Rice is dragging US into Israel’s war of attrition and genocide against the Palestinians

Israel has said that it will not do business with a Palestinian Authority that is led by Hamas, because they claim that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Now Israel has also threatened Iran with legal opposition to Iran’s offer to help the PA. They also opposed Russia’s overtures, prior to Rice taking off to the Middle East to dissuade Arab governments from offering any assistance. Does it seem strange to anyone that Rice, and her friends in Israel, seem to be pushing the Palestinians away from the West and into the hands of the Eastern powers, and those deemed potential enemies of the US, such as China, Russia, and also Iran? I say this, not to offend any of these countries, only to highlight the absurdity, hypocrisy and absolute counterproductive nature of the present US policy in respect to the PA. This attempt to align Palestine with these nations, while also threatening to prevent any financial assistance from these countries from reaching the PA, is not only ridiculous, but should raise red flags, (no pun intended) and no small amount of curiosity as to the true intent of the US in respect to the PA and the future of the Palestinian people. This realignment, which essentially removes Palestine from the patronage and interest of the Arab nation/states is perhaps aimed at tarnishing the PA as a Russian influenced, Iranian controlled, and Chinese dominated Eastern entity, while preserving the illusion that Israel is European, Western, and the United State’s only friend and true ally in the region. It would also sever the emotional, and other ties, including shared economic and security interests that are the cause for official Arab support for the PA.

Israel is very preoccupied with its image in the US and Europe, since these are the primary sponsors of its criminal enterprise in Palestine. This, along with creating the illusion that the PA is, and should be aligned with potential US enemies, also makes an even stronger case in support of Israel’s position that the PA should not be of any interest to the US, nor the recipient of US diplomatic support, or financial aide. In fact, it seems unfortunately, that Israel has convinced the US Secretary of State that the US should be complicit in Israel’s ongoing war of attrition, and genocide against the Palestinian people.

The terrorism tag that the Israeli lobby, Bill Clinton and the US Congress inflicted upon Hamas is very easy to exploit as a cause for the war of attrition that is being carried out against the Palestinian people. It will be very interesting to see how Rice will continue to make the argument that Hamas is a terrorist organization without eventually having to own up to the truth and reality that Israel is a terrorist pariah state that has drained the US not only of billions of US taxpayer dollars, but is also the single cause for the loss of life of more than 2000 US soldiers and Marines, and more than 300,000 Iraqi civilians in a war that was fought for Israel, and to the detriment of the United States and the rest of the entire world, against a people who had nothing to do with 9/11, and who had no WMD. That is not to mention the number of Palestinians who have been brutally killed by Zionists since 1948 when Israel first began its war of attrition against Palestine.

There is no getting around the fact that President Clinton, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Conventions, declared by Executive order that Hamas is a terrorist organization because it began a military resistance to Israel’s’ illegal occupation. Yet, we must consider that it did so only after New Yorker, Baruch Goldstein, facilitated by the Israeli army, entered a mosque in Hebron, and murdered the people inside, shooting them from behind as they kneeled in prayer. The US paid no reparations, and neither did Israel. Neither the EU, or the US, or anyone did anything to punish Israel, or to prevent such an atrocity from happening again. No one sought to protect the lives of the Palestinian people. Later, the Israeli government issued a permit for the settlers to build a monument honoring Goldstein as a hero for what he had done, and no one protested. Why didn’t the US threaten to withhold aid from Israel for using US taxpayer money to build a monument to a murderer, and a terrorist? Why has the US turned its head to Israel’s nuclear weapons program? Hamas has never met the criteria for the terrorist designation it received, whereas Israel does meet those criteria. Hamas was not subject to US scrutiny in respect to its right to self-defense, since God endows its right to self-defense, and it is protected by the Geneva Conventions.

In the now discredited Global terrorism report that was used as the official pretext for Clinton’s executive order, among the necessary crimes was carrying out acts of terrorism against the US, US citizens and property. Israel has killed numerous American citizens in acts of terrorism, including Rachel Corrie. It destroyed the USS Liberty, a US submarine, and has carried out other illegal and evil acts against US interests, including causing the deaths of more than 2000 US military personnel in Iraq. Israel has violated every relevant international law that exists, and continues to ignore more than 100 UN resolutions aimed at ending the occupation, while also having an illegal nuclear weapons program. The question we must ask ourselves now, is whether Hamas acted outside the law when Hamas took up resistance against Israel, and if so, is Israel acting outside the law when it commits acts of terrorism against Palestine, and when it kills US citizens, spies on our country, and people, and attempts to rob US citizens of our Constitutional rights through subversion of our laws, and blackmail of our elected officials. If Hamas is a terrorist organization for fighting to defend Palestinian life, is the US terrorist for invading Iraq, which posed absolutely no threat to US security? We had better get on the right side of the law before the International Court is forced to consider such questions. Another question the Court might one day consider is whether or not it is criminal to initiate a war of attrition against a people, who by definition of the law, are a protected people, who are living under a brutal, criminal and illegal occupation. Are nations who play along in this great feat of deception and immoral genocide equally as guilty as the initiator?

In judging Hamas in respect to Clinton’s Executive order, we must also keep in mind that Hamas received this designation during Jack Abramoff’s reign in Washington DC. It’s no longer a secret that Jerry Falwell and Benjamin Netanyahu were attempting to blackmail Clinton to end his insistence that Israel give up more of the land it has illegally confiscated from the Palestinian people. Perhaps this explains why a US President would resort to violating the Fourth Geneva Conventions to make terrorist out of a people who are in direct conflict with Jack Abramoff, Netanyahu, and Falwell, creating a legal pretense upon which to carry out genocide against these people through war, and starvation, and psychological distress without international condemnation.

Now, in a knee jerk reaction to the mere word “Hamas” Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has taken off on a Middle East tour to convince Arab governments that they should join the war of attrition against the Palestinians. This war has included land confiscation, destruction of trees and farms, poisoning of livestock, targeted assassinations, check point closures, and an illegal wall barrier designed to further confiscate land, and to cut off Palestinian access to roads and even water. The UN deemed it a humanitarian crisis. It is a war of attrition; a genocide that has to date, by the grace of God, failed to eliminate the Palestinian people. Within the context of new population reports that say the Palestinians are reproducing faster and in greater numbers than the Israelis; perhaps Hamas’ election has become a convenient cause for measures that are actually designed to accelerate the war, and drastically decrease the numbers of living and any future Palestinians. Rice commented before a Senate sub-committee that the US will not end humanitarian aide to the Palestinians and are in the process of organizing an immunization campaign for the Palestinian people. How can we avoid entertaining the suspicion that such a statement raise, considering the children in Libya that contracted HIV/AIDS through a Western sponsored immunization program, and the number of women in the Muslim world who have suffered spontaneous abortions after being immunized, and others who have complained of sterilization?

Americans, as we seek to understand why our country supports such obviously wicked attempts to accelerate and intensify Palestinian suffering and genocide against these people, must keep in mind Rice’s relationship with Ariel Sharon, the Christian wrong, and other neo-con and Zionist interests operating in the US. These people represent the same institutions, and ideologies that brought us chattel slavery, economic isolation and impoverishment of Africa and Latin America, war and genocide against Native Americans, White and Jewish Supremacism, terrorism, and also the war on terrorism that has turned out, by nearly everyone’s estimation, to actually be an ideological war against Islam, Muslims and Arabs.

The Palestine/Israel conflict should concern us all. It is where the battle between good and evil, and the future of our world is being waged. Will the world be a place that is ruled arbitrarily, crippled morally by an asymmetrical morality and coerced through brute force, state sponsored terrorism and fear? Or will we be a world of people who live according to laws that are enforced equally and equitably, with the intent to achieve and to preserve justice, peace and prosperity for all people? Rice is dragging the US into the Zionist vision of the world’s future under racist Zionist rule, which will we, the world’s people, including the American people, accept?