Resumption of NATO Supplies and its Consequences

It is a story of eleven years when a military dictator had completely succumbed to the telephonic call from the White House, asking to toe the American policy of aggression against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The American warning of pushing Pakistan into the Stone-age had caused a trembling in the nerves of the then dictator Musharaf whose inborn cowardice, dishonor, ineptness, ignominy and disgrace surfaced as a result of the threat. As an conventional serf would do , the dictator there and then decided to follow the American dictates and made alliance with her in the illegal military offensive against the Taliban Administration in Afghanistan, which had established the nascent Islamic State in that country. The Taliban were in great need of the financial and moral support of the Islamic world and particularly that of Pakistan. Anyhow, the Pakistani dictator opted to be an ally of the aggressor, ignoring all norms, values, moral justification and principles of Islamic brotherhood. Many sensible and conscious Pakistanis, who had the vision to see the fall-out of the Dictator’s decision, had warned Musharraf of the grave consequences of what he had bent upon to do.

Consequent upon the downfall of the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan, the U.S. has been using every tactic to disgrace us with every attempt to damage our national honor, independence and sovereignty. Our rulers both the previous and the present feel great pride in being non-NATO allies of America. They are all one and the same in accepting the American dictates and they are ready to go to any extent of servility, but for the public reaction. America has been squeezing us with her ‘do more’ command and we are being pushed to the wall every passing moment. America has slapped us back with the resolution of what we call to have been unanimously passed by our sovereign Parliament. We are being humiliated every time and it is now beyond any shred of doubt that America is our enemy no one, which wants to make us a subordinate or satellite state to India. We have been faithfully responding to the American’s ‘do more’ while she is every time planning and acting to harm us one way or the other. With the passage of time our rulers are becoming more prone to every disgrace we receive at the hands of our so-called ally in the so-called war against the so-called terrorism. All the real terrorism has been created in the region by none other than America and her accomplices. With our bowing down and taking all humiliation with utmost servility, America was so much emboldened that it attacked our Jawans in Salala check-post in the Mohmand Agency thus transgressing all ethics, laws and codes of morals and decency. We lost our 26 Jawans with a number injured. As a consequent of this heinous crime the NATO supply through land was suspended under the severe pressure from the public and the Pak. Army. The secular element in Pakistan and the present ruling group have always been talking in their ‘Master’s voice’. They would have never dared to block the American supply had there not been the pressure from the public and bold step of the armed forces. Our inept rulers are always expressing their belief that they cannot do without American help and aid. On one hand they have been enslaving the nation to America in exchange of grants, aids and loans and on the other they have been losing no chance to loot and plunder the national exchequer. The recent tour of the convicted PM to the Great Britain along with scores of friends and families is sufficient to demonstrate the extravagance of our rulers who have put this nation at the ebb of misery, poverty and even starvation leading to suicides by the hapless citizens. The rulers are dancing to the American tones since they know that they cannot remain in power unless the White House is on their back. With few exceptions, this is the tragedy with almost all our politicians including some of the ‘Maulanas’ as well.

On the issue of reopening the land routes for the NATO supply the nation at large is quite against its resumption while the ruling class is in a hurry to reinstate it even if their face-saving demands are not honored by America. This is again the crossroad for us as a nation, like when the wrong decision was taken 11 years back which is still chasing us. If a wrong decision is taken this time, it might lead us to a compete catastrophe to be never redeemed. Any decision in haste under pressure and for self interest can lead us to a consequential point. Let’s remind to ourselves that at the 9/11 event while making the shameful decision the dictator of the time had counted 4 big dividends of allying with the invading super power. They were:

  1. America will help us in boosting our deteriorating economy and we will get better off so far as our financial problems are concerned.
  2. Our atomic arsenals and installations will better be secured as America will be under our obligation for the assistance we extend to her in her adventure against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
  3. America will extend her help by using her good offices in solving the prolonged Kashmir issue to be solved in accordance with the wishes of the parties involved.
  4. We will be in a better position of national security since America will be on our side in exchange of the invaluable services we render for her in fulfilling her hegemonic desires in the region.

More than a decade has lapsed and now every Pakistani is in the know of the situation we are confronted with. Our so-called allies are now turned into our worse enemies, ever ready to inflict heavy blows on us in whatever shape they can manage to do. We have lost more than 45 thousand souls including more than 5000 of our armed personnel. We have been ruined economically in the so-called war on terrorism, by having received a colossal loss of more than 75 billion dollars. Our atomic installations are under threat both from India and Israel backed by the same ‘friend’ of ours. During this trying period the U.S. made the civil nuclear deal with India to our utter dismay. We were threatened every time and for the most part kept off by mere promises. We are now groping in the bewilderment. Our economy is almost ruined. The already existing gulf between the haves and have-nots has been widened abnormally due to our wrong policies both at home and abroad.  We could not cash in time the risk we had accepted for the cause of America by involving ourselves in the so-called war on terrorism which was actually America’s war and not ours.

The war was created and inflamed by the white house itself for the hegemonic desire of conquering the Islamic world. We have never been so much insecure as we are today. The liberation of Kashmir or the long awaited and overdue plebiscite seems to be a mere dream. We are again in between the devil and the deep see. To be or not to be is the question which needs a serious thinking at the national level. If America deceives us again and forces our political leadership for opening the routes to American aggressor, we are doomed to a very dreadful consequential end. This will leave us nowhere. On the one hand America will be continuing her drone strategy and on the other this folly will again reawaken the dreadful terrorist and sabotaging activities. America has already its saboteurs landed in Pakistan which we all know. The new situation will give her a chance of labeling the charge of such terrorist activities on the so-called Taliban. America wants to kill two birds with one stone. On one hand it will skillfully create a fatal situation for us and on the other the whole blame will be dumped on the so-called ‘Islamists’ or the ‘Islamic extremists’ the good names coined by the Western think tanks for defaming Islam and the Muslims. It will be the most unwise and fatal step if we allow resumption of the NATO supply once again. We cannot befriend America as proved by the past history of our bilateral relations. We have an ideology which is an eye sore to the Zionist Jews and we all know the U.S policies in general and those related to the strategic affairs in particular are planned by the Zionist lobby dominating the White House. Obama or any bigwig for that matter is surely helpless of deviation from the Zionist line of action. Our further subservience to the American hegemony will leave us nowhere but with the worst type of ignominy and humiliation. We as a Muslim nation have to divert our face from America, and face towards the Real Supreme Power, the Almighty Allah with the renewal of our pledge that we had made at the time of the struggle of our independence. Sixty Four long years lapsed and we did not prove our worth as to be true servants of Allah. We have always been bowing before the pseudo powers, the self claimed lesser gods. It is time that we make a new determination, a new start and take a new turn in our disillusioned march, which leads us not to success but to a complete annihilation.

In short we can say that certain elements within the country are very much anxious for advancing the American agenda for which they want reopening of the land route for NATO supplies. The revival of supply will be tantamount to national suicide. Ten years back we had committed a great crime by supporting an aggressor and enemy of Islam against a brotherly Afghan Emirate. The situation we are facing today is a sign of retribution from Almighty Allah as a consequence of our crime of assisting the aggression against a week nation who had committed no crime against the invading country. We have sustained heavy human and financial losses and have confronted great humiliation and disgrace. The so-called world power has left no stone unturned in harming and disgracing us. Finally now the aggressor has finalized an “American-Afghan Strategic Agreement” which will be allowing dumping of more and more deadly arsenal, in that country meant to be used against Pakistan at the end. Now the question before every Pakistani is “Should we allow the flow of this deadly weaponry to pass through our land or otherwise?“. This a thousand billion dollars question to be asked and answered!