reprisal against villages and villagers,” and the lack of dissent at home and proton abroad.”

If editors of the New York Times could fast forward their feelings, without being polluted by chauvinism and xenophobia, they would be able to see that today another village Tall Afar is at the mercy of their own occupation forces in Iraq.

Bush and many others in the US considered the word “refugee” for victims of Katrina as degrading. But they could hardly read a Washington Post, September 07, 2005, report by Jonathan Finer. The title reads: “With Death at Their Door, Few Leave Iraqi City.” Who is threatening such a certain death? And who is forcing them to leave?

The report makes it amply clear: “The military had warned in leaflets dropped by helicopter and messages played over loudspeaker Tuesday morning that it would soon raid the insurgent-controlled neighborhood of Sarai, east of the city center, and asked civilians to evacuate through checkpoints in the southern part of town. But the Sarai residents, most of them Sunni Turkmens, insisted they would either flee northward or remain in their homes, come what may.”

It means they are not only being thrown out of their homes, but also told where they can and cannot go in their own country. Had they intend to go North, then they were to leave their own vehicles and “board military trucks bound for a base just outside the city where they could be processed and then released if they proved not to have ties to the insurgency.” No one could guarantee, they would not end up in Abu Ghraib like many other thousands of innocent Iraqis.

So, here we see 200,000 “liberated” Iraqis thrown out of their homes and there comes the assault –” an action replay of Fallujah. According to the reports, the operation would be extended to Ramadi, Qaem, Rawa and Samara as well. Compare the horror of these uprooted people in a devastated Iraq with the victims of Katrina. “Refugees” of Katrina are still far better off.

Puppet Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari issued a statement that the operation is against insurgents who wanted “to deny the citizens of Tal Afar their future in a democratic and peaceful Iraq. We want to guarantee those rights.” The world knows how it can guarantee those rights by destroying their home, making them refugees and killing the thousands, who according to the Washington Post report decided to “remain in their homes, come what may.” They became insurgents and liable to be indiscriminately killed by the forces of “liberation.”

More than 128,000 Iraqis have died since the US invasion and many more are being killed the moment we write these words. 1.8 millions were starved to death even before the US invasion on the basis of lies upon lies.

Still it is not time to write requiem for Iraqi nation. It is not Iraqi nation that is dying. Deaths do not kill nations. Diseases do. It is not Iraqi nation that is dying. A whole nation is ding in America, a nation which can see victims of 9/11 and Katrina, but not the victims of American lies. A nation which is helpless before the totalitarians who have invaded foreign countries on the basis of proven lies, yet they cannot do anything to help their blood thirsty leaders make a course correction.

The Americans could not even boot the lying murderers out in a democratic way. They should have voted in such great numbers even to fail the possibility of any fraud by diebold machines. Despite that, if they felt defrauded, they should have taken a lesson from the Ukrainian orange revolution to turn the tables on con-men. Alas, their cozy lifestyle and the ambition to have more and more fun are more dear to them than the lives of the American men and women dying for ‘a pack of lies’ – not to speak of the thousands non-Americans who continue to die at the hands of the tyrant the Americans have "elected" as their head of state.

Allowing their leaders to make wars in the heat of the moment after 9/11 is one thing, but unable to stop them from staying the same disastrous course is totally another.

A nation that goes blind to the double standards of its leading news and opinion source, such as the New York Times, cannot stay at the helms of affairs for far too long.

If a majority of this nation were not suffering from blindness of soul, they would have seen how glorifying Afghan resistance fighters was a noble mission of the Times editorial board in 1984 and how annihilating Iraqi resistance fighters is an even greater noble mission for it today.

The only difference is that it is their own occupation. When a nation reaches this stage, it soon reads requiem for itself in foreign newspapers. The Soviets have read it already. So would the Americans.