Revamping the OIC

Airing to the Atlas, his cogent n’ coherent vision for unity among Ummah, President Pervez Musharraf has urged the Islamic countries to get onto a lucid commitment for unification n’ galvanization of their monetary wherewithal to restructure the OIC for achieving the goal of innovations in science and technology as well as to–”eventually–”clutch the economic emancipation of the Muslim world.

Speaking at the 11th meeting of the OIC Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH), the President also favored compulsory annual financial contributions from member states but said ‘it is up to the proposed Commission on streamlining to take a decision vis-à-vis such an initiative’.

Every pragmatic n’ peace-loving soul–”with ones’ credibility as a patriotic Muslim–”atop would, by all means inexorably endorse such a dynamic outlook–”as it is an apposite time that the OIC countries are ought to discard lip service and shrug off in action–”with a zest–”that the Muslim countries have copious financial resources and they would–”simultaneously–”generate funds for the refurbishing the OIC through a sincere political will and determination.

No doubt the mandatory capital is available, yet it is the will which stands lack in. A careful study unfolds the veracity that–”even–”if the entire realms–”indexed in the fold of OIC contribute just .01 per cent of their GDP to the Organization, the collective fund will amount to US dollars 120 million per annum.

Likewise if the contribution is increased to .02 per cent, the annual fund will total much more than US dollars 240 million.

Wouldn’t such a hefty mobilization–”by all realism–”prove significant for the Muslims–”who are facing assorted types of perils–”most exclusively in the arena of jobs and are forced to gaze towards inimical directions–”like the ersatz n’ pseudo civilizations, claiming themselves as the podium n’ helix of source of succor for the humankind–”‘due to their palpable development in manifold fields’?

Analyzing any raison d’être, explicitly relating to last 22 years’ deliberations about ‘lack of resources’–”n’ that too, without tangible actions should–”virtually–”not end up without effort, because we believe that too much of psychoanalysis sometimes leads to paralysis, which must not be the case, we must not suffer from paralysis through analysis–”instead–”we must reach conclusions in the collective interest of the Muslims–”all-around.

A reality persists–”unabated–”that the Muslim world will never move forward if a solid process of mustering bursary is not made available to the OIC in general for its revamping n’ for the decisive advantage of the entire Ummah

We are ought to believe that we will get returns from the money we give; the return is for our collective good. With such a perception, the Islamic world would–”in fact–”be investing for its’ own collective benefit.

Hence, if we would embark upon invest with such a spirit, that will–”all sure–”take the OIC, meticulously the Muslims to the marvelous n’ magnificent vistas, to be able to move forward–”with dignity n’ honor.

Of-course no nation–”with a reverential insight–”likes alien dependency in any form or fashion. A self-reliant emblem–”may one be an individual or an aromatic bouquet of populous in the silhouette of an autonomous n’ sovereign nation–”can only be ensured with mutual trust n’ multi-directional candid n’ serene endeavors–”with sagacity as it’s’ podium.

We expect n’ hope that an imperative session of the Organization of the Islamic Countries–”OIC shall be summoned expeditiously to converse in-depth this crucial topic–”with a divulge of potential strategy to attain optimal zeniths of mutual affluence of the member countries–”in an identical mode n’ chic, the West is seeking, a fascinating global admire n’ adore via its down-to-earth fiscal policies.

Laxity in any outline towards the mobilization of grand, grandiose, profuse n’ prolific resources, at present at the disposal of the Muslim world, shall–”in the nutshell–”fetch nothing except still more flaws or Achilles’ heel for the Ummah–”an atypical setting, it can–”in no way–”afford whatever, it may be.

Solemn emotions of unison–”amongst the Muslims–”is thus not only a pre-requisite to face challenges to the 21st-century epoch, but also an indispensable need for the faithful–”bound by the teachings of Islam–”to crush n’ curb all sorts of flawed notions, produced n’ twisted by a set of fanatics n’ radicals, who have–”perceptibly–”given an awful name to the fabulous faith, as–”Islam is the most peaceful religion, which loves n’ adores peace n’ harmony and loathes n’ hates–”sadism n’ terrorism in its’ all form n’ manifestations–”wherever it exits in a hideous n’ harsh way.

The dent, ignominy n’ disrepute, caused by an elfin cluster of such nauseating species with a vicious mindset, based on hardheartedness –”at the behest of the hostiles n’ antagonists of Islam–”can no way be tolerated any more.

Thus the OIC–”side-by-side mobilization of the Muslims’ assets–”is supposed to take an instantaneous cognizance of the malicious n’ malevolent deeds, set off by the foes n’ adversaries with a hostile-crusade against this sanctified religion–”by taking-up this horrendous n’ focal aspect as well–”overtly n’ authentically with a sketch to evoke n’ disseminate the justified truth to the globe that Islam–”can in no way–”be phrased as a religion of tiff, squabble, brawl, scuffle or skirmish–”as peace n’ tranquility–”is and has always been the bona fide basis of its free, fair n’ frank acumen, hallmarked by its’ singular intellect n’ wisdom.

It has esteem, eulogize n’ extol for every soul–”irrespective of one’s–”color, cast, creed, credo, even to the extent of any-one’s faith.

Amid the ongoing scenario–”posing manifold risks to Ummah, the OIC can–”very plausibly n’ persuasively–”prove it a fervent n’ avid platform to illustrate n’ exemplify the sterilized, precise n’ pure perspectives of Islam–”in a clear-cut n’ zestful method.

This will help–”achieve–”the real objectives of this organization, which–”came to verve n’ vigor only with a visualization to trail n’ track a modus operandi to earn revere n’ idolize for the Muslims with no scorn n’ disdain at all–”decades ago.

Else, it–”the OIC–”shall mislay its credentials n’ credibility in the same perilous style, the world-body–”United Nations–”is trailing at a swift pace with a blatant n’ common surveillance that, despite being well-acquainted with the fetid n’ fusty fate of the [late] League of Nations, it [the UN] is perpetually deviating from its’ corporeal intents n’ objective, which were–”the innermost point of the spirit of its Charter–”n’ that in its place, it is being, literally ‘hijacked’ by a few powers–”with the United States atop–”to use it in any manner, that suits them or they would deem apposite–”with an ache for, acquiesce to precursor n’ herald their ‘peculiar mindset.’

A motionless, static n’ hushed OIC is far more shocking with cynicism for its aficionados–”affixed n’ glued with a lot of hopes n’ aspirations with it–”than a roving n’ roaming set-up–”may it be with, moderately less magnitude of its’ assemblage, which are, by virtue of the present universal course–”essential for it to become as vocal towards its standpoint–”as it is supposed to do as a pragmatic voice of its limbs–”wherever, they dwell.