Reverend Robertson was just trying to save Taxpayer Money

Reverend Pat Robertson hates war. Wars are expensive, sometimes costing hundreds of billions of dollars. Those are funds that could be used more profitably. And why go to war with a country whose leader you despise when you can save money by just assassinating that leader instead? Let’s say it costs a million dollars to send in a trained team to assassinate the foreign leader. You could save the taxpayer one billion, nine hundred and ninety-nine million dollars just by assassinating that man instead of going to war to get rid of him.

Pat Robertson’s thinking has a sort of logic, and since he is a man of God, his words must be taken seriously. Of course, since President George W. Bush was put in power by the hand of God, or says he believes such is the case — it will be interesting to see if God reveals a plan to Bush through the "normal" channel of direction, Karl Rove. Rumor has it that Karl Rove often wears clerical garb when directing policy research and implementation in the bowels of the White House, and that Karl managed to obtain a used papal robe from the late Pope John Paul before the latter passed away. It has been found that George W. Bush, having given up drugs and given his life to Christ, finds it easier to take direction from Monsignor Rove when Rove wears religious garments and when he chants Elizabethan hymns.

Let no one assume or assert that either Pat Robertson or Karl Rove are filled with hate, or are implementers of terrorist philosophy. God is not a terrorist, and thus God’s spokespersons could not be terrorists, either. These holy men are just trying to lead America on a pathway of righteousness, while simultaneously saving taxpayer money.

Yes, God sometimes works in mysterious ways, of which fact the presidency of George W. Bush is ample evidence. Hugo Chavez is a strong-armed dictator who is giving too much money and medical care to the poor! God does not put up with that sort of behavior. Chavez is giving land to the peasants and distributing oil wealth to the needy.

The God of George W. Bush hates such "commies" and George W. is listening and watching for an opportunity to put the Venezuelan poor back in their place, just like the Nigerian poor and the Louisiana poor and the poor of Iraq, who are not qualified to benefit from oil money.

So, when Pat Robertson talks about political assassinations, he is just being practical and pragmatic and godly all at the same time.

Don’t you feel better now that God’s truth is now revealed?